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How to Build Your Own Video Sharing App (like Youtube)

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If you are much interested in creating your own video sharing website, the following post will assure you on the valuable tips on “how to get started with video sharing app & generate profitable revenue with it.

“YouTube topped with the net worth of $40 billion which is more valuable than any other video sharing websites.”

You might have heard the sentence “The massive respiratory of any video content where it is originated was YouTube”. 90% of the world’s video content redistributed to other channels are from YouTube. From entertaining videos to educational, from White House press release to online worships, YouTube has been the destination of video content.

A Wide View on Video Sharing Sites and YouTube’s Monopoly Towards Video Content Market

As time passes, the value of video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo & Netflix is towering its net worth rate due to the trend that is popularizing. It is significantly noticeable that Youtube has taken over the world of video sharing industry with its sublime features, functionalities, and personalizations.

If Google’s YouTube is stock, it would have a potential to worth at least $75 billion. As referred YouTube is becoming entrenched just like how Facebook is being a part of the day to day life. On an average, people are using the YouTube six minutes a day. These promising insights are more than enough for enterprises and aspiring media professionals to start their own video sharing website like YouTube, Vimeo.

Before getting into the play, YouTube which is a two-sided sword has ample sublime qualities and pitfalls for content owners to increase the revenue.

Pitfalls of the Biggest Video Sharing Website — YouTube

Lack of Niche:

Captivating every user is the keynote for generating views. But, how would you relate the strategy with your own niche? Narrow down your own niche with the platform through personalizing the theme and platform isn’t applicable on YouTube.

Unethical & Fake Content:

YouTube is outperforming more than fake content for increasing the views and subscribers. YouTube isn’t customized in a way of preventing the hosting of unethical content which may spread fake news and result in illegal actions.

Too Big to Keep an Eye on Everything:

The video sharing website isn’t developed with a complete admin dashboard to track detailed video analytics. Too many content owners within the site would cause a huge number of video content uploads. This leads to unmanageable of the assets.

Hybrid Monetization Model

The monetization of premium content over YouTube isn’t full enough for content owners to generate an ample amount of revenue. The monetization models are quite less and the video content can be viewed by any user. Your noteworthy assets can be viewed by everyone, this restricts from generating revenue for the particular premium video content.

So, how could you build your own video sharing website like YouTube that outperforms these pitfalls and assist in generating more revenue from video content that has been watched by end-users? The possibility of building a video sharing website like YouTube, Vimeo is no longer a complex task. Fundamentally, you should know about the end-features that will impact the overall performance of your video sharing website you will be building.

The Must-Have Features To Augment the Performance

Drag & Drop / Remote Video Upload:

The Drag & Drop feature helps to upload ‘N’ number of videos from the local disk, Dropbox, Google drive etc. With the Remote video features, you can upload video/audio content from an HTTP or FTP locations automatically.

Frames Preview:

Change or customize the thumbnail of every video with the ideal video preview frame within the video sharing platform. The feature offers a maximum number of different thumbnail options to host videos from local disk or cloud.

Multi-channel Support

The feature enables the users to upload and share videos, playlist, subscribes with different profiles or from a default channel in the channel management page.


The feature brings a complete personalization to the end-user by adding the most favorite videos, songs within the website for an effective playback experience.

Responsive Design:

Enable your end-user to customize the entire video sharing website or channel to their preferred niche with multiple designs, templates, fonts etc.

Social Media Sharing:

The feature will let users share the most-liked videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram seamlessly in order to enhance engagement.

Monetization Models:

A video sharing website must possess a diverse set of monetization models such as subscription, pay per view, Advertisement and etc to generate revenue from all video content.

Multi-tiered Security:

One of the significant factor that ensures the security of the entire video asset under multi-layered security DRM, Watermarking etc in order to safeguard from unauthorized access.

So, now you are done with the essential features that a video sharing website must possess. As the video sharing website remains as a lucrative business, the demand over developing the one always been the complex for enterprises and business professionals.

The market is crowded with a massive number of video streaming solution providers to develop your own video sharing website and App like YouTube, Vimeo. Introducing Vplayed one of the leading video streaming solution provider serving to the global video content market.

Vplayed — A Futuristic Video Streaming Solution

Vplayed — Video Streaming Solution

Vplayed offers a completely customizable live streaming, VOD, OTT and audio streaming solution to content owners, broadcasters and enterprises of the global customers. With advanced technologies, features, proficient developers, Vplayed makes the dream of building a video sharing website like YouTube for enterprise into a reality.

So, What Makes Vplayed the Ideal Video Sharing Solution Provider For Content Owners & Businesses?

Vplayed, as a video streaming solution providing company, backed with 300+ in-house developers assist every enterprise to build a video sharing website with headway features and technologies that heighten the performance compared to YouTube. Vplayed offers flexible hosting possibilities and solid security layers to protect every piece of video content from unauthorized access. Customization has been the vital feature that Vplayed possesses to adapt to your business expectations.

Over To You:

Video sharing website is one its kinds and considered as the most lucrative business that will bloom higher in the upcoming years. To those aspiring content owners and business professionals out there, building a video sharing website like YouTube is made simple as the software technologies improve day-by-day. The only factor to consider, strategize your video content business ideas and partnering with the right solution that adapts to your business demands.

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