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How I Started to Learn HTML and CSS

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You always want to jump into web development but don’t know how to start. That is fine me too I had this similar problem. I start download every e-book I found on the internet, when i realize that I have an external backup with more than 200 HTML and CSS book it became hard for me to pick one and start. Reading is good but reading without purpose is worse.

First step give yourself a purpose what are you going to create with what you want to learning. Why I’m reading this book? why I’m earning this? these question might help you so much.

Every programmer will suggest you to learn by doing project. Yes this could help you memorize what you’ve learn quick. Like today I’m gonna build a restaurant website and I’ll learn html. in the first day if you learn these tags

<h1>, <h2> and<p>

Try to create a home page with these element for the restaurant like this.

After that if you learn something new like the

tag you can add your restaurant’s photos like this to update your restaurant’s website.

The other day try to learn how to make form to allow visitor submit reservation or subscribe to email. It’s not over yet you have a lot of thing to learn to complete the website.

Dive into CSS to start styling your website and learn to create table to display your schedule and menu. Learn flex-box to position element (grid) of your web page. Start working today don’t forget to comment you accomplished work with me in comment.

Credit: Cover Photo by Lukas from Pexels , Idea from Microverse


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