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How the Twitter Homepage has Changed in the Past 10 Years

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Twitter is the world’s most loved microblogging social network. Users interact and post messages known as Tweets. Twitter was created in March 2006 and launched later that year in July. Since then, it has evolved a lot. Today we are going to review the changes and evolution of Twitter homepage design in the last ten years.

Twitter Homepage Changes from 2011 - 2020

Without further adieu, let's get into it.


The first look of the homepage is a bit cluttered. It is not very clean. However, a dedicated and highlighted section for new sign up is acceptable. The homepage also had an option to search trending topics and news. Overall, it was an excellent interactive design, but the direct page sign-in option would have been nice.


In 2012, the homepage was more to the point. It had a direct sign-in option and featured a short sign-up section as well.


Again in 2013, Twitter had a similar approach with sign-in and sign-up. However, the background featured a more human touch. Also, Twitter used words like "care" to encourage empathy.


In 2014, as smartphone usage increased overall, Twitter started marketing platforms other than PCs. It also featured the famous blue color again; however, the sign-up and sign-in features were still straightforward.


In 2015, Twitter focused more on branding itself as a social network, and it showed on the homepage as well. It also featured background images just like in 2013 to introduce the same human element.


In 2016, Twitter introduced a whole new design; it offered a lot more on the home page.

A straightforward sign-up and sign-in were no longer on the page but much news and featured tweets became part of the homepage.


2017 featured a similar design; however, it featured the famous logo in the background. Also, the logo was modified and had a clean vector look.

The company also kept the "Featured Tweets" on the homepage.


2018 featured the best design yet. Twitter introduced a clean, minimalistic look. It highlights the logo and the overall theme of the company beautifully. Also, direct sign-up and sign-in were introduced again.


2019 again featured the same look, only the sign-up and login buttons were introduced in the same theme.


In 2020, Twitter is featuring the same design, and no changes were made.

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We cover the biggest names in tech today and the amazing (and not so amazing) things they're doing.


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