Top 15 Best OTT Platform Providers For Video Streaming in 2024by@viknesh24021991
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Top 15 Best OTT Platform Providers For Video Streaming in 2024

by Viknesh VijayashankarNovember 21st, 2019
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Explore the list of top 15 best OTT platform providers in the world market to kickstart your lucrative OTT video streaming business.
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Last Updated — November 03, 2023

Want to start your first OTT service? You have landed in the right place. In this article, We will review the world's best OTT platform providers in the video streaming industry.

When we speak about which one is found to be the best OTT platform which is otherwise known as Over-the-top service we relatively talk about  how the content is trending in movie releases, daily TV shows, current affairs, sports & others.. Isn’t it! 

Certainly, digital users are now having total control to directly download & cast streams according to their on demand preferences. The best highlight of this aspect is OTT platform providers provide this accessibility without any cable or satellite TV subscription!! 

Yes.. We can now say video streaming in OTT platforms has pitched into the usual lifestyle of your consumers!!  

“It is said that the OTT market rise in its entirety is projected to upscale & reach $1039.03 billion by 2027 which positively has a sharp CAGR increase with 29.4%

Now, if you are one among the top 10 or strive to be a consistent player of OTT recognized platforms in the world, then let me tell you folks you have really a good kick off time to elevate your revenue backpacks!! 

Because, here's another factor that can lift your business sum ladders gradually! 

Currently, it is said that in the year 2027 it is anticipated to increase business fortune estimation as higher than pre COVID-19 forecasts.”

What is an OTT Platform?

It is a service that is showcased across varied platforms, devices, or locations, etc via internet-enabled OTT streaming. The advent technology of live video streaming, on demand streaming is seamlessly integrated into the custom-built over-the-top platform & providers of OTT assist you to have a complete end-to-end development solution. 

All in all, this helps you to deliver smooth live or on demand video feeds to your potential viewers and monetize your interactive content globally without relying on any third party platform.

Some of the services that you can offer such as online video streaming, messaging services, VoIP, audio streaming, etc.

Types of Industry Most Successful by OTT Platform Business:

  • eLearning : Education sector has reached the next level of facilitating practical learning via ott video solutions. Through the means of virtual connectivity it has made it easier for audiences.
  • Film Makers: Now the art of streaming OTT content of premium movies is now a piece of cake for filmmakers, production houses, TV channel distributors, etc using your own OTT software solution.
  • Sports: The next big thing in the streaming industry is when live sports are broadcasted & creates a binged effect! Real-time streams build sustainable revenues for non-stop OTT sports streaming. 
  • Faith and spirituality: Faith based video-on-demand furnished by OTT software providers have begun to connect community members or local groups worldwide after the emergence of lock-down policies.  
  • Broadcast: Manage your live broadcasts by simultaneously showcasing your enterprising on demand videos across social channels, & to various devices such as PCs, tablets, mobiles, consoles
  • Healthcare: Medical live streaming has proved to be a pivotal resource in the pandemic for providing doctor consultations, scheduling appointments through personalized portal, med hand holding, etc. 
  • Lifestyle: Want to sell your unique skills of workouts online? You can make it work with branded fitness streaming studios with high-quality video production & monetize your fitness videos effectively.
  • Kids Zone: There was a time when schools & educational institutions were not adaptive to the current global crisis. But now, curriculum tutors have bridged this learning gap  through interactive & accessible education OTT platform.

To make the process of discovering the best OTT video platform much easier than ever,

List of World’s Top OTT Solution Providers in the Market

We have curated the top 15 OTT platform providers in the market to skyrocket your over-the-top business model.

#1 VPlayed - Digital OTT Experience Platform

VPlayed's OTT solution assists media promoters, entertainment services, cable operators, production houses, content owners & others to launch an enhanced OTT video monetization platform that unfurls the reach of crystal-quality video content across multiple platforms without any hassle

Some of the enticing OTT app platform features include:
  • Build & customize your platform via VPlayed’s whitelabel OTT software  
  • Upload & Manage Your Complete Library with In-built Video CMS
  • Compress OTT videos within a cloud trans coding video streaming platform
  • Distribute your best OTT creations with pivotal HLS video solution 
  • Multiply your gross growth with OTT 6+ revenue monetization models 
  • Secure over-the-top streaming platform with certified Multi-DRM protocols

    #2 IBM Cloud Video - Premium OTT Service Provider

    IBM Watson Media helps to build a scalable OTT video platform and make it available across multitude of domains, devices, etc.  With its varied cloud streaming & video broadcasting services you can leverage seamless video hosting, real-time streaming, cloud transcoding, storage capacity & lots more.

    Other Superlative OTT TV Services Include:
    • Get an OTT software delivering catchy content with best CDN infrastructure
    • List your OTT platform in the world with live & cohesive VOD streaming service
    • Across OTT platforms in USA have license enforcement with copyrighted content 
    • Study your target audience via customized OTT apps using analytics data solution

      #3 Contus Vplay - Best White Label OTT Solution

      Contus VPlay is a online video platform provider that is fully integrated with one hundred percent of bespoke video streaming solutions. It capacitates every brand marketer, video publisher, content creators & all media streaming entrepreneurs with layers of feature-rich foundation for multi-facet live streaming, on premise/ on cloud hosting, complete ownership control all having multi compatible feasibility across numerous networks, websites & devices.

