How To Defeat The New World Order by@Atkins

How To Defeat The New World Order

January 19th 2020 16,769 reads
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How To Defeat The New World Order: Who's responsible for it, and what YOU can do about it. It's very real, but misunderstood, and very misunderstood. Some of the "selfish" groups are indeed part of a tyranny, although some see themselves more as frontiers of mankind, rather than evil. The reality is that real conspiracies and real tyrannies do exist, considering it's just in the lion's nature, and I consider conspirators and conspirators to be conspirators.
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The reality of the New World Order, who's really responsible for it, and what YOU can do about it.

Wake up, Neo. Okay so the title is bound to attract your attention. After all, hackers are typically "anti-establishment". And you're here, so you're interested in how to defeat the New World Order.

Firstly, let's consider what the New World Order is. According to Wikipedia, it is a "conspiracy theory". I'm not interested in conspiracy "theories". However, I am interested in conspiracy "facts". And no, I'm not endorsing Wikipedia - I find it is just as prone to mistakes and bias as any individual.

Conspiracy Theories Vs Facts

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you that our governments are conspiring against you, and that there are alien bases on the moon. Or that the Illuminati are conspiring with reptilian aliens to control us. It may be the case, who knows? It is easy to say something is fact, but backing it up with verifiable information is a different matter.

So I'm not going to presume to tell you I know the truth about everything. Like anyone, I have my own opinions and personal viewpoints. Just about the only thing we can say is a fact, is our own personal beliefs.

Having made that clear: I believe it's reasonable to say super-wealthy individuals and groups probably want to maintain their wealth and power. And I think it's safe to say that some of them don't particularly care about your well-being, but still need you to think they care, in order to succeed with their agenda. Most readers here would probably be educated enough to know at least our financial system has problems that benefit bankers more than us. Hence the buzz around decentralization, and projects such as Bitcoin.

I'm not going to tell you about the merits of Bitcoin and decentralization, or how some of the super wealthy elite are manipulating mankind. This article is about correctly assigning blame, and what YOU can do to help beat the New World Order.

Is the New World Order Real?

There's ample evidence indicating the New World Order is a both a plan, and collection of groups - each with varying interests and agendas. It's very real, but misunderstood.

George Bush's speeches about the New World Order:


Some of the groups have good intentions, and some have very selfish interests. Some have morals, and some couldn't care less for your welfare. It should be no surprise that some wealthy groups don't care about us, and seek only to expand their power by any means. It doesn't mean they're all psychopaths, or part of a Satanic cult.

Some of the "selfish" groups are indeed part of a tyranny, although some see themselves more as frontiers of mankind, rather than evil. Besides, "evil" is a "point of view".

There's ample credible information that indicates what I've said above is accurate. There are so many different levels to everything, and I can't fit everything in one page, so do your own research.

Even the back of the US$1 bill has "New World Order" written in Latin on it. The literal translation is "new order of the ages", which basically means the same thing. Proof is everywhere. You just need to look.

Nevertheless, who they are is not important. What's important is that real conspiracies and real tyrannies do exist. They have existed at every point in human history. But even more important is who's really responsible.

Who's Responsible For Tyranny?

It's extremely easy to blame the state of the world on the bankers, oil tycoons, or some of the many powerful elite. The reality is we are all to blame. You, and me.

Do you blame a lion for eating a zebra? Why should you, considering it's just in the lion's nature? Real conspiracies do exist, and I consider the conspirators to be much like any predator. They will do as they will. Laws are man-made. They aren't part of nature. Of course though, they recognize that if they are caught, it will likely lead to severe consequences. But I don't think that's their primary thought.

My point is instead of blaming external forces for the state of the world, we easily forget we collectively are responsible. Yes, we're in this together. So unfortunately, the decisions of others will affect you too - no matter how dimwitted they are.

I'll give one example: an activist may protest against child labor. But they will gladly purchase discounted clothing, made by children. After all, it's cheaper.

It is very easy to point the finger, without considering the mistakes you make. I certainly won't point the finger either. I still purchase products with plastic wrapping, because it's convenient. I understand it's hazardous to the environment. But I still buy it, because it's convenient. I'm still striving to make changes to better practice what I preach.

Start taking notice of everything you do during the day, and specifically how it's part of the problem. I'm not at all a religious person. But Jesus Christ, assuming he was real, is reported to have said "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone".

In modern terms, he said "stop thinking your shit don't stink too". Am I allowed to say "shit" here? I'm hoping the admins don't particularly give a shit.

So What's The Answer?

In my experience, people generally don't change unless they are forced to change - i.e. unless they have no better choice, that they're aware of. If we are gradually destroying this planet, it is bound to become uninhabitable. Maybe not in our lifetime, but certainly some time in the future. And in my opinion, rightfully so. If we don't respect the planet, perhaps we don't deserve to live here. What we are doing globally is somewhat like defecating ("shitting") in our own house. But if we don't need to smell or see it, then we don't really take notice.

Okay so while I'm preaching here, again I acknowledge I make the same mistakes just about everyone else makes. And if I'm aware of it, and you are aware of it, but we still aren't changing, then what can we do?

Firstly, stop blaming others. Stop blaming the bankers, the politicians and whoever. You are in control. You make your own choices. You decide what you do and don't buy.

I'm far from perfect. But I've at least stopped blaming others. So I'm way past focusing on "conspiracies". Sure, there are real conspiracies throughout the world. Wealthy people seeking to preserve their power is nothing new. Such conspiracies will perhaps always exist.

So here's what I believe will lead to the changes we need:

Stop Pointing Your Finger.

Blaming others for our own problems will never resolve anything. Consider how you're contributing to the problem. The more people stop blaming others, the more they'll focus on the real problem - themselves.

