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How to set up CI/CD with Buddy and Azure


The following article will guide you how to set up Continuous Deployment to Azure using Buddy.

Upon reading this guide you will be able to:

  • Initialize Continuous Deployment on Microsoft Azure
  • Create a pipeline in Buddy that will deliver your .NET app to Azure
  • Configure Buddy to test your app before deployment

Why do I need Continuous Deployment?

Usually, developers write, compile and test code locally and then manually upload the package to the server. However, once the project grows bigger and more developers start to take part in it, problems begin to appear:

  • Deployment preparation is getting more time-consuming as more time is needed for preparation.
  • Software iteration is getting longer with every release, which results in less feedback from the client.
  • Testing is more difficult as every team member has their own development environment.
  • Team members need to communicate more often, increasing the risk of communication failures.

The problems above can be successfully addressed by implementing a build server and deployment automation to your workflow.

What does it mean for the development process?

  • The software is built and tested in one consistent environment, avoiding dependencies on local dev boxes.
  • You save time on setting up builds, installing required software, etc.
  • Having one centralized build server provides easy access to code metrics, making it easier to properly cover your code with tests.
  • Automatic deployments allow you to release software and receive feedback more often with the whole process simplified to minimum.

As you can see, these are some serious benefits one shouldn’t reject easily. The following guide will tell how to use Buddy to apply Continuous Deployment to your projects so you can take advantage of all of the above.

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