Top 12 Best White Label (VOD) Video On Demand Platform Providers For 2022by@sundar
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Top 12 Best White Label (VOD) Video On Demand Platform Providers For 2022

by SundarNovember 2nd, 2019
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Wondering how to launch a VOD platform? Here I've compiled the list of top 12 best video on demand platform providers across the globe.

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Last Updated — December 09, 2022

Are you looking to start and scale your VOD business? We got you covered. Explore the list of top video on demand platform providers which helps you to create & launch VOD platform for streaming & monetizing video content across globe.

Today, when we talk about any VOD streaming platform we are always directed to big streamer shots like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Have you ever thought about why it has been so essential to set up your own video on demand service while you are recognized as top brands?

What might be a possible reason for you to approach your targeted or existing customers in the most enticing channel that they prefer!

Recently, Flipkart Video tells us about its current breakthrough that is made via multiple interactive game shows &  produced for its delighted customers.

Interestingly the forecasted report of PWC let’s you know that India’s SVOD market will have 30.7% CAGR growth and has predicted to become a $2.7 billion market by the year 2024!

And in addition to that, you’ll be surprised to know with the fact that India is predicted to overtake South Korea, Germany & Australia to become the 6th-largest VOD market worldwide.

Now that’s a huge factor to count upon for starting a VOD business!

Here you go with its statistics & numbers to validate the above statement!

Another major brand that holds high value within the M & E industry will talk about MX Player. It has subsequently reached one step ahead in launching a games segment within their entertainment application.

Now you must be, wondering how to launch a VOD streaming platform?

Don’t worry! I'll help you with that...

Here I've compiled the list of top video on demand platform providers across the globe.

But before going to the list, check out some of the interesting why-to create a VOD platform that has futuristic opportunities for your video business to build in ….

Did you know statistics indicate that the revenue in Video-On-Demand fragment is projected to reach an annual growth rate of about 11.8% between 2020 - 2025!

Therefore, the popularity of Video-On-Demand users is expected to notice a consistent rise in the following years.

In consequence to that, it would make a constant impact in the industry!

As a result, the projected market volume will be about US $ 126,548 million by the year 2025.

Online video on demand streaming will open up a new way of entertainment for consumers with equal business possibilities.

Though as content owners we know at all times  ‘content will be the king’ but its supporting systems such as streaming technology, payment integrated gateways, smartphone manufacturers & telecom industries is its ‘distinguished queen’!

For that matter, VOD’s market growth is fully leveraged by evolving music directors, movie makers, independent pop artists or even corporate houses are joining the video-on-demand rush to strike gold…

Now you’ll be curious to know, actually what is VOD all about? Here it comes to answer that..

What is (VOD) Video On Demand Streaming?

Video on Demand which is also known as VOD is a source of accessing content originals which are produced by brand marketers or content distributors, and are aligned as top video assets in the online video content libraries.

Prior to this scenario, traditional broadcasting channels & other media telecasters persuaded consumers to view content according to their fixed schedule.

But now due to changing view trends with pre-defined technologies, Video streaming services allow audiences to access top-rated videos at their own pace from any compatible device.

Here, these digitized media valuables such as premium VODs or subscription-based videos are available to platform members or subscribers. Others are freely distributed that can be availed by anyone at online doors..

Power of Video Marketing


There are many video on demand solutions out there, but only a few make the cut to the top. Check out the below list

World's Best VOD Platform Providers To Kick Start Your Video On Demand Business

1. VPlayed - A White Label Video On Demand Platform

Visit Website :

VPlayed, a leading white label video on demand platform that can be used by business owners like you, to create your very own VOD service on any medium.

It is a fully customizable platform that has power to meet all the video on demand requirements of any magnitude.

Some of the industry genres that it caters to are, Education, Sports, Music websites, Entertainment channels, Media houses, Corporate conferences and much more can benefit from VPlayed video on demand solution.

On the other hand, VPlayed’ VOD platform has the capability to deliver content across millions of devices irrespective of geographical locations through a solid content management engine.

The solution offers an effective marketing suite to market your content and reap profitable revenue with multiple monetization models such as SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, Catch-up TV and much more. On top of this, VPlayed is configured with enterprise security functionalities such as DRM, Geo-blocking, SSL and so on to protect against unauthorized access and copyrights issues.

