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How our startup got 1 million TikTok views in one week without going viral

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Biteable is a a web-based platform where you can create professional videos and animations in a matter of minutes

Commit to a consistent posting schedule

TikTok videos live for 90 days. At any point during that time, a video can be pushed to the FYP and gain a ton of viewers. Posting more content = more chances to be pushed to the FYP. There's no specific rule regarding how many TikToks you need to post every day, but it's common to see accounts post upwards of 3x a day.

Don't delete poor performing videos

You might think it's embarrassing to have a video that only got 5 views on your profile, but nobody else will notice. Videos live for 90 days. Biteable's first high-performing video had less than 1000 views a week after it was posted. The following week, it jumped up to 50,000 views in one day.

Use trending sounds

TikTok is known for viral sounds. While scrolling on the FYP, you've probably heard the same 5-10 sounds multiple times. Trending sounds are the easiest way to get your video seen by more people. If the video is you talking to the camera, add a trending sound in the background and turn the volume down to a low level.

If you have a business account, the trending sounds you can use will be limited. As soon as you find a trending sound that's licensed for commercial use, save it!

Use hashtags related to your video

Along with sounds, hashtags are a huge help for content discovery on TikTok. That being said, make sure your hashtags are actually related to your video or account. #fyp, #foryoupage, or any other hashtags related to the FYP won't benefit you, leave them out.

Interact with other accounts

The best way to improve your TikTok performance is to spend time on the app and see what videos are performing well. While you're scrolling, interact with those different accounts, leave comments, follow new users, be social! Biteable has commented on a few viral videos, and the comments have received 10,000+ likes.

Put your own spin on trends

If you're consistently seeing a trend on your FYP, try to brainstorm a few ways you could put your own spin on the trend. Then, share it as soon as possible. Trends are short-lived on TikTok, often rising and falling within a week's time.

Be authentic

TikTok users value authenticity. Videos that feel raw, personal, or show the "behind the scenes" will perform better than a polished, professionally edited video.

Videos that you create for other platforms won't work for TikTok

While that Facebook video might also make a great tweet, chances are it won't fit in on TikTok. Try the make content with TikTok in mind. Incorporate goofy jokes, jump cuts, cool transitions, fun effects, or anything else you've seen on the app.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel

Have a TikTok video that performed well? Recreate it with a slightly different twist. You don't have to constantly think of new video ideas. The first Biteable TikTok that got over 100,000 views was about a Slack status. We recently recreated the video, and it received nearly 700,000 views.

Comment on your own video

This might feel a bit odd, but use the comment section as an extended version of your video/caption. After you post, jump into the comments and ask your audience a question (related to the video). This serves two purposes. One, people will respond to your comment, which increases engagement with that video. Two, think of your first comment as the icebreaker. Being the first comment on a video can feel awkward, so people may keep on scrolling and you've just lost out on an engagement. If you comment, you're breaking the ice and opening the door for interactions.

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by Biteable @elizavmn. Biteable is a a web-based platform where you can create professional videos and animations in a matter of minutesCheck out Biteable


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