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How To Create A Marketing Funnel

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Are you struggling to hit the jackpot with Sales Funnel? 

Do you know what the Sales Funnel is? 

Digital era has taken over the world. 

With the new digital age, the competition is also increasing; Entrepreneurs are thriving to stay in the game, trying different marketing strategies to grow your business online. 

Sales funnel is one such marketing strategy. 

You may have come across different posts, youtube videos to create a sales funnel and implement the right strategy.

Sales funnel is a primary marketing strategy because it takes your potential client on the journey of the buying process. 

Efficient sales funnels will result in an increased number of website visitors. This will increase your email subscribers, which will further convert these email subscribers into clients.

But for some reason, you goofed up and didn't manage to get results. 

This blog is your ultimate guide to the Sales funnel. 

It will help you rectify your mistakes and ascend your online business through the right proven strategies for sales funnel.

4 Verified Strategies for Profitable Sales Funnel

Funnels help to bring in new clients on autopilot. The sales funnel can turn leads into loyal customers. 

For this, you need to make your sales funnels protrude by working on your bottom line.

Check out these confirmed strategies and implement them to turn your sales funnel into customer procurement systems.

#Strategy 1: Offer something profitable in the first stage of your funnel


Years back, there was a simple chain cycle as we had bracket kings. Business leaders ruled their markets.

As a result, business owners didn't have to try hard to win new clients. There was minimum competition.

With online marketing and escalating competition, online businesses have to strive hard to fetch clients online and proving why leads to choose them.

The most efficient way to earn clients is to offer something free of cost yet valuable to new leads at the very first level of your funnel. It should influence the customer to trust you and feel the want to spend.

For instance, you can offer guides, templates, checklists, webinars, e-book and so on.

Gusten Sun, founder and CEO of Funnels And Experts described how his agency builds clients' funnels using this exact strategy of providing value first. He gave a practical example to explain. He said, "Let's say you're a movie buff, but you want to stop spending so much money at the theatres, You do a quick Google search and find an online movie streaming service that offers a free 30-day trial. You sign up, watch movies for free for a month and afterwards they ask you if you want to continue watching unlimited movies from the comfort of your home. You say yes and pay. That's an example of a successful funnel, and that's the concept of providing value first to build relationships and turn browsers into customers. That is the example of the sales funnel of Netflix."

Offering free and valuable offer to your leads will help you increase the conversion rate,

#Strategy 2: Authentic Emotional Response Marketing

It would be best if you replaced old sales copy tactics with authentic emotional tactics.


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Being an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of connecting with your clients.

It would help if you hit the bullseye.

You must target customers emotionally that they feel your brand is talking directly to them.

Copywriting is the efficient way to ensure customers feel that way,

Copywriting has been a massive hit.

These days people don't like forced headlines that scream BUY.

This type of copy was majorly used in old sales funnels. 

Today if you want to make your sales funnel copy a hit you have to ensure it is genuine, authentic and sincere.

Ad copy should sound more informal and less like a salesman speech to reach contemporary consumers.

Cody Griffin, CEO of Griffin Copywriting and Marketing Solutions, said "This is why an increasing number of successful brands are moving away from direct response copy tactics to what industry experts are calling emotional response marketing. Your funnel doesn't have to be complicated, but what most marketers fail to do in their copy is to meet their market at their current level. It's vital to relate to where your client or customer is now versus where they want to be and how your product or service will help get them there. Doing so will result in more conversions, more sales and success with your funnel."  

Always remember, emotional connection is the most critical tactic these days.

Stories build this connection and help you get reactions from your target audience. You have to focus more on feelings rather than the number of clicks.

This will bloom your funnel's performance.

#Strategy 3: Set Retargeting Campaigns


As per our assumption, every lead who visits the squeeze page should convert into customers. But this is contradictory to the reality.

Suggestion: If you want to learn a technique of creating a conversion-friendly squeeze page then I would recommend you reading an amazing guide written by ClickFunnels: How to create a squeeze page

But if you want to increase your conversion rate, start setting up retargeting campaigns.

Strategise sequences of emails and ads to be sent to people who reach the first page of our funnel but go back without taking you designated call of action.

The strategy of setting up retargeting campaigns ensures they acquire precious informative content like inspirational content, educational videos, customer reviews and so on.

Every bit of content a potential customer sees once they leave your funnel should give them reasons to reconsider your brand and eventually influence the potential buyer to take the call of action you want them to take.

#Strategy 4: Look for multiple sources of traffic


One essential rule to remember is don't limit your traffic to one source.

This is a common mistake that most of the online businesses do.

Even if social media gets you maximum traffic, that does not mean you will channelise all your efforts in only one direction.

This will lead to a state of panic in your company if social media crashes even for a single day.

Invest your resources into multiple streams of traffic set up on social media platforms.

Move a bit further, and channelise content marketing, email marketing, blog content, SEO, case studies and other sources to drive efficient traffic to your funnel.

As per some experts, to drive quality traffic to your funnels, don't make the mistake of underestimating good old-fashioned email marketing. Emails are still as profitable as ever and will always be a secret sales weapon when used correctly in addition to your social media platforms. Sending traffic to your funnel via organic blog posts, SEO, and podcasts are also among the highest-converting forms of content marketing you should be implementing in your funnel strategy today.


Sales funnel is an essential aspect of marketing in today's world, provided it is implemented in the right profitable way.

These four strategies can efficiently ascend your conversion rates. If you want to shine, implement these strategies into your sales funnel.

This will create a highly profitable, valuable and productive customer acquisition system.

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by Freaky SEO @freakyseo. SEO is like a war and I'm here to train new warriors through powerful writing :)Freaky SEO


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