VPlayed Video On Demand Software Boasts Multiple Business-Building Features Like:

* Inbuilt Video CMS

You can now manage your entire content library effortlessly with a variety of options such as bulk upload, video scheduling, subtitling and lot’s more..

* On-Premise/On Cloud Hosting

Explore two options while hosting your power pact videos. As a video publisher, you can either host them on your server or you can comfortably suit to cloud host them with our in-hand experts.

* Fully Customizable Solution

VPlayed lets you to customize your online video platform flexibly with opted features and solutions that you would prefer. You can leverage with 100% customization for your niche streaming needs.

* Multi DRM Platform

At last, the most valuable feature of DRM solution helps you to keep your content copyrights intact with secured integrated protocols such as AES Encryption, Screenshot prevention, etc.

* Multiple Video Monetization

Extract high revenues within your platform incorporated with best video monetization models available in VPlayed. Some of them are SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Server-Side Ad insertion, Coupons & Promotions, etc.

* All Device Player

Get flexibly programmable HLS video player that are made pliable with rich interfaces added with high server load capacity. Along with that have customizable replay windows, domain validation support, multiscreen-support, etc.

2. Contus Vplay - A Custom VOD Platform

Visit Website :

Contus Vplay is a VOD platform provider that puts forward a solid pack of benefits that media entrepreneurs can leverage to its maximum.

It is an ideal single point video on demand solution for all kinds of users like video creators, publishers, broadcasters, independent artists and many others who want to stream their video to a global customer base.

Contus Vplay also provides an intuitive HTML5 player to deliver HD quality on-demand content to viewers across devices with exponential playback features.

The VoD solution is equipped with advanced CMS that enables users to discover the right content through easy search options. Contus Vplay also facilitates easy tracking and monitoring of content views, graphical user locations and much more.

Highlight Features of Contus Vplay Readymade Video on Demand Platform Includes:

* Multiple Video Monetization Options

Explore vivid revenue shaping models that are primal for your steady money flow month after a month. Upscale your on-demand video marketing tactics with Subscription-based, ad-centric model, or pay-per-view based models.

* Inbuilt Video Marketing Tools

Some of the embedded tools for your active video promotions help you with relevant videos matched with articles, lead capture forms, social publishing,CTA for specific content, AI-Powered suggestive engine for your varied kind of audiences, etc.

* Video Hosting & Management

Some of the independent content creators, Vloggers, can create professional-graded platforms that are sufficient for increased scalability, security and have customization capabilities when it comes to monetization. Easy embedded video player, API access & advanced security through Contus VPlay helps you to achieve this milestone.

* Digital Rights Management

One of the eminent VOD platform providers like Contus VPlay helps you to keep a safe check on your content inputs with AES Encryption, Dynamic Watermarks, Paywall Integration, etc.

* HLS Video Player

Now conventional web servers grab the future-oriented streaming technologies like HLS and Dash adaptive for delivering best video creations of yours across the world wide web.

* 100% Customizable Solution

Utilize a qualitative VOD software solution that has unmatched flexibility of delivering any sort of customization requirements requested by white-labelled platform owners like you. Get 100% bespoke video streaming solution for your brand requirements now.

3. Brightcove - VOD Streaming Platform

Visit Website :

Single, complete and all-featured video on demand platform. That is the shortest way of explaining Brightcove. Brightcove has some serious skills up its sleeves with which it beats ad blockers and delivers promotional video content to viewers for maximum conversion. And for customers, it renders an unparalleled video viewing experience on any device, at any time, anywhere they like without any hindrance.

Their video streaming solution is equipped with multiple monetization models such as Pay-per-view, subscription and so on. To amplify the reach of every content delivered across the devices, the VoD streaming platform is integrated with effective marketing tools to track and manage the reach of every content in one insightful platform.

Features That Make Brightcove a State-of-the-art Video on Demand Platform Provider Include:

* Video & Ad Monetization

Monetize your online continent strategy with ad-supported business added with easy-to-use suite of marketing features like metadata-driven ad insertion & in-built integrations.

