How Slack Helped us Close 100% of the Pipedrive Deals

Nowadays we are living in the era of global automatization where all business processes are to be simplified. Manual work is no longer efficient as it is time-consuming. Therefore automation tools increase business productivity. So, you can focus your invaluable time and attention on other efforts that drive income.

It’s known that the most useful apps for business operations are Slack and Pipedrive. Slack is used for corporate messaging, workflow regulations when Pipedrive is the CRM system which helps manage a client database. We decided to automatize the work process using these two apps and share this information with our readers. Meet our Slack sales assistant which can manage operative teamwork.

But first, let’s discuss what Realomat is aimed at and how we provide our clients with efficient business strategies.

What is Realomat?

At Realomat, we have already found and examined the ways to enlarge revenue and optimize costs. Now we have a valuable solution for you. This system is suitable for small and medium business sales strategists, marketers and agents.

If you want to run your business wisely, Realomat is exactly what you need. Our key benefits are smooth integration of the tools and apps you are using for business management, gathering and prioritizing your clients’ database, and what is more — defining your customer’s emotions.

Let’s check out our recently finished product — Pipedrive integration with the help of a Slack bot. We will also go through its advantages in terms of modern technologies.

Tech Side: How We Managed to Integrate Slack and Pipedrive

The automatization process is based upon Pipedrive Dealboard built-in integration with Slack. We can say for sure that it is not just a tool but the whole CRM discipline. It’s easy to manage Pipedrive notifications with the help of the Slack bot. Let’s examine this process in detail.

Slack Notifications

The process of automatization looks as follows:

Our newly developed application checks Pipedrive users’ productivity and generates messages for a Slack bot based on this information. The special API Keys help identify a definite Slack channel to send messages. First of all, notifications about a Pipedrive user (e.g. a sales assistant) activity get in his/her direct messages so it’s easy to keep track of your unfinished tasks. He/she can choose a specific option with these activities. There are 3 types such deals:

  • “not filled notes” means such notification has not enough information
  • “deal without activities” has no further steps
  • “overdue activity” means that sales assistant didn’t do any action and time run out.

Execution Time

If a sales assistant clicks on the “I’m on a call now” button so he/she has some extra time to complete the task. You can determine the duration of this time delay as well as how many times this button can be pressed.

After ignoring this message several times, it appears in the general channel and becomes visible for all the users. This option helps not miss any deal and easily manage the employee work.

Slack integration with CRM-system is a powerful tool and you can’t imagine how it can help in the daily process life

The key benefits of this assimilation are:

  • decreases the probability of the undone tasks
  • helps the head of the department control the employees and their work
  • improves the quality of communication, therefore, the sales manager doesn’t forget to call the client on time.

As a result, you’ll reach the business revenue by 10%.


Our new development helps organize sales much better and faster, so you will not lose your valuable time. Deals to do are more specific, focused on solving, easy in navigation. Controlling activities at several levels encourages not to miss any notification.

So, using integrations, you will simplify the way to achieve your goals in business.

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