15+ Best Multi vendor Marketplace Platforms 2022 to Build Your Ecommerce Website & Appsby@shailu
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15+ Best Multi vendor Marketplace Platforms 2022 to Build Your Ecommerce Website & Apps

by shailuApril 24th, 2020
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The main vision of all online sellers is to have a perfect and reliable multi vendor website that is because it is capable of generating high profits and also it can be easily managed. People are getting comfortable in purchasing the products of their need in any online store.
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Every single eCommerce vendor is getting a vision of transforming their business to multi vendor marketplace and planning to sell their products in multiple storefronts. The on-premise eCommerce stores have gained global acceptance and the multi vendor platform is hitting the peak of the digital market.

A wide range of products, mobile-friendly applications, better products and price comparison, 24/7 customer support are the key selling points that attract customers to prefer eCommerce shopping. Many leading multi vendor giants like Amazon, Flipkart, have succeeded and have a separate customer base for their brand.

Why Enterprenures Prefer to Buy Marketplace platform for their Business Use.

  • Scalability: One can easily deploy the marketplace either on cloud or on any reliable premises server that can make the multi vendor platform totally scalable. So entrepreneurs who have the plan of extending your business can consider readymade marketplace software wholeheartedly.
  • Customization: Although the software is already developed, it can be easily customized as per the business needs. So none of the functionalities is impossible with readymade marketplace software.
  • Built-in features: this software will have all the necessary features like shopping carts, payment integration, product filters, marketing tools, etc. This will be useful for any start-ups who don’t have enough knowledge about the E-commerce platform.

Let us Check out Some Other Promising Multi vendor Marketplace Platforms that have Greater Scope and Future in 2022.

1. nopCommerce - One of the Best Multi vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Software

nopCommerce is the most popular free open-source ASP.NET eCommerce platform with its multi-vendor capability out of the box. Due to its numerous useful functionality out-of-the-box, the platform enables store owners to create any type of marketplace.

Platform highlights

Owners of marketplaces may access and keep track of all sales, product, and inventory data provided by vendors using a single dashboard of nopCommerce. At the same time, each vendor can be provided
with administrator panel access to manage their products, review sales reports, and order details regarding their products. Vendors cannot see each other's activities.

Thanks to popular architecture patterns and open-source code, a multi-vendor marketplace may be grown and altered to suit any market trend.

The features of nopCommerce that help to make your multi-vendor marketplace outstanding for all stakeholders

  • Allowance to register an unlimited number of vendors and sell an endless number of SKUs.
  • Bulk import of the shopping catalog, pictures, product attributes, prices, and other categories in .xls format.    
    Ability to grant vendors limited access to the marketplace's admin interface so they can control their inventory and orders as well as examine sales reports, performance statistics, and other
  • Possibility for setting any business logic for price calculation and display (call for price, tier prices for bundle products, setting corporate, volume, product, and any other discounts).
  • Product attributes allow creating as many attributes for your products as you need, such as size and color — each with its own SKU, price, weight, image, stock level, checkout attributes, and much more.
  • The platform supports multiple warehouse features that can be individually configured.
  • Built-in advanced marketing features allow sending automated emails, as well as issuing gift cards, discounts, and coupons.
  • Automatic generation and emailing of accounting and financial documents to your sellers.
  • Support of digital payments via wire transfer, ACH transfer, and other forms that are fully compliant with PCI DSS and all security requirements, as well as various eCommerce shipping requirements and settings.


  • The intuitive navigation and UX design of the admin panel allows non-technicians to make any changes to the website.
  • High performance and 99.99% uptime of nopCommerce achieved by using the latest Microsoft technologies, web farms support, asynchronous methods, and flexible and scalable nopCommerce architecture.
  • The access control list enables clearly distinguished access to different sections of the management dashboard with built-in advanced business reporting and analytics.
  • Automatic generation and emailing of accounting and financial documents to your sellers as well as of all routine processes like abandoned cart and unpaid order reminders, transaction emails, delivery notifications, and a lot more.


