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How To Launch Your Podcast On Alexa Devices (Amazon, Google Nest & Apple’s HomePod)

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Ipervox is a simplified online tool for the creation of Voice Apps (Alexa skill, Google action).

As an entrepreneur, you should be thinking about using podcasting as a way to build your brand and your personal profile. The beauty of podcasts is that they’re incredibly portable and easy to consume. Unlike television, which requires a screen and sound system, you can listen to a podcast anywhere - while driving, walking, or even working out.

Now you can listen to your Podcast on Alexa devices from Amazon, Google Nest, or Apple’s HomePod.

Right now, there are more than 1 million active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes, based on a recent study.

Why is it important to launch my podcast on Alexa?

As smart speakers and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home become more integrated into our daily lives, they’ll become the primary listening source for podcasts.

Early adopters are already using smart speakers as their primary podcast-listening device, but it will take time before you start seeing the majority of people using smart speakers as their primary listening device for podcasts.

With Alexa being the most used voice assistant, it's important that you release your Podcasts with Alexa skills. This will allow your podcast to be accessible to anyone who has an Alexa device and will help get your name out there.

You can already find different podcasts on Alexa doing a brief search in the Alexa Skill Store. All of them were launched by different entrepreneurs and companies and now radios are doing the same thing with Alexa Radio Skills.

How To Get Your Podcast On Alexa

While using Alexa Skill Kit to build your own Podcast Skill can be troublesome, it also requires you to have technical skills. Using a developer, on the other hand, you will need to pay a lot of money, while doing some of the work yourself.

Or, you can use a platform such as Ipervox, which is dedicated to simplifying the process of skill-building. Ipervox gives radio broadcasters the power to create a custom Alexa skill in minutes (which is totally free). To get started with Ipervox's free plan, you can start with our XML RSS feed import feature, integrated into the platform.

Once you have customized it, simply link your Amazon Developer Account and send it for publication. Your Alexa skill will now become available for free for up to 2,000 users.

The benefit of being among the first ones to adopt the use of voice technologies is the fact that when the others start doing it, you will already have established your audience.


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