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How to Build and Deploy .NET Projects

This article will explain you the process of introducing the Continuous Deployment approach to your .NET projects with Buddy and help you automate build and delivery activities.

Objectives of this guide

With this guide you’ll be able to:

  • Familiarize with Buddy’s workflow.
  • Set up a new Buddy project.
  • Set up a Git version control for the project.
  • Understand the concept of the pipeline.
  • Set up a pipeline that on every push to the repository:
  • Builds and tests the C# application.
  • Deploys the application to the server.

Why should you actually read this text?

Firstly: it takes five minutes, the guide is free and chances are we can contribute to your current CI/CD workflow — we like to share the experience.

Secondly: if you don’t get familiar with CI/CD, we strongly encourage you to have a closer look at the concept. You know for sure the agile approach, which aim is to shorten the development cycle time to the minimum. The reason for that is obvious: the faster the software moves to the next stage of the development process, the faster you get the feedback and will be able to develop and deliver the improved and enhanced version.

Sounds cool, but if you want to give CI/CD a try, you’ll have to automate your work and this is what this guide is about — it shows how to drop the boring, time-consuming, error-generating manual tasks everyone hates and allow Buddy to complete them for you.

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