  • You may need to purchase and install additional integrations.
  • If you require technical support from the nopCommerce team it is available for $499/3 months and $999/year.

Things to consider when considering nopCommerce

A multi-vendor marketplace that is based on nopCommerce is a multi-language and multi-currency solution with responsive design. All these features enable customers to enter an online store from almost anywhere in the world.

2. Zielcommerce - A Powerful & Ready-to-go Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Zielcommerce is a unique multi vendor marketplace platform that comes with a one time payment and self hosted marketplace software. The software assume all the buyer and seller focused features and also gives high-end flexibility and massive scalability.

Platform Highlights

The exclusive mobile app of this marketplace software will help you to attract more mobile users to your platform and can easily get you greater conversion. Have built this marketplace with an extreme user-interface and flattering UI & UX.

Zielcommerce Multi vendor Platform Comes with Unique Features as Mentioned Below:

  • Zielcommerce is a highly scalable and perfectly secured marketplace platform that gives the high-end market solution.
  • One can easily manage orders, update tracking numbers of the order, update the inventory and many more with Zielcommerce multi vendor platform.
  • Customers can save their products in their cart and can be checked out later at their convenience.
  • Keeping marketing of the business in mind, the software is developed to be SEO-friendly


  • This multi vendor marketplace platform fits to all business models. 100% scalable marketplace software that allows you to expand your business.
  • Well-framed user-interface multi vendor marketplace software.
  • Familiar payment gateways are integrated with this multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Multiple delivery options are given for buyers to select their convenient time-slot for delivery.


  • Meagre improvement is expected in the field of reporting.
  • Being a Self Hosted Platform, ZielCommerce offers standard and customizable solution, On the heavier part, It doesn't offer free-trials.

Thinks to Consider when Considering ZielCommerce Software

This incredible enterprise-grade marketplace platform supports headless commerce which is the most trending eCommerce technology that cannot be offered by most of the multi vendor software. You can try this promising feature and can benefit from affordable pricing.

Explore Zielcommerce Multi vendor Ecommerce Platform

3.    Acenda - An Exceptional Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

Acenda is easy to interact and explore multi vendor marketplace software. The beautifully designed dashboard lets you to analyze your sales and revenue in single click. You can also earn lifetime ownership, once you own the software.

Platform Highlights

Ensure your customers about their privacy is well maintained in this marketplace solution and buyers can rely on the platform in sharing their information. The marketplace extension is perfectly secured with a high-level security protocol that keeps the online multi vendor marketplace platform far away from hackers.

The benefits of Acenda multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Acenda is a cloud e-commerce online multi vendor platform that supports the entrepreneurs to build their web store.
  • Beautifully designed device responsive with extraordinary e-commerce themes.
  • It can help both B2C and B2B users with its features.
  • It is easy to launch and intuitive interface.


  • More attractive seller features that will gain more attention from sellers to join this multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Dedicated seller dashboard to have a clear picture about the seller’s performance along with the marketplace platform.
  • Reliable analytics and metrics along with several reports.


  • No proper assistance from the technical team for freshers to access the marketplace platform.
  • The online multi vendor marketplace platform is quite costly compared to other marketplace platforms.

Things to consider when considering Acenda

Although the marketplace software supports customization, users cannot experience perfect customization and this has to be clarified with the technical team.

Explore Acenda Multi vendor eCommerce Platform

.    Arcadier -a Perfect Multi vendor Marketplace Solution

Arcadier is a genuine multi vendor marketplace platform that is capable of generating high profits and also every user can efficiently manage the software. Arcadier is a perfect choice for users who are planning to go globally.

Platform Highlights

Give your audience an awesome shopping experience with this unified multi vendor software that is completely impeccable. This multi vendor marketplace platform is perfectly flexible and highly scalable to use.

