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How High-Quality Videos Can Help You to Convert Leads

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Currently, video markets get about 66 percent more qualified leads every year. if you want to sell a product online, you can’t possible ignore numbers like these.

For every marketer, it has become obvious that success is almost unachievable without video content. Videos are interactive and highly engaging, and they can completely redefine the marketing journey for you.

Videos allow you to approach your audience in an effective, highly unique manner. Sadly, a lot of marketers tend to ignore them.

How Videos Help to Concert Audiences

Investing the time and effort required to create a video is a pretty prudent decision for anyone looking to sell a product. So, why is it all important?

Well, it really is all about visualization.

Currently, vision is the dominant type of sense. It is what brings the most memory retention, and it can go a long way in allowing you to keep things in mind. Statistics show that a person will remember about 65 percent of the information that they see in a picture after about three days. For written information, however, you get just 10 percent retention rate after the same period.

Yes, it sounds astonishing. However, it’s true. Video is still the most psychologically-appealing form of advertising, and it can go a long way in bolstering the leads you get.

So, what are the ways that it improves your lead generation?

Video can improve lead numbers

If you can get more money and invest it in bolstering your video marketing, you will get higher leads. Both informed and uninformed customers will see your video as the critical factor in moving down the sales funnel.

For uninformed customers, video can help to introduce your product effectively. For informed buyers, however, it’s all about seeing and appreciating the effort that was put into creating the actual video.

Videos create continuous leads

A video will stay up for a long time. This will allow you to create more constant leads over time. When you have a great product video or a tutorial video online, you can generate interest more constantly.

Also, if you can create a high-quality video, you will be able to promote it more and get even higher lead numbers as the days go by.

Videos could very well be the missing sauce

A lot of the time, you have customers who are just one nudge away from moving along the sales funnel. These people need some convincing, as they might not be so comfortable without buying from you yet — most likely, they’re still unsure.

No matter how many solutions your product brings to issues, there are people who you just won’t be able to convince through word of mouth. Seeing is believing, and these people will need to see the benefit of your product to purchase it.

So, you need a video to educate them on why your product is good and they should get it. all you have to do is follow their purchase patterns and drop videos at the right instance.

Videos help to build anticipation

Even before you design or create a product, you could promotional videos to create fanfare and hype around it. people will want to see this awesome thing that they saw online, and you can throw in an explanatory video to seal the deal.

By using video content, you will essentially shape what you have in mind and share it with the world.

With these points, it’s pretty easy to see how and why videos go beyond just getting hype and receiving attention for your product. A video is a canvas for you to show the uniqueness and strengths of your product, and you can use it to give a prospective customer that final push that they need to move down the sales funnel.

To be fair, there are quite a lot of things that will determine how well your video will be able to draw leads. However, it all starts with having a high-quality, well-edited video available and ready to be rolled out to the public.

Filmora: Your All-in-One Video Editing Tool

Making sales is much easier this way, and you will begin to see results in a short while.

With that in mind, it’s also worth noting one of the most impressive tools that can help you get high-quality videos; Filmora.

Filmora was developed by Wondershare Technology Co. Ltd, a Chinese tech firm. The service has over 50 million downloads, with rave reviews all around. Filmora is available on iOS and Android platforms, and the service allows you to access optimal video editing tools.

With Filmora, you can get a full editor and features like magnetic timeline, music, and effects. The product comes with all the high-level tools you need to edit and create videos, while also reviewing your finished work to see if you want to make any adjustments.

Filmora has impressive text effects, which are properly designed and include animations too. You can make adjustments to text effects as you see fit, thanks to an Advanced Text Edit Tool.

The product also offers music and audio tools that give you access to 22 background songs. With an audio mixer, you can control various aspects of the song to make the right selections.

When you’re done with the project, you can share your output on platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. Output formats include FLV, MP4, MKV, AVI, and MOV

Filmora is available for the cheap price of $44.99 and $59.99 for subscription land permanent licenses respectively on Mac. For Windows, the service costs $39.99 and $59.99 for yearly subscription and subscription licenses.


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