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7 Seeds That Can Boom Your Business in 2019

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2018 is coming to the end and it is the best time to go through recent ideas, which can rock the business in a new 2019. As for today, business runs an endless number of new technologies, economic models, innovative solutions, so we tried to find some new concepts. Let’s start!

We present you a selection of useful seeds, which are really worth your attention and can grow your business in the new year.

1) Happiness Manager

On a job search website, there are not so many matches for the “happiness manager” position, it’s popularity is just picking up. In short, happiness manager — is a person whose responsibility is to create a healthy and friendly work environment based on employee satisfaction. It is believed that happy teams (those in which employees are satisfied with their lives) show the best results in their work and are able to achieve the company’s business goals more effectively. The functional responsibilities of the happiness manager, depending on the size of the company and the candidate’s experience, partly include office management, HR, operations, employer branding.

For example, in a small startup, happiness manager combines the functions mentioned above. And this is a great opportunity for development and influence on the general course and style of the company. The experience that can be obtained in a similar situation is invaluable.

In projects, it is increasingly possible to meet a separate team that deals with the brand of the employer, and sometimes even the team of staff retention.

However, this position can be applied to any person in a company or a team member who wants to bring something new and to improve himself/herself every day.

The work methods of the manager may vary depending on the team, industry, and other characteristics.

But you can start with yourself, as you want to apply to a happiness manager position. For example, create your personal cheer plan where you fill up items with personal desires, needs, likes of each employee. So it will help understand team chores and increase productivity for everyone!

2) Artificial Intelligence in Business

Many brands have already started experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning (for instance, YouTube works quite well on this principle).

The use of chatbots and automation in the workflow significantly increases sales and consumer satisfaction of interacting with the product. In order to win in a tough competition for the love of your audience, brands will have to closely monitor trends and come up with more complex personalization strategies. Marketers will begin using artificial intelligence to understand what content their customers consume. This will better meet their needs. Artificial intelligence is also indispensable when working with large volumes of information when it is necessary to accurately determine the client’s behavioral scenarios by analyzing the collected information.

3) Four-Day Working Week

The Oxford University Said Business School study found out that a four-day week could boost productivity and make people happier. Sales at that time increased, and workers’ absence at work decreased.

The same experiment was conducted by a company in New Zealand. The company allowed its employees to work four days a week and paid them for five days. And what do you think happened? This practice has proven to be successful and they even hope to make those changes permanent.

Jarrod Haar, a professor of human resources at Auckland University of Technology, said that workers reported improvement in the balance of work and personal life by 24 percent and returned to work after the weekend filled with energy.

Take the case of New Zealand, workers said that this change prompted them to find ways to increase their productivity while working in the office. Meetings have been reduced from two hours to 30 minutes, and staff has signaled to their colleagues that they need time to work without distraction.

In addition, except work productivity during working days, workers have a good opportunity to develop themselves (read for example professional literature, attend courses, etc.), be engaged in a favorite hobby, and devote time to their families during this extra day off. So, this always brings a wave of creativity, productivity and full engagement in a four-days working process.

4) The Growth of Voice Interaction

The popularity of voice recognition technology is growing, especially in business. Instead of pushing the buttons or controlling the touch screen, we only say the code word, and the technique executes the command. Thanks to the advancement of this technology, voice searches are increasing.

Why do people choose it? Because for people who are on the road or driving a car it is more comfortable to search using a voice command than type some words. In addition, people can talk faster than type, so it can help perform voice search faster.

In the future, brands will begin writing texts in a style close to conversational in order to optimize their content for search results.

And that’s not all, it has a lot of possibilities for business, especially voice automation. For example, maybe very soon we can use our voices for filing documents, making purchases, or sending messages to our colleagues.

5) Marketing and Sales Automation Developers

Marketing and automation are becoming more and more interconnected.

The task of automation is clear — to perform part of the tasks of marketing, not at the expense of human resources, but with the help of software tools. Accordingly, this trend becomes globalized and requires the professional staff who have knowledge of marketing and automation and even better, who can develop an automated tool for marketing and sales. It can be done by a regular developer of an IT company, can’t it? He/she will be able to do this, but it will take much more time, resources and, accordingly, funds.

That’s why it is becoming popular to hire marketing automation developers! They not only know how to design an effective automated application but have in-depth knowledge in marketing, selection of the right strategies for certain company, effective email campaigns, increasing sales etc.

Such developers will constantly improve sales and marketing workflow for the company. But this is not considered as outsourcing, such people can work outside the workforce and only do a certain job at the company’s request.

But there is another option to hire companies for a long-term that already had experience in marketing sales automation, for example, in startups. They are entirely focused on automation and are constantly improving in this sphere. Accordingly, they have professional marketing automation developers. Such companies can be taken outsourcing.

6) Employee Exchange Program Between Сompanies

Now the companies are trying to cooperate and create friendly competition. Therefore, thanks to such cooperation they complement each other’s shortcomings.

For example, companies create special programs and they may participate just submitting the application. Often this can be organized by some holdings for its companies and workers can sign certain conditions that do not allow them to emigrate to the hosting company in the future. But in most cases, it may not be necessary because it’s probably an opportunity for workers to share and gain valuable experience rather than a chance to change their workplace.

The main purpose of such programs is sharing and developing skills, ideas, working methods and business culture between companies.

This happens in such a way: the employee (from the originating company) visits another company (host) within a few days. These days, he/she will learn from new colleagues different approaches and methods to solve similar problems, but in different cultural contexts.

Such a method leads to improved workflow, continuous development and the most optimal work solutions for each employee. It’s like training your employee in the result of which he/she becomes a valuable professional and an integral part of the team.

7) Augmented and Virtual Reality

VR and AR show how the product will interact with the reality of the consumer. A well-known furniture store IKEA has already taken this tool into service. In a special application, you can examine how this or that piece of furniture will fit in your interior.

In such way, a person virtually “tries on the goods on himself” before purchasing it. Development and implementation of VR and AR is quite a costly initiative. However, according to experts, its efficiency in business completely pays for all expenses.


So, we showed you seven useful ideas that can be implemented in your business. Only you decide what your company or team needs the most, or maybe all the options are suitable for you.

It is clear that the world is constantly moving and doesn’t remain the same and it is necessary to have time to implement new items, improve your business and help employees develop their skills as they are the foundation of the company. By all means, automated solutions will only help ease the work and improve services.

But remember, we’ve described only a few seeds you need to nurture to let your business boom in the future.

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