Arcadier has played an outstanding role in the multi vendor marketplace business with its salient features:

  • A perfect vendor portal with real-time editing.
  • Mainly designed to serve agencies and SMEs
  • It has content import/export multi vendor features. And it is enabled with back-end options of the complete control on admin over the sales and all other factors.
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform has shopping cart, Fee/commission management, online Store builder, Category management all at one place.


  • Better custom branding can be gained in this marketplace platform
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform provides greater customer service
  • Easy third-party integration can be done with this multi vendor ecommerce platform.
  • Simple customization that suits your business model.


  • The multi vendor marketplace software is not perfectly device compatible.
  • More attention is needed on payment gateway integration.
  • Doesn’t support several languages.

Things to consider when considering Arcadier

This multi vendor platform offers mobile applications but users need to check with the iOS device before buying the application.

Explore Arcadier Marketplace Software

5. Genstore - A Trustworthhy Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

A complete personalized online store that satisfies all the current online market scenarios. Genstore is quick to launch online multi vendor marketplace software and supports you to run your online store effectively.

Platform Highlights

Understand the market and get acknowledged with this renowned online multi vendor marketplace software. Reach your audience with high pride as you own a great and reliable marketplace platform.

Genstore has become one of the best multi vendor platform because of its additional features:

  •   Genstore has a unique seller dashboard
  •   It also has a robust admin panel.
  •   Freelancer, start-ups, SMEs and Enterprises can get benefited by this online software.
  •   It is perfectly compatible with all devices.
  •   Genstore has its own forum where you can report your queries and doubts.


  • Best mobile-friendly online multi vendor marketplace software.
  • Supports both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Built-in marketing tools to promote the marketplace platform.
  • Unique UI & UX to attract more visitors


  • Not more user-friendly and beginners find it difficult to access the marketplace software.
  • Mobile application of this online multi vendor marketplace platform has many bugs to be fixed
  • Customer support is not up to the mark.

Things to consider when considering Genstore

This eCommerce marketplace solution promises to offer high loading speed but in reality, the loading speed is comparatively low and you need to check the speed of the platform.

Explore Genstore Multi vendor Ecommerce Platform

6. Vivogigs - A Secured Online Marketplace Software

Vivogigs is a customizable multi vendor software and users can keep updating the software according to the market change. You can embrace your customers by providing them the multi vendor marketplace solution.

Platform Highlights

Give your best to your customer with this popular online multi vendor marketplace platform and retain your customers with all the comprehensive features of this marketplace extension. Maximize your returns with the in-built marketing tool that is available in this multi vendor solutions.

Vivo gigs delivers numerous features and proves itself a good multi vendor platform:

  • A perfect entertainer’s online marketplace software.
  • Dedicated platform with all social media integration
  • Data Caching improves the performance of your online web store.
  • Enhanced power search and email notification.
  • Top reviews and rating system and also users are enabled with predefined payment modules, and can customize the payment solution as per the business needs.


  • High quality media files are available that enhances the credibility of this multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • The loading speed of this marketplace platform is high and good.
  • Customers can share their reviews in their social media platforms and can gain more response.


  • Can be more device-friendly.
  • Can have more themes to customize the online marketplace software.
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform doesn’t come with one-time payment.

Things to consider when considering Vivogigs

To maximize your business efficiency, you may need adequate development resources for this multi vendor marketplace perform well.

Explore Vivogigs Ecommerce Marketplace Software

7.    IXXOCart - Well Protected Multi vendor Marketplace Service

IXXO Cart is a perfect business to business trading ecommerce marketplace. This online multi vendor marketplace platform mainly increases the business agility by providing a reliable automated process. 

Platform Highlights

IXXOCART, a well-framed online multi vendor marketplace solution is developed for any type of business model and can get you a genuine audience to your marketplace platform. Stay relaxed and let your marketplace software work on your behalf and get you profit.

