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How to Record a Call on Android After Google Banned Call Recorder Apps

by Mary HacksFebruary 16th, 2023
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Google recently changed the rules for developers of Android apps hosted on their Google Play platform. Now, app creators are not allowed to use the API to record calls. Many call recording apps will no longer be available to Android users. In this article, we will consider the main ways relevant at the moment.
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Google recently changed the rules for developers of Android apps hosted on their Google Play platform. Now, app creators are not allowed to use the API to record calls. It was the last opportunity to access the call and secretly record it on the owner's phone. Thus, call recording apps will no longer be available to Android users.

The legislation of many countries allows the recording of a conversation if at least one of the interlocutors agrees to it. At the same time, the prohibition exists only for using the records of the dialogue. It cannot be posted or used in any other way.

Google explains that the prohibition on recording conversations is in place "to ensure the safety and privacy of our users". In fact, laws about recording conversations vary from country to country. In some areas, users are free to record calls, while in others, they must warn the other party about recording. Some countries prohibit recording telephone conversations completely. The legality of recording also depends on the type of information to be recorded.

Implications of the new Google rules

The company has not reported what sanctions are imposed on app developers who don't comply with the new rules. But on May 11, 2022, the regulations went into effect, making many services unavailable. Already installed applications that automatically record all phone calls no longer work. Even the most popular utility, Cube ACR, is no longer available.

For this reason, those who need to record phone conversations for any purpose wonder how to do it now. In this article, we will consider the main ways relevant at the moment. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Ways to Record Calls on Android by Circumventing Google Restrictions

Using apps

Rekk Call Recorder

The Rekk service is a multifunctional utility that allows you to get call records and use them. The recorder uses an unusual but operable technology to make records. The call is recorded by creating a conference with the service number. It requires the conference call feature provided by your carrier.


  • The app automatically transcribes all audio records into text, recognizing voices quite well. Therefore, you will be able to read the records without any problems;
  • The service does not reduce or spoil the original quality of the call;
  • You can make notes to audio, search by number/name/time, cut records, and make many other manipulations. These features make working with audio files much easier and more flexible;
  • Built-in caller ID and unwanted phone number blocking;
  • The application automatically backs up files to prevent them from being lost;
  • The Rekk service works on all Android devices above version 5.


  • There is no automatic call recording mode;
  • The app will not work if you do not have a conference call feature;
  • Paid subscription.

RMC Call Recorder

The next recording app is RMC Call Recorder, which allows you to quickly save recorded calls on your phone. It is one of the universal applications that can be downloaded for free. It has no in-app purchases and is completely free. When you are looking for an app that supports different audio formats, RMC Call Recorder is one of the options that will suit you, as it contains 3GP, MP4, MP3 and AMR.


  • You can keep your recorded files safe by using a 4-digit access code.
  • Customize the application for you by selecting automatic or manual modes to record all incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Two folders for storing records (unsorted and important), advanced search with many options for finding records;
  • Ability to set up automatic filtering of records based on "known numbers", "unknown numbers" and selected contacts;
  • You can use any format of audio recordings convenient for you: mp3, mp4, 3gp and wav.


  • There are ads in the application;
  • Calls are recorded only from the microphone, so you need a hands-free mode for clear sound;
  • Not supported by some smartphones.

Super Call Recorder

The application has a slightly different appearance, probably because the user interface has not been updated for some time. Nevertheless, Super Call Recorder is a product that gets the job done.

The app has all the features you would expect to find in a call recording app, such as the ability to share recordings in various ways, including email and WhatsApp. Super Call Recorder is free to download, supported by advertising and in-app purchases. The app requires Android 4.3 or higher devices.


  • Export recorded calls to email, WhatsApp or SD card;
  • Completely free and supports most Android phone models from 5.0 to 9.0;
  • Automatic recording and built-in mp3 playback;
  • Information about the duration of the call and other statistics are sent to your email.


The presence of ads in the application;

Updates are not released very often.

Firmware change

In some countries, such as Vietnam and Indonesia, phone recording is not prohibited or regulated by law. For some reason, these countries are not affected by Google's new rules. Here you can still download call recording apps from Google Play and use them freely.