* Live Video Streaming

Scale your live streams fully with geographically-distributed cloud architecture. Feel thoroughly confident to live stream your events & monetize them with SSAI technology.

* Analytic Reports

Brightcove lets you to identify actionable behaviours of your audience with real-time video analytics data, viewer-level profile analytics, customer report builder, etc.

* High-end Security

Streaming experts from Brightcove provide strong user access with rigorous security features like IP restriction, URL tokenization, single sign-ons, AES encryption and more..

* Social Media Integration

Reach millions of social communities where all distinctive folks gather organically, by watching your million dollar weighed videos. Ensure with smart publish ranking directly on social platforms.

4. Uscreen - All-in-one VOD Software

Visit Website :

Uscreen is among the most leading on-demand platforms for content creators to upload, distribute and monetize content across any device.

Uscreen platforms are compatible with a wide range of use cases such as Event streaming, Educational, Fitness and much more. The solution is configured with stable distribution and monetization models to sell your content with a diverse set of monetization models.

The video on demand streaming platform has in-built themes to build a stunning video website with templates available within the platform.

The solution has a proven track record of helping Yoga Enthusiast and Guitarists in achieving a revenue benefit up to 162% than physical performance.

Uscreen also provides a white-label solution to host content with your own brand name and take control of the entire content management right from distribution to maintaining under a secure environment.

Uscreen Video on Demand Service Boasts of Multiple Business-Building Features Like:

* Multiple Monetization Formats (Buy, Rent, Sell)

To gain recurring fee facilitate with multiple monetization dias to your potential customers such as Subscription, Pay-Per-View, Freetrails, Bundles, Lifetime, etc

* Scheduled Content Delivery

Delight your users with an organized set of videos through superior and robust video CMS. Make your uploading process with lightning-fast video ingestions smooth & manage them offline too.

* Video Progress Tracking

Track your video performance with built-in analytic tools to uncover your content’s unique viewing qualities. Uscreen lets you analyze your audience's liking and monitor your VODs.

* Customizable Themes

Build a memorable online watching experience with potent platform themes that are particularly designed with your core branding personality to have a polished interface via Uscreen.

* SEO Friendly

The Uscreen ecosystem helps you to optimize your revenue-profit share with in-built marketing tools. These integrations assist you to bring in prospective customers by making your streaming platform SEO-friendly.

5. Muvi - Create Video On Demand Service

Visit Website :

Muvi is a globally acclaimed VOD platform provider that promises to help its customers to build the next Netflix, Hulu, Udemy, TED or any relatable (and popular) VOD platform. And there is enough reason to believe Muvi as it enables video content creators to launch their own Over-the-top video on demand platform instantly without breaking a sweat.

Being a leader in the market, Muvi provides the required infrastructure, CMS, HTML5 based video player and much more essentials to deliver high-quality on demand videos to users.

On the heavier note, Muvi white label vod platform offers quite an effective number of monetization models to reap better profit with each content.

Muvi Helps Develop Media-centric Live and On-demand Video Platforms With Technology Like:

* Video CMS

Muvi provides you with an out-of-the-box CMS kit, no matter what kind of size or length your content carries. Get your entire platform managed across every device from single admin panel.

* CDN Video Delivery

The cloudfront CDN built in Muvi using AWS facilitates your video streaming business with lightening fast video speeds over 42 availability zones within 16 geo regions worldwide, without the trouble of buffering.

* Video Hosting

You can now host, manage & deliver every sort of video/audio files through a comprehensive Muvi server. Standardize your streaming carrier-grade platform with superior user experience.

* Online Video Player

The powerful HTML-based online video player comes with a pack of skinnable interface, suited subtitles, cross-device compatibility & much more for you to monetize your videos effortlessly.

* Video Transcoding

Now streaming capabilities are unlocked at par with inbuilt encoding & transcoding options where you can easily upload video files & stream the same at website or at mobile apps.Also get auto bitrate conversion format facility to 4K, 2K, 1080, 720, & others.

* All Video Formats & Codecs

When it comes to screen resolution versions Muvi flexibly encodes your videos into multiple  formats & codecs such as MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MPEG, etc.