IXXO Cart with its marketplace software offers many features to its users

  • IXXOCart is a standalone application that delivers all necessary features that are to be in an E-commerce platform.
  • Create and manage your e-commerce product catalogue at ease.
  • It provides an ideal environment for vendors and also the service providers to sell the products online.
  • Its high performance network always make sure that the B2C marketplace platform is always online.


  • Easy CRM integration that will facilitate your business operations in a better way.
  • 100% customization is available.
  • Easily scalable marketplace platform.
  • No technical knowledge is required to access the online platform.


  • Not many options for revenue generation through this online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Customers cannot give ratings for the products purchased through this marketplace software.

Things to consider when considering IXXO

The marketplace platform has stated that it has numerous features, so, it is better to go for a demo version and check whether all features are available and working well.

Explore IXXOcart Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

8.    CS-Cart - A Reliable Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

CS-Cart rules the digital market and users face a new level of experience in meeting their day to day business operations. CS-Cart is robust online multi vendor ecommerce software with maximum features suited to run your marketplace globally.

Platform Highlights

Gain the attention of your segmented audience through this attractive marketplace extension and make your brand to be easily recognized by all. CS-cart will support you in delivering the products at right time and increases your online marketplace platform’s credibility in a short time.

CS-cart has become a multi vendor marketplace solution by possessing the additional features like:

  • 100% open source and very flexible marketplace software.
  • 80+ payment and shipping built-in services are available
  • It has a convenient content management system and also a pack of marketing tools.
  • It maintains a perfect user experience across multiple devices.


  • Built-in analytics give clear performance aspects of your ongoing business.
  • Better advertising monetization integration with this online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • 24/7 customer support can be availed by customers.


  • This multi vendor marketplace platform needs to be device compatible.
  • For better search engine ranking this marketplace software should be SEO-friendly.
  • There is no demo version available for users to analyze the features of this online multi vendor marketplace software.

Things to consider when considering CS Cart

There is a strict limitation to third-party payment gateways. Only leading payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal can be integrated. Check with the technical team and know whether the ecommerce marketplace platform supports any other third-party payment gateways of your choice.

Explore CS Cart Multi vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

.    Retaxis - a Valuable Online Marketplace Software

Retaxis lets you enjoy the user-friendly web and mobile app through which your customers can buy your products online. Also one of the best VPN service provider You can also be benefited with the preferred payment method of Retaxis. Also, Retaxis supports more than 15 payment gateways.

Platform Highlights

Delight your customers with this never-ending online multi vendor marketplace solution and have complete control on lead generation and maximize your conversion rate effectively. As you focus the major audience your marketplace website traffic will automatically increase and you can expect good returns.

Retaxis has proven itself to be the best multi vendor marketplace platform with its advanced features:

  • Trustworthy readymade online marketplace software for Food, Fashion, Electronics, medicine or accessory industry.
  • Perfectly SEO-friendly and you can easily promote your business.
  • Coupon codes ad in-store promotions adds value to the online multi vendor platform.
  • One can easily manage the COD or prepaid orders effectively.


  • Easy multiple store management
  • Simple inventory control and order management
  • Advanced search and filtering option for better product finding
  • Best revenue model that can easily increase the revenue of the online multi vendor marketplace platform.


  • The loading speed is very low and so the performance is not sufficient.
  • The online marketplace platform need to be more secured.
  • Need to support more languages to gain the attention of global audience.

Things to consider when considering Retaxis

While expanding your business, you may need to enhance your features and the platform charges for the up-gradation of multi vendor marketplace features.

Explore Retaxis Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

.    Oorjit  - A Leading Multi vendor Marketplace platform

The best online multi vendor marketplace platform that has multiple revenue channels. With oorijit, you can grab the attention of multinational audience with its effective content management system and can escalate your sales and revenue.

Platform Highlights

Defeat your competitors with this unbeatable online multi vendor marketplace platform and attract more buyers by using extraordinary marketing strategies. With perfect content that is available in this marketplace software, you can easily grab the attention of buyers.