      Take a look at the OTT distribution stunning platform features listed below:
      • Gain branded OTT 100% Streaming Customizable Solution
      • Self host your platform with flexible options such as On cloud/ On premise
      • Brand your OTT platform even in US markets with a list of Video Marketing Suite
      • Acquire Multiple Monetization Options & create customer base worldwide   
      • Get advanced video access control & secure content using OTT in built software

      #4 Kaltura - Over-The-Top Media Service

      The SaaS-based solutions of Kaltura facilitate your corporate business with flexible streaming requirements in the form of live & on demand videos to provide video communication tools that includes virtual meetings, live webinars, motivational podcasts, interactive town halls, etc.

      Kaltura also provides advanced analytical tools for high-iterated VODs, & live streaming.

      Get your OTT TV Platform frontline with these essential striking features:
      • Immersive OTT Video Platform Enrichment Tools
      • Trans-code with best streaming quality at own OTT platform   
      • Improve Video Marketing with Real-time Audience Analytics

      #5 Dalet - OTT Video Delivery Solution

      Dalet is the leading provider of streaming solutions which can be leveraged by media broadcasters, content professionals, digital media distribution networks, etc. The Ooyala flex media platform provides the SaaS-based services offering with key functionalities to empower end-to-end streaming workflows for mainstream industries such as Sports, News, Educational Institutions, Government bodies, Enterprise, Radio broadcasting etc.

      Let’s take a look at exclusive features of this OTT delivery platform:
      • Facilitate UX with well-known E-commerce Payment Gateways 
      • Create Flexible Hosting Integrations via OTT platform providers 
      • Deliver videos with swift transcoding advanced OTT software

        #6 Quickplay - Multi Screen OTT Video Platform

        QuickPlay’s OTT video platform is based on an open modular architecture & is market-ready for deployment in IPTV Set Top Boxes and OTT devices with uniform user experience. The key unique selling points of Quickplay include live & VoD ingest, live sports streaming, cross-platform viewing, workflow management etc.

        Choose a perfect OTT TV provider that makes a world of difference with these streaks:
        • Deliver with 100% encryption using Multi DRM Support 
        • Flexibly control over your revenue structures with monetization models
        • Reduced Risk with TCO

        #7 - Launch OTT TV & Mobile Apps

        Uscreen, which is one among the top 10 OTT platforms in the world, creates independent OTT websites & apps. Fast encoding and multi-bitrate streaming enable 4K UHD quality viewing experience over a variety of devices such as Web, Android, Tablet, Smart TVs, etc. The fully white-labeled platform is equipped with an HTML5 player and is powered by global CDN. It also offers tools to drive user engagement through email marketing, analytic reports, etc.

        Make your digital space via this OTT Streaming Provider offering these critical features:
        • Now launch with zero coding in flexible platform of Uscreen 
        • Monthly & Customizable Subscription Plans
        • Enables Platform Branding

        #8 ToTheNew - Digital Video Solution

        To The New which is a digital end-to-end OTT solution provider, develops applications for devices like smart TV, gaming consoles and much more. Videos can be securely uploaded in bulk with DRM. Multiple monetization options like in-app purchase, third-party integrated ads, player branding are available. It has a dedicated OTT content management system for managing video content with metadata, asset management and geo-blocking.

        Scroll down to have these dynamic features amongst the top 10 OTT platforms:
        • White-label Platform that is built with faster turnaround time
        • Easy to use analytics Dashboard with added integrations   
        • Get User-friendly Interface to create omni-channel UX 

          #9 Zebra OTT - All-in-one OTT Platform

          Zebra OTT delivers simpler IPTV and OTT solutions categorized with superior usability, flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency. ZebraOTT, with a flexible turnkey for IPTV/OTT centralized solution can be enticing for telecom and cable operators, internet service providers, channel broadcasters, content owners etc. As a Cloud TV Platform, ZebraOTT allow clients to easily deliver, manage, monetize video content.

          Glimpse through the magnificent features provided in this top OTT providers list:
          • Create revenue generating opportunity with Catchup TV model
          • Stream Capturing can have customization assuring multi-device compatibility
          • Real-time & Detailed Analytics for maintaining accurate content performance

          #10 Vidmind - End to End OTT Video Software

          Vidmind is one of the best enterprise Video OTT platform providers for content owners to deliver over the top streaming content on multiple devices OTT Apps, Smart TV, Chromecast and much more. Their over-the-top services provide flexible integration on applications with several tools to analyze, deliver over the top content to targeted audiences. Their service delivery platform is made up of Live TV streaming, app market, multi-screen viewing, etc.

