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5 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022

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Videos are a crucial part of a good content marketing strategy. Look at every one of the world’s largest brands. You will realize that they gain the most customers through their videos. However, there is one caveat to video content marketing. Videos require a lot of editing.

It is easy to shoot a video. However, editing that video requires a completely different skill set. The worst part is that most tools used for video editing usually have a significant learning curve. Thankfully, the year is 2022.

Newer software editing tools tend to have simpler user interfaces and use better technologies that make video editing easier. This trend of easy-to-use video editing software has made it easier for every business to have a proper video marketing strategy.

Before you can edit your videos with the BIG video editing software, you need to get started on a smaller scale and understand the basics. There are plenty of video editing tools out there that have a gentler learning curve that is good enough to be used by beginners and new professionals.

Disclaimer*: I am currently employed by Appy Pie as a search manager and thus have a vested interest in the Appy Pie products mentioned in the article. However, this article reflects my unbiased and genuine opinions about every product mentioned in the article.

With that in mind, here is a list of the five best video editing software for beginners in 2022:

  1. Filmora
  2. Adobe Premiere Elements
  3. iMovie
  4. Lightworks
  5. Appy Pie Video Editor

1. Filmora


Filmora is one of the most underrated video editing platforms. For a beginner, it still remains one of the best video editing software you can use. Filmora has over one thousand video templates and a visual editor that is a joy to use. Filmora supports simple animations and features such as motion tracking.

Filmora is good enough that even some professionals swear by it. Filmora also takes UI cues from professional video editing tools and software, which means that when you are ready to switch, your learning curve will be significantly less.

Who should use Filmora?

Filmora is suited for beginners and businesses that need to make videos for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It is also good enough for Vlogs, playthroughs, short-form videos, and simple business videos. Filmora is especially suited for artistic businesses and individuals. Its filters look very pretty, and the final edits come out clean. The transitions and animations within Filmora are very beautiful.


  • Affordable
  • Stunning UI
  • Versatile
  • Support for 4K makes it future proof


  • Misses on some key features that professionals need
  • It still has a good learning curve

2. Adobe Premiere Elements


Adobe Premiere Elements is a stripped-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro is an industry-standard video editing software. However, it is more difficult to use. This is where Premiere Elements comes in.

Premiere Elements simplifies the experience and strips down certain features to create a beginner-friendly alternative to Premiere Pro. The best part about Premiere Elements is that it is not within the Creative Cloud program, meaning you can purchase it separately.

Who should use Premiere Elements?

Premiere Elements is perfect for small businesses and students new to video editing software. The truth is that eventually, most businesses will switch to Premiere Pro once it becomes financially viable.

Adobe’s creative cloud is expensive, but it is one of the best software suites you can get. Until you can afford it, learning and using Premiere Elements will give you a good idea about how its bigger brother Premiere Pro works.


  • Cheaper than the Creative Cloud offering
  • Much easier than Premiere Pro
  • Feature list is impressive for a beginner-oriented software


  • Slow UI can occasionally be a problem
  • Not as powerful as other tools in this list

3. Apple iMovie


Let’s give some love to Apple too. When you purchase a Mac, you get iMovie for free. Although, you do have to pay for the Mac! iMovie is a perfect beginner’s tool.

In normal Apple fashion, iMovie is one of the classiest video editing tools that money can get. In addition, it integrates well with Apple software and hardware. For example, you want to add a music track to your video. Simply integrate with iTunes. You can even Airdrop videos from your iPhone into iMovie.

Who should use iMovie?

iMovie is the tool of choice if you are already a part of the Apple ecosystem. Sure, it lacks certain features, but it has the Apple elegance that Apple users will prefer. In addition, Apple users can later upgrade to Final Cut Pro, which is Apple’s flagship video editing offering.

Thanks to Apple integration, this transformation will be significantly easier. Final Cut Pro is an excellent professional video editing tool used for everything from Youtube videos to even movie editing.


  • Has the “Apple” factor
  • Excellent filters
  • Simple and easy Green screen support
  • Integration with Apple hardware & software


  • Only works on Mac
  • Limited versatility
  • Not exactly suited for businesses

4. Lightworks


Lightworks is hands down one of the best video editing tools that you could learn. Lightworks offers all the features you could need from a video editing software in its free version. Sure it has paid subscriptions, but those are for professional use by businesses.

It offers one of the best editing experiences, however, it has a significant learning curve. It makes this list is because the Lightworks community forum can make it extremely easy to learn and use.

Who should use Lightworks?

Lightworks is suited for businesses and beginners who generally involve themselves in cinematic video editing. Lightworks is used professionally by movie editors simply because it offers certain benefits over other video editing software.

It is very adept for movie formats and can take all sorts of video inputs. In addition, once you learn enough, you won’t need to upgrade to a different software but rather just purchase the higher end version which unlocks additional professional features used by industry leaders and professionals. Lightworks is for beginners that want to stick to one tool.


  • Excellent community forum
  • Special custom filters can be found on the forum
  • Futureproof option Complete video editing tool


  • Free version has 720p output resolution in 2021
  • More difficult than other tools
  • Unique approach to video editing

5. Appy Pie Video Editor


Appy Pie video editor is a unique take on a video editing software. The problem with video editing software is that they often are usually bulky and need to be installed to use. With short-form video becoming the new standard on the Internet, the other video editing tools aren’t suited for this task.

Appy Pie Video Editor is a completely online video edition tool created to edit videos within minutes. It offers a set of basic tools perfect for short-form and youtube length videos(10 mins).

Who should use Appy Pie Video Editor?

Appy Pie’s Video Editor is for everyone. From the marketer getting ready for a campaign to the influencer that needs to create a quick vlog. Its simplicity is perfect for people who are looking for a basic video editor. Being completely online, you don’t need to download software.

Simply upload your video and start editing. Appy Pie offers an intuitive modern editing interface that anyone will be at home with. In fact, even certain professionals use Video Editor when they need to edit a video quickly.


  • Simple to use
  • Free and safe
  • Offers the most essential features you need
  • Video templates and filters are fun to use


  • Very basic
  • Not good for cinematic video editing

Summing Up

Video editing is an important aspect of video making. For someone looking to start editing, these five tools are perfect in 2022. Most of them are very affordable but every single one has its own use case and is catered to a different consumer. Based on what your end goal is, choose the video editor that fits your needs. Good Luck!

Disclaimer*: I am currently employed by Appy Pie as a search manager and thus have a vested interest in the Appy Pie products mentioned in the article. However, this article reflects my unbiased and genuine opinions about every product mentioned in the article.

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by Aasif Khan @aasif-khan.Writing about Mobile Application, Website, NFT, Crypto & PWA, Development and SEO, Marketing, Analytics etc.
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