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How to Build a Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website like Amazon, Alibaba & Etsy

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I am sure you are wondering how “Magento and ecommerce multivendor marketplace” is even possible? No one a decade ago would have guessed that they can create a multivendor marketplace website using Magento.

Magento is now absolutely capable of building a giant multivendor marketplace website like Amazon, Alibaba & Etsy.

E-commerce sales have made up around 10% of the total U.S. retail sales in the third quarter of 2018.
22 percent of total clothing sales took place online in 2018.
23 percent of online customers declare difficulty getting to a physical store is the major factor for choosing the online purchase.

In this highly competitive era, investing more before knowing about the sale is a big risk. So, there are many options like building a multivendor marketplace in Magento Platform.

It’s fascinating to earn more revenue by building your own marketplace website with phenominal customer and seller features.

Come on, let's start understanding that how to build a completely branded e-commerce marketplace on Magento Platform.

What are the factors required to build an eCommerce website like Amazon or Etsy?

However there is no single solution that could satisfy your requirement and this applies to all those who have a dream of building eCommerce store like Amazon or Etsy.

There are three major factors that determine the best of success for building a brand like Flipkart or Amazon like website:

  • Technologies that serves the backbone of the marketplace
  • Features providing convenience for Admin, Vendors and Customers
  • Perfection at operational level for cent percent order fulfilment

What affects the cost of building an Amazon, Alibaba or Etsy like website?


Magento is one of the world’s best leading platforms to build marketplace website. Though Alibaba and Amazon are not built using Magento, it still remains to be the people’s favourite. Frequent upgrades and rollout of new versions, Magento serves the best business friendly platform till date. Other competitors are BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. There are a lot of companies who can offer readymade marketplace software or do custom eCommerce web development at budget friendly rates.

Cloud Hosting:

In order to build a marketplace website like Alibaba or Amazon, you need a dedicated server hosting that puts more effort on making additional investment. Having a cloud hosting is the best way to manage your hosting requirements as you could configure the cloud, set instances, balance loads and handle much more. Amazon cloud is one such option to go with.

The cost of building an eCommerce website like Amazon and Alibaba also depends on the essential features the website is built with.

Building Branded Multivendor marketplace on Magento

Magento is the most extensively used eCommerce platform by most of the businesses. More than 30% of world’s website runs on Magento 2. Thanks to Magento which has made possible for many startups to initiate their online ecommerce marketplace.

The multivendor marketplace is a website where you have many sellers selling their products under different categories by registering into the multivendor marketplace website.

So, now you are going to know how an Enterprise Company has made it very easy with their own innovation called ZielCommerce - a Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace solution to launch your own marketplace platform with end-to-end features & 100 % customization.

How to build a product marketplace like Amazon, Etsy on Magento?

You can kick start your marketplace business with ZielCommerce easily within 10 days of duration.

ZielCommerce is a ready to launch multivendor marketplace solution comes with fantastic ecommerce themes helps to launch your multivendor marketplace website. Zielcommerce offers the admin a frontend panel for both their users and the vendors.

The primary advantage of acquring this solution is 100% customizable at any end. Comparing with building ecommerce website from scratch or going for any SaaS based ecommerce platform, this has wide range of features and feasiblities of customization.

Why choose Zielcommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution?

  • Robust front end interface - Zielcommerce provides you the store integrity by the most robust front end interface.
  • 100% Customizable - Each vendor can easily customize their storefront. It is fully customizable and it’s compatible with, any themes.
  • Easy Product and Inventory Management - Low maintenance and the sellers can manage everything from their dashboard.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways - It has more than 100 payment gateways enabling the customers globally shop without hassle.
  • Multi Lingual - It supports mutliple languages including RTL, which means that it can translate more than 17+languages for customers worldwide.

Features of ZielCommerce Multivendor marketplace

Because its amazing technology and features, Zielcommerce can solve the launching marketplace platform like Amazon and Alibab. Know about some of its features which makes the marketplace richer to attract the customers.

 Allows multiple product types:

Zielcommerce allows multiple product types to be added by the vendors in the marketplace to sell. It makes your vendors seamless opportunities to sell variable, downloadable, subscription, virtual product, and bookable products.

 User-friendly design:

Zielcommerce has a user-friendly and rich front end dashboard which allows the customers an awesome experience to manage inventories, sales, discounts, orders, etc.

The plugin also permits the vendors to make a professional look out for their business through various templates available.

 Order Management:

Vendors can manage the store on the go since Zielcommerce is mobile friendly. Vendors can view like if an order is processed or pending and they can ship the items to the billing address.

 Reviews and Ratings:

To gain customer trust amidst the competition inside the marketplace, the Zielcommerce marketplace solutions allows the customers to enter their reviews and provide their ratings for the product purchased. This will, in turn, increase the brand value as the customers who come to purchase always trust the ratings and reviews provided by the old customers.

 Global Shipping:

With Zielcommerce, vendors can freely set global shipping for each store to make them hassle free from the calculation of the shipping rates through the front end dashboard.

 Manages SEO:

Zielcommerce marketplace software allows the vendors to manage SEO for their store page to promote their store to have visibility in search engines. Vendors can write SEO meta, permalink, and description from their front end dashboard.

 Integrating social media:

To facilitate the vendors to increase their sales, Zielcommerce provided vendors the option to add their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc into their store profile.

However, the exact cost to creating an eCommerce multivendor marketplace like Amazon or Alibaba is difficult to figure out as it involves multiple factors as mentioned above like technology used, features incorporated and operation level perfections required to build your dream website. 


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