Top 10 Furniture Ecommerce Platforms to Build Ecommerce Website & App by@shailu

Top 10 Furniture Ecommerce Platforms to Build Ecommerce Website & App

The online shopper count is also increasing day by day and it has reached 2.5 billion by the end of 2021. With an effective furniture selling platform, one can easily grab the attention of customers and can get better conversion without losing its personal touch. We have listed the top 10 furniture eCommerce platforms that can easily manage your furniture business. Take your time to go through each platform and analyze them. There are thousands of ready-to-use furniture selling platforms are available. We are here to provide you with the solution to choose wisely.
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Furniture eCommerce platforms are gaining massive attention in recent days. The online shopper count is also increasing day by day and it reached 2.5 billion by the end of 2021.

With an effective furniture selling platform, one can easily grab the attention of customers and can get better conversion without losing its personal touch.

Advanced technologies like AR/ VR have also been included in a few leading furniture eCommerce platforms to give a unique shopping experience.

If you plan to start your own online marketplace for furniture, then you can find multiple online solutions. There are thousands of ready-to-use furniture selling platforms available.

You can be a little confused about selecting the one that suits your business. We are here to provide you with the solution to choose wisely.

Below, we have listed the top 10 furniture eCommerce platforms that can easily manage your furniture business. Take your time to go through each platform and analyze them.

#1. ZielCommerce – 100% Customizable Furniture Ecommerce Platform

 Zielcommerce is a white-labeled furniture marketplace platform that possesses all enterprise-grade features and will facilitate users to escalate their furniture business to a greater level.

This technology-enabled platform is flexible to customize and scalable to expand your business in the future.

Platform Highlights

The design and the interface are very intuitive and you can easily gain the attention of your audience. Global audience can be easily connected with the help of multilingual and multiple currency support. The advanced security features will protect all your users’ data and keeps your platform away from any malware attacks.

Features of this Best eCommerce Platform for Furniture

  • The platform is affordable in price and comes with a one-time payment. Pay once and own the entire source code along with the lifetime license.
  • The multiple payment gateways that are integrated with the platform are well-secured and familiar in the market which will help buyers to use them without hesitation.
  • A dedicated mobile application that runs on both Android and iOS will help you in getting mobile audiences and will increase your revenue.
  • A user-friendly migration is provided with this furniture platform and you can easily transfer your business online without losing any of your data.
  • 24/7 reliable and trustworthy customer support is offered and users can get their doubts cleared whenever needed and gain better assistance.

#2. Drupal – A Device-responsive Furniture Ecommerce Software

Drupal is a well-researched furniture platform that has extensive market knowledge and offers a seamless shopping experience to customers. Users can gain better brand recognition as the platform is completely SEO-friendly and help users get top search engine page ranking.

As the platform is quite affordable, it is highly recommended for any startup or SMEs who seek a budget-friendly platform to start with.

Platform Highlights

The user interface is more attractive and gets more audiences which increases the traffic and results in better conversion. The furntiure ecommerce platform supports genuine shipping and delivery that will delight any customer and will make them stay with the platform for a long period. Better inventory management is offered and will let sellers be aware of their stock in hand and will keep them notified when there is a shortage.

 Features of this furniture eCommerce software

  • The loading speed of this platform is very surprising, it will reduce the bounce rate and will make visitors become your customers easily.
  • The multiple payment options will let customers choose their most convenient payment mode and this will help them in deciding their purchase.
  • Users can have any number of stores and all of them can be handled with the help of this single furniture platform effectively.
  • Sellers and buyers can make use of the order tracking facility and can know the current status of their orders.

#3. Opencart – An SEO-friendly Furniture Store Ecommerce Platform

With a better understanding of the market and its demands, this furniture eCommerce platform is designed with you in mind.

Users can offer a secured payment processing method as all the payment gateways that are integrated are highly secured, and customers can proceed with their transactions without any security threats.

All orders are properly streamlined and without any confusion; they will be delivered on time.

Platform Highlights

Efficient stock management supports sellers to have uninterrupted order processing as the seller will be well-informed regarding all stocks that are in his warehouse. Through the Push notification feature, sellers will receive messages about their stocks periodically and they can plan their orders accordingly. Many seller-centric features like bulk product uploads, better commission slabs, are available that will make sellers to stay with your furniture ecommerce platform and do business for a long time.

 Features of this online ecommerce marketplace for furniture

  • This furniture selling platform is SSL certified, assures better user data security, and can stand against any malware attacks.
  • The device responsive furniture website will attract more mobile audiences and will let them comfortably shop through their mobile phones.
  • The platform offers better customization and users can frame the marketplace so that it will suit their locality and their target audiences.
  • Customers can have social media sharing that will let them share products that they bought or are planning to buy from the platform on their social media pages.

#4. Magento – A Multifaceted Furniture Ecommerce Platform for Retailers

Magento is well-known and is one of the best furniture selling platforms that has a huge community with thousands of active users. New users can get extreme support from this community and can easily manage their platform and get better results.

The cloud-based platform allows users to access them anywhere, anytime. The platform is also scalable and can help users to store huge customer data without any difficulty.

Platform Highlights

Being more user-friendly, anyone can easily handle the entire furniture ecommerce platform without much technical assistance. Users can also get hosting support as the platform has a dedicated hosting server that can help users in launching their marketplace and have better data backup periodically. Any queries can be posted in the dedicated forum where users get instant solutions that will help them in using their marketplace to the core.

