How to Back Up Exchange Online Data by@valeryyy
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How to Back Up Exchange Online Data

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Exchange Online Backup: Why and How to Back Up Exchange Online Data In case you’re still in doubt about whether you should back up Exchange Online data, let me lay your doubts to rest. Exchange Online must be backed up if you want to ensure the safety and availability of your organization’s data at any moment. This post explains why you need to back up your organization’s Exchange Online data and shows how to come up with a reliable backup plan. Why Back Up Office 365 Exchange Online? Exchange Online is a multifunctional and safe communication platform for the internal and external interactions of employees. The contribution of the service to workflow optimization is hard to overestimate, which is why organizations use Exchange Online extensively and with all types of data. Therefore, the first and most important reason for any organization to back up Exchange Online mailboxes is the critical status of the data stored in them. Another important fact is that, according to the service agreement, Microsoft is only responsible for the availability of Microsoft 365 services, including Exchange Online. The client data is officially beyond the company’s responsibility. Microsoft does have internal Exchange Online backup policies and additional servers, but those are implemented only to ensure the geographical redundancy of Microsoft’s data and stability of the services.

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