Outstanding features of the Oorjit multi vendor marketplace scripts:

  • A highly scalable enterprise online E-commerce platform.
  • Its customizable framework supports B2B & B2C business models in an effective manner.
  • Exclusive Deals and Coupons are provided in Oorjit that will surely delight your customers.
  • It has CMS enabled that allows you to create a dynamic website.


  • Unique design that is highly mobile responsive
  • Genuine customer care team to guide us in accessing the online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Very cost-effective and best option for any start-ups


  • Need more attention on analytics and metrics.
  • Expect more languages to be integrated with the marketplace platform.
  • The user-interface could have been more user-friendly

Things to consider when considering OOrjit

The platform offers multilingual support but it seems that very few common languages are supported by the multi vendor eCommerce marketplace.

Explore Oorjit Online Marketplace Software

11.  Volusion - an Incomparable Multi vendor Software Solution

Volusion ecommerce is one of the top online multi vendor marketplace platforms with superb community support. The ecommerce software is perfectly developed by experts. All you need is to spare a few minutes to install the software.

Platform Highlights

Enjoy your business with this fully-automated online multi vendor marketplace platform as you can stay calm and watch your marketplace software functioning most of the operations without your intervention.

The true features of Volusion ecommerce multi vendor platform

  • This multi vendor platform is quick and easy to operate anywhere and anytime.
  • This really has a highly responsive theme.
  • The multi vendor marketplace software has a very resilient user-friendly mobile app that helps you track all the activities.


  • Exceptional security features ensure better safety to end-users.
  • Perfect content management system grabs the attention of wide audience to the online multi vendor ecommerce platform.


  • The online marketplace platform is costly and it is not one-time payment.
  • Need to pay attention in increasing the seller features.
  • There is no offer and discount option to impress customers.

Things to consider when considering Volusion

Installation and marketplace platform setup seem to be difficult. You need to check with the customer support team how far they will support the after sale-service.

Explore Volusion Online Multi vendor Software

12. Yo-Kart – a notable multi vendor marketplace platform

Yo-Kart is one of the popular online multi vendor marketplace software that has gained the attention of the entrepreneurs in recent days. It possesses all the necessary functionalities that are essential for a multi-vendor marketplace solution.

Platform Highlights

Yo-kart provides an excellent shopping experience to its users. This multi vendor marketplace software is available as a mobile app that can get the attraction of mobile users. This online marketplace platform increases the customer engagement and makes your online store more live and active.

The strong features of yo-Kart multi vendor software

  • Highly collaborated with an SEO optimization tool
  • Yo-kart owns a great interface that makes it a unique multi-vendor platform.
  • This multi vendor software has a highly appreciated user experience. 
  • Yo-kart comes with one-year free technical support that delights its customers.


  • In-built marketing tools will let the brand gain higher visibility among the audience.
  • Perfect payment system is integrated with this multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Easy global connect as the marketplace platform has multilingual and multiple currency support.


  • No proper technical support for beginners.
  • Need more focus on buyers and sellers feature.
  • Should add more familiar payment gateways to the marketplace platform.

Things to consider when considering Yokart

The loading speed is high for this multi vendor software and this may affect your business productivity. Check with the live version and know the exact loading speed.

Explore Yokart Multi vendor Marketplace Software

13. X-Cart – An open-source multi vendor marketplace software

X-cart can be useful for both small and medium scale businesses. Through a single shopping cart, the customers can purchase this online multi vendor marketplace platform. Shipping protocols can be set by the site admin that will be helpful to deliver products that are ordered with this multi vendor software.

Platform Highlights

All management operations are done through an automation process that gives the owner of this online multi vendor marketplace software a peace of mind and the admin can focus on the marketing and the promotion part alone. The rest will be taken care of this magnificent marketplace platform.