6. Dalet + Ooyala - Best VOD Platform

Visit Website :

Ooyala wants to break the convention that TV belongs to the living room only. The video on demand platform is disrupting the media scene by delivering on demand video content to any device. For businesses it is devising exclusive revenue models that will no longer be reliant on viewership rates alone.

Ooyala with its powerful video platform capabilities can deliver value as an impeccable video management tool that can drive targeted video delivery and consumption through viewership analytics. Ooyala also aids in video playback, syndication, delivery.

Dalet Ooyala Online Video Solution’s Highlight Features Include:

* Video Publishing

With rich content you can now manage, publish & syndicate content that is powerful and easy to use. Create more customer-centric content with extraordinary new insights.

* Video Monetization

Now some of the video monetization options can enhance your creative streaming business to its core such as preroll, midroll & post rolls in ads. Also as publishers you can sync in your ooyala-hosted media via backlot API for you to monetize with Google IMA.

* Live Streaming

Deliver your live streams and VOD with transcoding, packaging,CDN integration easily. Also, syndicate live streams to social media, add clippings from live streams, associate playlist with a channel. With this Ooyala Pulse enables SSAI integration too.

* Actionable Insights

Ooyala provides its assistance for your video promotional operations that are based on real-time performance metrics. Those evaluated insights are processed according to user behaviour data and distribution workflows.  Track every stage of your content supply chain with customized dashboards.

7. Vidizmo - Online Video On Demand Solution

Visit Website :

VIdizmo is an all-in-one video streaming solution that is equipped with video streaming technology. VIDIZMO provides a number of ways to upload and ingest digital media content, and supports a wide variety of file formats for videos, audio, images, documents etc.

On top of all their streaming possibilities, they also offer video on demand streaming opportunities with monetization models to generate better revenue opportunities.

Since it completely supports corporate streaming opportunities, they have a highly scalable content management system to track and deliver corporate videos across the geographical employees.

Highlighted Features To Distribute & Monetize Video Content:

* On-demand HD streaming

In Vidizmo you can stream high-definition on demand videos with closed captions, annotations & attach files. It is used for both external & internal video streaming.

* Branded Media Portal

Now you can use your informative video material with regards to corporate communication, on-boarding programs, or internal VODs, at your own brand-built streaming platform.

* Advanced Analytical Tools

Vidizmo’s video management solution offers a centralized dashboard with video analytics, media analytics, Interactivity reports using quizzes & surveys, federated analytics & lots more.

* Integrate With API & Widget

The powerful API integration of Vidizmo helps you to have complete management of platform users, priceless content, access controls with essential rights, comments, reports, etc.

* Device Compatibility

Seeing the exponential growth of mobile usage or touch-friendly portal devices has better scope to view your content with optimum media formats, flexible bandwidths & auto embed codecs.

8. Vixyvideo - VOD Platform Provider

Visit Website :

Vixy Video is a SaaS-based video on demand platform provider with white-label possibilities for corporate, eLearning and Sports sectors to deliver on demand video over their own branded platform.

The video-on-demand platform is designed with scalable CMS and CDN to manage and distribute video content to the right audience at the right time.

Vixy video’s VoD platform is integrated with faster playback video player and transcoder for effective streaming of content across devices without buffering.

On the lighter part of video on demand platforms, the solution has the potential to integrate payment gateways and analytical tools to track each content effortlessly.

Also, it’s configured with business models such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD and much more to monetize each possible content and generate profitable revenue.

As One of The Front-running Online Video Platform Providers, Vixy Video is Fitted With Awe-inspiring Features Like:

* Real Time Viewership Analytics

Have greater insights about your best performing content by analyzing its user behaviour, conversion ratios. Vixy gives you study inputs like number of views, moment of click aways, etc.

* On The Cloud Video Editing

Vixy offers you with reliable video hosting options on cloud with its seamless infrastructure that you could possess & store directly in multiple formats.

* Device Independent Streaming

You can have your tailored app for target devices and provide a simple, intuitive & seamless experience for users. Also, you can develop it according to adjustable screens.

9. Okast - A Branded VOD Software

Visit Website :

Okast is one of the best online video platform providers who can readily assist you in building the online solution for content originators, movie makers or media administrators.

