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How to Hire An Offshore UI/UX Team for Your Next Project

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Nowadays, businesses just can’t do without relying on the web and various kinds of digital technologies. This is applicable to entities hailing from multiple sectors, including FMCG, retail, finance, healthcare, etc. No matter what type of company you have, it is important you pay attention to getting the website and your app developed properly. The UI and UX of your website and app should be appealing and functional. Without the proper UI design, your website will not succeed in wooing target buyers.

Need to hire a UI UX Development agency

It is necessary to understand that UX and UI do not appear out of thin air! They have to be planned and designed by professionals well-versed in the sector. The user interface design involves choosing and using the various aspects of design such as color, visual elements, images, aesthetics, etc. To ensure your brand website and app UI is designed in the right way, hiring a veteran UI/UX design company is necessary. You will find a lot of web design firms also offer UI/UX design services since it is a core component of building a web presence.

There are plenty of local and foreign agencies that offer UI/UX design services nowadays. You can either hire a regional agency for such needs, or you can outsource the work to an entity located in another country. The latter can be useful in certain situations.

Hiring an offshore UI/UX design agency brings certain benefits;

  • Cost reduction is one of the major reasons why a lot of companies opt for offshore UI/UX design entities
  • Outsourcing UI-UX design work to an offshore agency helps in keeping workflow unaffected in your organization
  • It can avail you of flexible services
  • While outsourcing UI-UX design work, you get plenty of customization choices

Hiring the right offshore agency for UI UX design needs

It is essential you know how to compare offshore agencies and then hire the most suitable UI/UX development company. For that, you will have to compare the contenders using some key parameters.

  • Checking the company profile: Before you sign up for the services of an offshore company offering UI/UX design services, you need to learn about their profile. Begin with finding out about how long they’ve been in this sector. It is also necessary to see if it offers UI and UX design as a separate package or as an integral part of the application or website design. You have to check if the agency has experience working for clients belonging to your business niche as well.

  • Assessing its portfolio: To figure out if a UI/UX design outsourcing company is suited for your business needs, you must check out the web applications and sites they have designed in the past. Such agencies keep portfolios on their websites. Check out if the applications designed by the agency have pleasant UI, smooth navigation, and great functionalities. The load time is also something you should check.

  • Checking client reviews: Ideally, you will hire an offshore UI/UX design agency that has a large client base. It is prudent, but you also need to see what the clients have to say about its services! Choosing an agency with a majority of positive reviews given by the clients is prudent in this regard. You can explore the social media profiles of such agencies for this.

  • Assessing the response: You can learn a lot about an offshore UI-UX design company from the way it responds to your queries. It does not matter if you placed the query using social media platforms or email. You should hire a UX UI designer and developer who is not reluctant to resolve your queries. You may have many queries pertaining to website or app UI and UX design. Typically, veteran agencies offer their clients a consultation session.

  • Checking the service terms: Before signing up to use the services of a UI UX design agency based offshore, it is important you learn about the service terms offered by it. It is not only about the pricing issues alone. You have to learn about design policies, or else you may face hassles afterwards. If the project is a collaborative one, you have to think of timing zone compatibility issues. You also need to see if the agency appoints a dedicated team for your project and what kind of timeline it offers.

  • Checking flexibility: You have to see how cooperative the company is. Is it willing to tweak its existing package to suit your requirements or not? You may also ask about the number of design revisions it is willing to make to ensure the client is happy with the outcome. You can also ask if the agency has staff who can converse and communicate in English and other European languages as well.

  • Learning about support provisions: Just getting the UI of your website and application designed by an offshore agency is not enough. It is necessary to know about support options offered by the agency. If there is any glitch, prompt service by the agency will be required. It is better if the agency you hire offers round-the-clock support through multiple channels.

Summing it up

Before you hire a UI designer or a company for outsourcing the work, keep some time for assessment. The advantages of outsourcing UI/UX design work are undeniable but picking the right agency is also important. You have to assess the contenders using parameters like a response, service terms, portfolio etc. Only after you are happy with the assessment you should pick an apt agency.

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by Imenso Software @imensosoftware.Imenso Software is a client focused custom software development company.
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