          Get to skim these dynamic features of OTT providers now:
          • Multi-user profile with audience engagement tracking
          • Social recommendation across network and Bookmarking
          • Advanced Content Management System for live & VOD assets

          #11 Vimeo OTT - OTT Video Streaming Platform

          When we look into the top 10 OTT streaming platforms in the USA, Vimeo is said to be the one among them. As of 2021, Vimeo has established its customer base, having 200 million users with 1.6 million subscribers offering a wide spectrum of streaming services. With its flawless & powerful hservice it has driven major popularity creating 15000+ in-house apps, in addition to customer lifetime value analysis deemed fit for gross revenue.

          Know the essential perks for you to start OTT streaming business effectively:
          • Connect with your audience via live streams & auto archive your assets
          • Get access to advanced analytics to track your in depth video performance
          • Vimeo OTT provides you with 24*7 support inclusive for your subscribers

          #12 Brightcove - OTT Streaming Solution

          Deliver the best video viewing experience through the significant platform of Brightcove. When we consider scrolling with the list of ott platforms in the world, you can vouch for Brightcove as it has been a persistent player since the year 2004. They have been in the OTT markets for a long time & contributed their foothold by empowering 70 countries all over the world. Now you can offer binged services for live & on demand streams with top-notch features from Brightcove.

          Highlighted features of Brightcove OTT brand include:
          • Deliver curated playlists with thematic carousels using video content management system
          • Activate conversion rates with refined marketing automation campaigns 
          • You can have 24*7 customer support with cutting-edge video technologies

          #13 Wowza - Digital OTT Platform

          The live broadcast and OTT digital-first streaming help to leverage optimized viewership in Wowza. The major highlight comes into play when they emphasise to provide a free trial streaming service for any type of VOD solution. Wowza’s OTT software solution ensures to deliver quality videos for 24*7 online channels across multiple destinations and broadcast them globally.

          Wowza’s OTT service company business-building features comprise of:
          • Create high quality video production with rapid encoding solution
          • Protect live & VOD streams with source authentication access control
          • Leverage Wowza CDN framework to scale live & on demand streams

          #14 Dacast - OTT Service Provider

          Dacast is one of top list of OTT platform service providers which is popularly known even in western world such as Australia, USA etc. This live & video hosting platform was launched in the year 2010 and they have a track record of creating 97 live channels per day. The key highlights of the video bandwidth calculator provided within your whitelabel OTT streaming solution gives you anticipated estimation of your video usability.

          The top-viewed online video provider’s mind boggling OTT listed features include:
          • Keep your content organized OTT platform intact with powered Video CMS
          • Buffer-free video streaming enabling with Secure Content Delivery 
          • Embed live/VOD streams with  video monetization models & get recurring profit

          #15 Muvi - White Label OTT Platform

          Muvi is one of the best online video platforms that is fully featured with all-in-one OTT streaming that is controlled and managed from a single CMS. Muvi LLC is a dedicated entrepreneurial SaaS platform that is headquartered in the USA. Since its a SaaS model Muvi charges its content creators a minimal subscription fee. Muvi includes end-to-end customization fully managed with a single CMS, that involves zero coding.

          Here are top-notch features of the eminent OTT Muvi streaming providers:
          • Make your digital content flexibly reachable to users even in local currencies
          • Have complete authority over metadata tags making it easily indexable
          • Launch own customized & white-labeled website under your name

          It’s Time To Pick The Right OTT Platform Provider That Best Suits Your Needs

          There are quite a huge number of OTT service providers in the market where each solution offers different features and functionalities that fits different OTT business needs. I would recommend you to choose an enterprise over-the-top solution provider that has a stable security, subscription model, diverse monetization models and over-the-top infrastructure to scale your OTT solutions across the globe and generate revenue with each streaming content.

          To help you a little bit further, you can take a look at frequently asked questions regarding points to note before how to start OTT platform and clear your thoughts accordingly.

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          1. How OTT Platform Works?

          OTT that stands for Over-The-Top streaming services is combined with varied content publication & structured into a video OTT platform. This is a medium of broadcasting any type of media content through high-speed internet connection via OTT and IPTV devices. 

          2. How to Choose the Best OTT Platform Provider?

          Some of the most essential factors that you need to consider while choosing one of the dedicated OTT companies will be according to Features, USP & Customization that your brand objectives require. Besides that study reviews & see to it, that it has combined major user perks.   

          3. How Does OTT Streaming Platforms Make Money?

          The key parameter that drives the popularity among top OTT platforms in the world regards to variations bought with monetization models. Target your customers & generate high revenue by providing flexible OTT media with models like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, server ad insertion, etc.  

          4. What is the Difference Between OTT and IPTV?

          OTT: OTT streaming platforms deliver video streaming content globally using the wireless internet connection so it is called as Over-The-Top.

          IPTV: Whereas when we look into IPTV also know as Internet Protocol TV, delivers OTT streams to Internet Protocol based networks which is showcased via STBs.

          5. What Kind of Devices Primarily OTT Apps Must Support ?

          When you facilitate your users with numerous video streaming services make sure your channel through OTT video platforms have multi-device compatibility such as Web, Mobile, Tablet, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Gaming Consoles, & many more devices.