Features of this Furniture eCommerce solution

  • Customers can make use of the comparison tool that will help them compare products amongst multiple sellers and can choose the best amongst them.
  • Multiple stores can be synchronized to a single platform and all of the data can be merged into a single database; this will help users to understand their customers more.
  • With a simple checkout page, users can make customers feel more comfortable buying products as they can easily check out without any inquiries.
  • The built-in SEO tools will help users get search engine page ranking, so they may not spend much on marketing and promotion.

#5. Shopify – A Scalable Furniture Online Marketplace Platform

Shopify is one of the most successful furniture selling platforms that has a perfect understanding of customers’ buying behavior. With perfect analysis of market demands, users are assured of better returns with minimum investment.

Any startup can trust the platform as it will offer all the extensive features that are mandatory for any furniture eCommerce platform. The marketplace offers an omnichannel shopping experience to customers.

Platform Highlights

The dedicated mobile application will provide better navigation and accessibility to users. This online furniture marketplace platform assures on-time delivery to customers and it has a perfect order management feature that will help users to have a hassle-free order processing. Proper notification will be sent to sellers and buyers regarding their orders and they can also track them anytime.

Features of this Furniture eCommerce software

  • The platform supports more than 50+ payment gateways and makes payment transactions easy.
  • The SSL-certified furniture marketplace allows users to have a cyber threat-free business, and it can protect users from all DDoS attacks.
  • The mobile responsive furniture website will enhance the shopping experience of each mobile user and will result in better conversions.
  • The invoice is automatically generated once the order is placed, and it's carried out with less human intervention.

#6. Bigcommerce – A Furniture Ecommerce Solution with in-built marketing tools

Bigcommerce is a reliable furniture eCommerce platform that has gained the trust of thousands of users who have set their furniture business in this competitive market.

The marketplace contains an effective content management system that has the ability to grab audiences into the platform and convert them to active customers.

Users can also customize the content to suit their business with the help of the in-built content editor.

Features of this furniture selling platforms

  • The platform is very cost-effective when compared with any leading furniture marketplace and this encourages every startup to try it once.
  • The push notification allows for better communication between the admin of the platform, the sellers, and buyers.
  • There are multiple revenue streams that support the user to have several options to increase their revenue and can have a stable income.
  • The simplified registration process is an added advantage that will let any user group enter the platform and get registered with just a few clicks. 

#7.  3Dcart - A Professional and Well-organized Furniture Store Ecommerce Platform

3Dcart is a great tool to start your furniture business in the online market. You will get numerous support through its multiple features and functionalities and you can instantly launch your platform.

You can compete with your competitors with the technology-based platform and can stand alone in the market with great functions. Users get 24/7 technical support from the dedicated customer support team.

 Features of this online marketplace for furniture

  • The platform has multiple seller-centric features that will help users retain their good-performing sellers, and also supports poor-performing sellers to enhance their sales.
  • The built-in SEO tools will give you an upper hand in all search engines and your brand will be visible to your audience easily in an organic way.
  • The marketplace supports multiple currencies and multiple languages that will help you have a global audience, and you can expand your business without any boundaries.
  • Customers can enjoy the complete modules of the marketplace through the dedicated mobile application that can be used on both Android and iOS.          

#8. Volusion- Best Ecommerce Platform For Furniture

Volusion is a perfect one-stop solution for your online business. You can get transferred from your brick-and-mortar store to an online furniture store through an easy migration process supported by Volusion.

The power-packed features will enhance your revenue and sales, and you can gain more customers and sellers as they can find more dedicated features for themselves.

 Features of this Furniture E-Commerce solution

  • Customers benefit from the real-time order tracking feature as they can know the current status of their orders through the app.
  • The platform can support all business models and inherits multiple revenue streams. This will help users who depend on any business model to profit.
  • More customer-delighting features are available that will make them feel more comfortable staying with your platform.
  • The loyalty and referral programs will help customers earn more while shopping with your furniture eCommerce platform.

#9. Shift4shop - A Conversion-assured Online Marketplace Software For Furniture

Shift4shop assures a seamless shopping experience for each customer who visits the platform. Customers can easily locate their products through advanced search and filtering options.

An effective content management system will give clear descriptions of each product and this will increase the conversion rate. Customers can add multiple products to their cart and can buy all products with a single checkout process.

Payment can be done online as the platform offers multiple payment options.

Features of this furniture eCommerce platform

  • The platform supports social media login, and this will simplify the registration process for users.
  • Sellers can have an unlimited listing and they can make use of bulk product uploads to add huge products to the platform in less time.
  • Sellers can have a commission-based contract with the platform or even a subscription-based contract that will benefit them.
  • The review and rating system will let customers share their thoughts about the product and the service offered by the platform which will help the admin to enhance their performance.

#10. Bigziel - A Feature-rich Furniture Ecommerce Platform

BigZiel is a mobile-optimized furniture eCommerce platform that can get you more traffic and can increase your conversion easily. The in-built marketing tool will support you in promoting and branding your platform without spending much.

With an effective marketing strategy, you can easily acquire more customers and can expect better conversion.

Features of this furniture eCommerce software

  • The multifaceted platform can support you by helping you manage and maintain multiple stores under a single back-end process and can handle all operations with a single platform.
  • The advanced analytics and reports will help users get reports on multiple aspects and will help them identify the needs of their platform.
  • The platform supports more than 60+ payment gateways and most of them are familiar in the market and will get you better conversion.
  • The platform comes with a supporting hosting server and you can get domain support and can have free domain registration for one year. 


Building an effective furniture eCommerce marketplace platform will benefit you as it is very clear that this business has great scope and future. Never be in a hurry in choosing your furniture software.

Spend more time analyzing the platform and checking all features that are supported and even going for the free demo version. Get perfect hands-on experience, and then make your final decision.

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