This method is quite complicated because it requires you to find the appropriate firmware and install it. In addition, you have to save your files somewhere because reflashing completely clears the system. Some things, like fonts, will be unusual, and applications may not work correctly. There were also cases when after reflashing the phone, it wouldn't work.

Buying a phone with an automatic recording function

Some phones have a built-in feature that allows you to automatically record and save audio records of phone conversations. By buying such a phone, you get the required functionality "out of the box". Usually, such a utility does not allow you to sort records or work with them in any other way. In addition, the solution is quite radical because it requires money and changing the phone.

Since legislation in many countries requires notification of the caller if a conversation is recorded, the phone will automatically play an audio message with a warning. Thus, it is not possible to record covertly. It can be important when dealing with phone scammers or other such cases. Some Chinese smartphones have no such restrictions and record a phone call without playing back any warning messages.

There are a lot of phones with this feature. Let's look at the manufacturers of smartphones that embed call-recording features in their gadgets.


Until recently, the company was one of the few that included the recording option on its smartphones. However, manufacturers blocked this feature after the release of Android 9. Nevertheless, it is technically present on cell phones. Users can still use call recording by changing the region in the settings.


The ability to record conversations is still available on cell phones of the largest Chinese brands, and this option is available on models with EMUI version 9.1. The recording is possible in one of two modes.

Manual. Enable the recorder on the screen of the gadget during a call.

Automatic. Activate it with the menu settings.


Some models of a well-known brand have a built-in recording function. Such smartphones include 7 Plus, 7.2, and 8.1. Simply activate the recorder in the settings.


Chinese brand manufacturers include this option in their gadgets by default. They offer it to users of smartphones with MIUI firmware. Conversations are saved manually. The user needs to tap the "Record" button during a call.

To automatically record a conversation, you need to check the "Record Conversation" checkbox in the settings.


Owners of Oneplus smartphones also have the ability to record calls. However, this feature is limited to users. To enable this option, the gadget must be configured for use by developers, and only then can you record conversations. You can also manually configure the voice recorder.

Hacker ways to record phone calls

One common hack to record calls on Android is the installation of a viral app on the person's phone without notifying them.

An intruder with a cell phone in hand installs an app that illegally accesses the microphone and records the conversation. It then transmits all the information, including geolocation.

The app collects as much information about the user as possible. The conversations that take place near the device are recorded on a voice recorder, and then the file with the audio information goes to a file-sharing service. In addition, such an app subscribes to paid services without notifying the user. The application cleverly hides all traces of its activity immediately after the damage is done.

The solution - don't leave your smartphone unattended, set passwords and biometrics to unlock it. And then the easiest way to spy on you will be eliminated.

Another factor in Android hacking is the installation of applications not only from the official Play Market, but also from apk-files downloaded from somewhere on the network.

Many smartphones, especially budget ones, have extremely poor manufacturer support: OS updates occur at best 18 months after release, and some gadgets are almost immediately deprived of manufacturer support. However, it is during OS updates that the most important new security features and vulnerability fixes appear.

An additional way to hack the phone can be to install modified system applications. The application installation script is the same as before, but the third-party application is not involved. Modified applications from the list of standard user applications are used. This clever trick is at the level of hacker groups and those who can buy such app builds. The app performs all of its functions, but at the same time passes information to hackers. Such fakes are hard to detect, and simply checking the installed apps is not enough.

So how do you protect yourself from phone hacking? Traditionally, security experts advise using only official online stores when downloading applications, and not downloading them from the Internet.

The legality of recording phone conversations

We've described the main ways to record phone calls that are currently available. Choose which to use based on your needs and capabilities. Next, we would like to focus on the legality of call recordings in the United States.

In the U.S., each state has its own laws regarding recording conversations. These laws apply to all organizations or individuals interested in recording conversations.

Generally, each state approaches this issue in two different ways:

·    Unilateral consent

·    Bilateral consent.

Unilateral consent refers to the standard procedure for obtaining consent from at least one party to the conversation.

Bilateral consent is a law in which consent is obtained by both parties involved in the call. It is also known as the All Parties Consent Law because it is modified to meet the needs of all parties involved in the conversation.

To record conversations safely, you need to know what laws apply in your state. The good news is that most U.S. states recognize unilateral consent laws.

Below is a list of states that have passed bilateral consent laws. These 13 states include California, Connecticut, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

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