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How to Deploy Your Codebase Using Cosmic JS ๐Ÿš€

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@carsonCarson Gibbons

Cosmic JS makes it easy to deploy your websites and applications to the web. You can deploy an app from any git repository to the Cosmic App Server from any Bucket. Cosmic JS uses Dokku (Docker + Heroku-like deployment) to deploy your app from any GitHub, BitBucket or any other public repo to its own subdomain.

With Cosmic JS alleviating your need for an installed CMS and server, your application stack can be boiled down to the following items:

1. GitHub Repo
2. Cosmic JS CMS API
3. Cosmic JS App Server

How to Deploy Your Codebase Using Cosmic JSย ๐Ÿš€

Deployment will be successful as long as your application follows the Heroku deployment guidelines. If you have connected your GitHub account to Cosmic JS, you will be able to deploy your private GitHub repos as well.

1. Go to your Bucket > Bucket Settings > Deploy Web App
2. Enter the URL for the public Git repo that you are deploying
3. Deploy your codebase and manage your appโ€™s content from the Cosmic JS Dashboard

The following add-ons are also available with Cosmic JS Deployment:

Custom Domains: Point your custom domain to your Cosmic App Server instance.
One-click SSL: Secure your app with SSL. SSL certs are automatically renewed.

I hope that youโ€™ve found this tutorial helpful. If you have questions or comments about Content Editor Features in the Cosmic JS system, Iโ€™d love to hear about them. You can refer to my Cosmic JS Profile for additional content on how to intuitively navigate the Cosmic JS Dashboard.


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