The true highlights of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Hassle-free accounting and a secured multi vendor solution.
  • Advanced features like promotions, special offers, reporting, and analytics are available in this online multi vendor solution.
  • Experience a handy store management


  • Have a great community to support fresher to access the online multi vendor marketplace platform in a better way.
  • Customers’ rating and review system will give greater satisfaction to customers as they can share their thoughts.
  • Social media logins allow users to utilize the platform in finding out the best product to purchase.


  • No free demo version available. So beginners will not get a clear idea about the online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • The revenue model is not up to satisfactory. The marketplace software can have more revenue options.
  • Need to have bulk product upload that will help sellers to add products easily in the marketplace platform.

Things to consider when considering CS Cart

Most customer-centric features are not up to the satisfaction level. You need to check customers’ reviews and ratings and then decide on buying this multi vendor ecommerce platform.

Explore Cscart Multi vendor Ecommerce Platform

14. Cedcommerce– a full-fledged multi vendor marketplace platform.

Cedcommerce online multi vendor platform transfers the single online store to multiple vendor marketplace. The sellers can have a clean track of their sales and revenue. The product management is simple and easy with cedcommerce multi vendor platforms.

Platform Highlights

Cedcommerce has gained a lot of positive feedback from its users and users find this online multi vendor marketplace software to be the most user-friendly marketplace platform. Through word-of-mouth this multi vendor software has acquired more number of users in a very short time.

The challenging features of this multi vendor marketplace.

  • Fully integrated to handle third party payments and deferred payments
  • No technical skill is required to install this multi-vendor software.
  • Cedcommerce is completely mobile-friend marketplace software.
  • This marketplace platform includes online and 24/7 support.


  • Hassle-free order management facilitates sellers to process the order and ensure prompt delivery.
  • More interesting customer delighting options like offers, discounts are available that will help you in acquiring more new customers.
  • Multiple communication channels are present in this multi vendor marketplace platform that facilitates buyers to have instant communication with sellers.


  • There are many hidden charges are charged when you purchase this online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • The interface is not user-friendly as mentioned. Beginners will find difficult in handling the marketplace software.
  • The multi vendor marketplace platform should have more secured layers to protect buyers information.

Things to consider when considering Cedcommerce

You need to check the multiple communication channels and make sure all channels are functioning well before you purchase the software.

Explore Cedcommerce Multi vendor Ecommerce Software

15. Spreecommerce– an intuitive multi vendor marketplace solution

The spreecommerce multi vendor platform comes with the range of extensions that facilitates the users to have customized features concerning their business needs. The inbuild SEO optimization helps the marketplace software to be easily ranked in search engines.

Platform Highlights

Spreecommerce has given more attention in delighting customers. This will help you to cover your complete target audience group and make them visit your online multi vendor marketplace platform and you can easily retain them with the help of the advanced features of this marketplace solution.

The unbelievable features of this multi vendor solution

  • A reliable dashboard for the sellers and the admin.
  • The commission structure can be fixed by the admin of this online multi vendor software.
  • The customer review system helps to uplift the quality of the service of this multi vendor marketplace solution.


  • Attractive UI and UX, helps to get more visitors to the online multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • Flexible product search facilitates buyers to find the product they search in the marketplace platform.
  • This multi vendor ecommerce platform suits to all business models.


  • The product cost is high comparing to other online marketplace software.
  • The support provided by the technical team is not sufficient for fresher.
  • The device compatibility is not up to our expectation.

Things to consider when considering spreecommerce

The multi vendor marketplace platform is device responsive but still, it is not compatible with tablet display. Check with your tab and then confirm your purchase.

Explore Spreecommerce Multi vendor Marketplace Platform

16. Cocorico – a recognized multi vendor marketplace software.

Cocorico is recognized as a perfect online multi vendor platform by a large community of developers. It provides all specialized features that are highly required by any startups.