Folks in the line of video on demand platform service providers can leverage on their branded video streaming platform and unleash the power of content monetization, that captivates high profitability.

Okast facilitates you with all inclusive top VOD streaming solution on all devices, deployment, maintenance and recent updates.

The white label VOD service of Okast helps you to manage video content capitalizing through various revenue streams of monetization, customize your platform using a single interface and boost audience visibility using AI tools.

Okast’s List of Video on Demand Services With Advanced Highlighted Features are as Follows:

* Multi Distribution

The automated streaming solution of Okast gives you a perfect solution of all device compatibility such as desktop, tablet, mobile apps, OTT TV apps, etc.

* Automated Marketing

Increase your targeted audience base using AI-driven tools to enhance algorithms & provide a unique user experience such as gamification, personalized messages to your viewers, etc.

* High-Quality Video Player

Get the best world-class HTML 5 player that supports all types of formats such as VR, 360°, live, etc, and make an easy-to-use intuitive interface with the best video contents.

* Video CMS

Definitely, your curated video contents deserve the best video content management system. Hence use user-friendly CMS that provides you to showcast interactive media along with subtitles.

* Whitelabel Platform

Okast facilitates you to have your own white-labeled platform where you can personalize your domain name, video player. Also, you can customize texts in your curated videos too.

10. Wowza - VOD Streaming Software

Visit Website :

Wowza is one of the best video on demand platform providers who provide the feasibility of streaming high-defined video to almost every compressed device.

Wowza keenly emphasizes at providing free trial streaming service for any kind of VOD solution that is preferable to you. In addition to that, they conventionally facilitate streaming marketers or content owners with guidance through a personalized streaming expert.

Now as content creators or distributors you could generate sustainable revenue models within a series of video-on-demand solutions that are best suited for your business development goals.

They initiate their array of varied video streaming services via Adaptive Playback streaming VOD, pre-recorded multi-compatible video streaming, efficient fetch of VOD content from centralized storage, encrypted content with major DRM platforms, and lots more.

Take a Look at One of the Top-viewed Online Video Solution Provider’s Mind-Boggling Listed Features That Include:

* HTML5 Player

Wowza flexibly provides you with a professional-grade adaptive bitrate HTML5 player that delivers consistent viewing playback & is integrated with automated embed code for producing faster delivery of streams.

* Content Delivery Network

The reliable delivery networks of Wowza unleashes global footprints through live streaming. Without any user intervention streamer experts of Wowza dynamically minimizes first-found issues using smart origin ingestion strategy.

* Encoding Solution

Wowza streaming cloud solution provides your master renditions with the best transcoding streams that are aligned with multiple keyframes & get balanced encoding presets. For that matter, you can also edit or remove renditions using advanced mode.

* Access Control and Security

Wowza streaming engine manager uses top standardized security protocols such as SSL & TLS to establish secure streaming connections. Since these two establish top-valued security it is commonly referred as SSL or TLS handshake.

* Live Event Streaming

You can easily organize your strategic missions critically by embedding live video monitoring with surveillance into every product or service. Implement interactive streaming environments to boost collective engagement such as Esports, Elearning virtual events, etc.

11. MaginePro - VOD Hosting Platform

Visit Website :

It’s a big surprise when we see the future of home cinemas & engaging visual entertainment through Magine Pro video on demand platform providers!

Magine Pro offers one of the pioneer resources that every successful OTT business needs. Now in order to build your own video on demand platform wouldn't take long since, Magine Pro makes sures you would have an end-to-end solution that is tailor made entirely through your brand perspective.

You will get to be surprised with their professional assistance in building a loyal audience, monetizing your live events, VOD content, creating a custom KPI dashboards and much more.

Moreover among distributors, new broadcasters or channel promoters can leverage on one among the well-known monetization models, i.e. advertising streaming services. Here, whether we consider live events, VOD or linear TV channels, the team will securely ingest your content at any location & deliver it on multi compatible devices.

Here are Some of its High Tech White Label Streaming Service Feature List That Can Give You a Complete Package:

* Brand Your Platform

Personalize your video services by branding your business in a customized manner by featuring your logo, thematic brand colours & your splendid content. With the help of Magine Pro console optimize your homepage with various content category listicles.

