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How to Become a Marketing Ninja

by Madiha JamalJanuary 12th, 2020
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The term marketing is synonymous with community building. This is the age of battle for attention. There are too many brands and products that give people ample choices; thus, making the arena of marketing more complex than ever before.

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The term marketing is synonymous with community building. This is the age of battle for attention. There are too many brands and products that give people ample choices; thus, making the arena of marketing more complex than ever before.

Now, you have to fight for building a community of loyal customers so they can spread your voice and tell the world that you are unique. They won’t only choose you; they will love you.

Marketing is like losing weight, you can’t get instant results. You have to follow a strict rule and work on a daily basis. Set your goals, and start working on it. But don’t forget to be consistent because the world is changing rapidly so are the interests of people.

If you want to become a marketing ninja, you need to build a community. But how to do it? Here are some tried and tested options.


A brand is all about representation and relationships. It doubles your product value. It is the way you talk in your website, apps, emails, and social media. Who you are, how you can make a difference in people’s life, and what content do you produce to boom; these things tell a lot about your brand.

Branding strategies involve,

  1. Setting up an identity of your brand via unique logo
  2. Making user friendly website
  3. Crafting killer contents that grasp attention
  4. Telling people why they should consider you
  5. Expanding your reach through social platforms and email marketing.
  6. Building relationships via social communities, and PR sitesGetting in the eyes of influencers. So, in future they will recommend your brand to people.

Growth hacking

It is about understanding the user life cycle. It takes only 5 minutes to make a buying decision. Try to grab your user’s attention in just 5 minutes. Study user life cycle deeply to make them your loyal customers.

The user life cycle involves the following process;

  1. Acquisition (getting people to come to your site)
  2. Activation (getting people to sign up for anything that could lead to repeat a visit)
  3. Retention (getting people to become active)
  4. Revenue (monetizing active users)
  5. Referral (getting users to refer others)

Measure your conversion rates at each step to find out the metrics and know where you need to focus more. Don’t focus on acquisition if your activation rate is 1%.

Identify the best brands and learn from them

If you want your business to sage in the industry, learn from the giants. Watch out what tactics they are using to build a community of loyal customers. How they are selling their products and how they have earned the trust. Analyze all their strategies and copy them in your brand marketing.

Make your brand messaging natural and simple

Do not let your customers think twice what you are trying to say. Remember that a confused mind doesn’t make a purchasing decision. Your job is to make the message clear for your buyers so they don’t have to figure out.

Your brand messaging includes advertising, social media posts, emails, and the content on your site. Make sure your writing should be on 3rd and 4th grade level so that everyone can understand it. You can also use storytelling to sell your product. Do not forget that you are the guide and not the hero of the story. Let your clients and customers be the star of the show.

Don’t forget to implement digital marketing strategies

Today, market has evolved into customer-centric. Now you need to apply data-centric approach to sell your product online. And PPC, SEO & SEM can help you in this matter. Remember that Google algorithms change promptly; so, plan accordingly. Keep up with all the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing. Stay up to date with your blog posts, podcasts, Reddit, and Quora. Maximize your reach through Press release, guest posting or sponsored posts.

Be consistent

Marketing is no joke. You can’t sit and wait for the results. In this competitive era when people have a lot of options, you need to work really hard to be on the limelight. And this requires consistency and daily effort. Try to sell your product every day whenever you get a chance. In a simple conversation with random people, if they ask who you are and what you do, give them your business card without delay. Try to reach users via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Today, many people are using mobile especially teens, target them and spread the word daily in different ways. Don’t try to look promotional, sell your product with a creative twist that looks natural.

The final verdict

No one is born winner; but yes you can use your intellect to thrive in your industry. Becoming a marketing ninja is not difficult if you know the basics and the mind of people. Think like a customer before planning any strategy, and then work on creative marketing ideas to see what's performing well for your audience, and then repeat those ideas. Marketing is all about user’s willingness to buy your product. And it is your duty to make up their mind to purchase. Learn the psychology of selling and purchasing and you will soon be a marketing superstar.

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