Platform Highlights

This online multi vendor marketplace software has its own goodwill in the market as it follows a standard of protocol that will facilitate the user in finding and buying the product easily. Buyers can share their products through social media login features and can get the feedback about the product from their friends. Thus cocorico has gained better support as it has served as a perfect multi vendor solution.

The quality features of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • An eye-catching design and user-friendly admin dashboard
  • This online multi vendor platform offers you to create subscription or membership plans for the vendors.
  • You can add unlimited products and also unlimited vendors.
  • This multi vendor marketplace platform is super flexible and easy to setup.


  • The flexible commission plan facilitates sellers to perform well with the multi vendor marketplace platform.
  • The SEO-friendly marketplace software gets you easy search engine ranking.
  • There is no hidden cost when you purchase this online multi vendor ecommerce platform.


  • Bulk product adding facility is not available in this marketplace software
  • The back-end access of this multi vendor ecommerce platform is not easy and user-friendly.
  • Third-party integration is quite difficult with this marketplace software.

Things to consider when considering cocorico

Although there is no hidden cost mentioned by the provider, some customers have bad experiences. So better go through customer reviews and decide wisely.

17. Storehippo – an excellent multi vendor marketplace platform

Storehippo is a successful B2B marketplace solution that connects every business with its unique features and functionalities. The platform works for several industry verticals. The marketplace offers innovative multi vendor solutions that can satisfy all user groups like admin, vendors, and customers.

Platform Highlights

The customizable marketplace software will allow users to build their own platform that can be a perfect fit for their target audience. Hundreds and themes and layouts are offered to help in creating a new eCommerce store. A better content management system is supported by this multi vendor software and helps to grab the attention of visitors and convert them into customers with less effort.

Features of this multi vendor eCommerce software

  • Inbuilt drag and drop tools support users to build their own platform without any technical support from the software provider.
  • The Easy-to-use interface will let visitors easily access the eCommerce store and will let them stay in your marketplace and will reduce the bounce rate.
  • Effective inventory management systems will let every vendor handle their stock in an efficient way and will never make them go out of stock.
  • Unique admin dashboard will support the admin to have a clear understanding about the business performance and can make necessary changes whenever needed. 
  • The platform is SEO-friendly and will support easy search engine page ranking and will increase the eCommerce website traffic.

Things to consider when considering storehippo

Users need to check the security process that has been followed by storehippo in the process of multi-vendor platform development before buying the software. 

18. 3D cart – challenging multi vendor eCommerce store

3D cart supports expanding your eCommerce platform to an attractive multi-vendor storefront that can gain the attention of multiple vendors and customers. The admin of the platform will get complete control over the platform and can easily monitor all functions and transactions that are carried out within the platform.

Platform highlights

Multiple revenue streams are supported by this multi vendor software and users can be assured of better returns. This marketplace platform can be used for any business model and can fit into any industry. A better market understanding has made the platform stand out in the market. The advanced technologies are implemented while developing the multi vendor store.

Features of this multi vendor marketplace solution

  • A cost-effective platform that comes with a one-time payment option and users can pay once and get the complete source code of the platform.
  • Vendors can have unlimited listings and can expand their business without any restrictions and can expect better conversions.
  • Customers can enjoy using advanced search and filtering options that will take them directly to the product page without wasting their time.
  • Multiple payment options are offered that will facilitate users to pay online and buy products. All payment gateways that are integrated with the platform are secured and familiar.
  • Bulk product upload is an added advantage for every vendor as they can easily add their products in bulk and save time.

Things to consider when considering 3D cart

The revenue streams that are supported by the 3D cart are unclear. We recommend you have a demo or check for their trial version before you purchase this multi vendor ecommerce platform. 

19. Zen kart – a multifaceted eCommerce marketplace

Zen kart is a self-hosted multi-vendor platform that offers better data backup and an easy restore process. The marketplace is 100% scalable and supports your business expansion without losing your customer data. You can utilize the data for future customer analysis and can offer them personalized services.