* Video Monetization Models

Streamline your goldmine of content with extraordinary video monetization models such as SVOD, AVOD & TVOD. Magine Pro’s monetizing plan of actions are supported with popular payment platforms such as Adyen, SpotX & Stripe that can manage your streaming finances online.

* Video Marketing & Analytics

Communicate with your defined audience with most target set campaigns to increase potential engagement via Magine Pro Console. Apart from subscription updates & pay notifications create awareness with your content aided with special promotions casted in web & mobile apps.

* Secure Video Platform

Magine Pro ensures to provide diligent access to only qualified subscribers. Your global content ingestion & distribution is shielded with enforced content rights management. The major protocols used are VPN, Geo-blocking that is applied with restricted content access.

* Multiscreen VOD Platform

The professional video services of Magine Pro provide you with end-to-end scalable streaming architecture. The publishing platform of Magine Pro delivers your secured content such as live streams or curated VODs via multiple devices configured with best compatible standards.

12. VdoCipher - Secure VOD Solution

Visit Website :

VdoCipher provides a complete video hosting solution across several industries like Elearning, media, and digital marketing businesses. They have been serving potential customers across 30+ countries and have been well recognized for their best DRM video support.

VdoCiper assists content owners with best practices of security protocols and has been popular among media broadcasters and Elearning businesses.

Some of its eminent listed features include:

* DRM Encrypted Streaming

Protect your pivotal video content with hollywood approved standardized security protocols using DRM video encryption, Dynamic watermarking, IP or Geo-based restrictions, etc.

* Watermarking to Deter Screen Capture

Now trade-off your precious content with unique watermarked solutions such as secure dynamic URLs, user id, color customization, size of watermarking, and others.

* Amazon AWS Server + CDN

VdoCipher now provides content owners & publishers with Amazon web services based AWS server storage with global cloudfront CDN across 6 continents.

* Smart HTML5 Player

Leverage smart video player with smooth adaptive multi-bitrate playback for competitive enhanced viewer experience. Along with that, you can have playback speed change too.

* APIs & SDKs

Use powerful server APIs, player APIs and interactive Android SDKs that’s integrated with auto video uploads, player embed codes, SDK integration guide to have the best streaming experience.

* Device Compatibility

Worldwide audience awaits with your super-sonic video content that can be configured in desktop, android, iOS native apps using the VOD platform.

Why Do We Like These 12 (VOD) Video On Demand Platform Providers?

Since the growth of on-demand video streaming services is high, the opportunity for content owners and businesses to reap profitable benefits is highly the right time. Before partnering with the right video on demand platform provider, make sure the chosen solution has all the required features, customizations, monetization models to leverage your on-demand business value.

As the market is filled with many VOD platform providers, choosing an enterprise-grade solution provider could yield you trust, technological infrastructure to host on-demand content and reap benefits.

So which one is your preferred choice from the list for building the next Netflix?

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is VOD (Video On Demand) Streaming & How it Works?

VOD (Video on Demand) is a method of delivering content originals created by brands or content owners which are then positioned as top video assets in the shelf of online video content libraries.

Q2. How to Choose the Best VOD Platform Provider?

While you market research for your brand requirements when it comes to on demand video streaming, make sure to have plenty of features, technology capacities, cost & other USPs from your VOD platform provider for you to strategically broadcast your curated VODs. 

Q3. What is the Difference Between VOD vs Live Streaming?

When you get to establish a rapport within a group of audience on a real-time basis you can opt for live streaming. Similarly, when you get to capture planned on-demand content & stream it across online video platforms, the valuable content is facilitated as VOD or video-on-demand.  

Q4. How to Make Money From Video on Demand Platform?

You can have varied revenue-building strategies, to scale growth. Some of them are Advertising-based (AVOD), Pay-Per-View (TVOD or transactional) , Subscription-based (SVOD) video-on-demand monetization models. Also, you can utilize CatchUp TV & SSAI models too. 

Q5. What are the Benefits of White Label VOD Platform?

What if I say that you can own your streaming platform completely? Yes, with a Whitelabel VOD platform you can have numerous streaming features with Monetization models, DRM & Security, Lifetime Platform Ownership. All of these you can get with 100% customization.