Platform highlights

A dedicated mobile application is provided to customers and vendors and they can use them and gain a better user experience. The attractive UI & UX of this multi-vendor platform will get you more visitors to your eCommerce store and genuine leads can be expected. The in-built marketing tools can help in branding and promotion without spending much on marketing.

Features of this multi vendor eCommerce platform

  • The mobile-friendly marketplace can attract more mobile audiences to your store and can be used on the smart device.
  • Real-time order tracking is another key aspect that has gained more response from the audience and buyers can easily track their orders and know their current status in real-time.
  • The perfect order management system supports the platform to have hassle-free order delivery and satisfy the major customer group.
  • The easy checkout process will help customers to have a smooth shopping experience and this will get you more referrals.
  • Multiple delivery options will facilitate customers to select their convenient delivery slot and get their orders at their available timings.

Things to consider when considering Zen Cart

This multi vendor marketplace solutions is quite costly when compared to other leading marketplaces. It is good to negotiate the price before you finalize this software.

20. Arcadier - SEO-friendly marketplace solution provider.

Arcadier is a robust multi vendor marketplace builder where users can get a readymade solution for their online business demands. All extensive ecommerce features such as product search, commission management, tax and accounting management, and many more are well-embedded in the platform.

Platform highlights of this marketplace solution provider

A streamlined marketplace comes with a affordable pricing that will be a good start for any startup.

Most funciotns of the platform are automated that willreduce manual errors and will icreae your business productivity. Better security management is followed and all standard security protocols are implemented. This will secure users’ data from all online security threats.

Features of this multi vendor marketplace software builder.

  • Ready made buyers and delivery agents’ app are offered that will simplify the conversion task and will increase the customer base.
  • Individual vendor storefronts are offered that will allow vendors to customize their own store with their products.
  • Multiple revenue channels will be integrated that assures better income generation to all users.
  • SEO tools are provided to optimize the marketplace and make them visible in all search engines.
  • Social media logins are supported and users can instantly login to the platform with their social media credentials.


  • Supports more than 25 currencies and 200+ countries.
  • Best UI and UX are offered.
  • Ultimate customer support.

Best use cases

21 Kreezalids - cloud-based marketplace software provider

Kreezalids builds customized ecommerce marketplace platforms and enables entrepreneurs to scale their online business and support them in reaching their target audience in an effective way. The proper streamlining of all modules will simplify  their business operations and yields better returns.

Platform highlights of this marketplace software provider

Kreezalids offers marketplace platforms that are intuitively designed, device-compatible and also comes with multiple plugins that can be used to enhance the platform functionalities. Users can easily get more traffic as the platform has many built-in traffic generating tools.

A dedicated chat module is integrated with each multi vendor marketplace platform that will allow better communication between buyers and sellers. This will let buyers to clear their doubts about the product and will reduce returns and refunds.

Features of this multi vendor marketplace platform builder

  • 20+ payment gateways are integrated in the platform and supports cross-border operations.
  • API support is provided that can help in extending  the existing functionality of the platform.
  • The platform supports English, Spanish, French, and Danish languages and will help in attracting global audience.
  • Quick access to Google analytics will help users to understand how well their platform and their business is performing in the competitive market.
  • Better user management and listing management are offered that will help admin and sellers to manage their store.


  • In-built digital marketing tool support in online branding.
  • Excellent shipping module management is provided.
  • 14 days free trial is offered.

Best use cases


Looking for ways to succeed, every online seller strives to be aware of all cutting-edge technologies. We hope that you have gained some informative knowledge about the leading readymade online multi vendor marketplace platforms. Personally check for the customer reviews about all the above mentioned platforms and select the perfect one that suits your current business.

To start multi vendor ecommerce website before Choose your multi vendor marketplace platform and start your online store. Finally all you need is to love your work and love your own online web store. Focus on your sales and customer satisfaction and rule the digital market.