What greater diversion than making people blame someone else. Anyone else. Even the Boogeyman. Just as long as people don't see they themselves are responsible, and hold all the cards.

See Through The Illusion of Power.

The system is only strong because of the illusion of power. Because of deception.

But it's a house of cards. It's the few against the many. We have the numbers. We're fighting a man behind the curtain.

Use Independent Social Media and Search Engines.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are not supporting your interests. There are better options like: You'll find the results are as accurate as Google, when you need them to be. But also uncensored. Google has been systematically censoring "inconvenient" search results. This is done mostly by giving greater exposure to information that fits the agenda - while pushing the "inconvenient" information way down the page. It's a decentralized social media platform, like Facebook. If your friends wont leave Facebook, then have an account on both Minds and Facebook. As more people see the bias and censorship on Facebook, decentralized and unbiased platforms will grow in popularity.

Start Using Cryptocurrencies.

If you don't like your bank or the existing financial system, move to another financial institution. It's easier said than done though, because the monetary system is a closed-loop. So start using cryptocurrencies where practical. That's a whole other story though because in my view, they aren't quite ready for everyday use. But certainly you can use them for many Internet purchases.

Importantly I am not endorsing Bitcoin. I personally believe for Bitcoin to succeed, it will need some important changes. Namely, better privacy, faster transactions, and better decentralization.

This is because Bitcoin transactions are not private. They're actually a privacy nightmare, because the blockchain reveals who trades with who. Full transaction history combined with ISP Metadata reveals everything, including your identity. It's like publishing your tax paperwork online. Moreover, it isn't properly decentralized because the "miners" are the new bankers.

I expect cryptocurrencies are the future. But I don't believe any existing cryptocurrency has fully solved all the issues required for mainstream adoption.

If everyone accepted only cryptocurrencies, and rejected government monopoly with fiat currencies and unlimited "money printing", we'd be in far greater control of our lives.

Educate Yourself and Others.

Don't be a conspiracy nutcase. Yes, real conspiracies exist. But don't promote theories that are based on wild unsubstantiated claims. You'll discredit the real conspiracies.


Is the Earth flat? I doubt it, but who cares if it's flat, oblong, a square or whatever? Why should it change anything? How about we stick to more "Earthly" matters, and focus on what actually matters?

If you want to educate people, explain irrefutable facts such as how money is created, how inflation works, and how it's like a hidden tax that keeps bankers wealthy, and us at a disadvantage. Beware though, you aren't going to be the life of the party, if all you talk about is conspiracies. So if you really want to get through to people, explain it in a way they can relate to.

For example, consider "Bob" who works hard as a plumber. Half of his earnings go to the tax man. But why is the governments wasting billions on overseas projects that offer no benefit to us here? I'm not suggesting every country neglects aid to other countries, where it is needed. But there's a limit. I'd love to get into that topic, on another day.

On some level, most people will agree "something isn't right". After all, who still likes or trusts politicians? But people usually don't know what they can do about it. That's where articles like this can help.

Question Everything.

If you're the type of person who believes everything they read, you probably wouldn't be on Hackernoon. Stop relying on mainstream media. And stop relying on conspiracy websites for news. Consider a broader range of information to be informed.

And if you question everything, you won't be so easily misled. Verify what you are told, for yourself. Don't rely on hearsay. Often you have limited means of verifying information. For example, you can't see everything for yourself in the world. So you need to use good judgement, and a variety of information sources.

You can control a pet goat quite easily. It does much what it's told to do. You can even control a herd of goats quite easily; clap your hands, make some noise, create some fear, and the herd will do as you please.

You might occasionally get one goat that does it's own thing. It's a bit of a nuisance, but you can still deal with it.

But if more than a few goats start doing their own thing, you've got problems. You wont have the resources to maintain control.

Let's put this into perspective, assuming you're a tyrannical government. You could raise taxes in attempt to finance the control. But it will only lead to greater anger, and more "goats who do their own thing".

And this is how tyrants can lose control.

If you question everything, and resist where possible (without putting yourself into serious legal trouble), you'll put strain on the "system". Remember, it doesn't take every goat to be disobedient to create a serious problem for the system.


Never Rely On Violence!

For the love of god, for Pete's sake and all that stuff, never rely on violence. It is potentially the worst thing you can do. Why? Because it gives tyrants a perfect excuse to use greater force, and populations will more readily accept it to "keep them safe". Use of violence by dissenting citizens is like a gift for tyrants.

This is perhaps something "terrorists" need to keep in mind. I'm not talking about people who form a militia to protect their home country from invasion. I'm talking about people who strap a bomb to themselves and kill innocent people, and call this "justice".

The Globalists Fund Protest Groups. Why?

Wealthy billionaires often fund protest groups. One example is George Soros, who funds a variety of groups, such as "Black Lives Matter". Do you think it's because he give a shit about black people?

If George Soros cared about black people, why isn't he doing anything to change the financial system that enslaves them? Why isn't he funding campaigns that promote love and understanding, instead of "taking to the streets"?

Certainly, black lives matter. All lives matter. And racism must not be tolerated. But funding protests that often become violent doesn't solve problems - it creates problems. Maybe that's the point.

There's also ample evidence indicating that some protesters are paid agitators. These are people who are literally paid to cause trouble at protests. Why? If it's to progress an agenda, it's DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Understand Protest is Passive Submission, and Mostly Ineffective. There Are Better Ways.

We all like to be heard. Protests may be the most common "tool" of dissenting citizens, although they achieve very little.

In my view, protests are like saying "We are angry, we can't do anything ourselves, so we'll make some noise and hope someone hears and does something."

Do you really expect help from the people you're complaining about?

Another problem is in a peaceful protest, it only takes one angry "kid" to throw a bottle at police. Or it might only take a few "paid agitators" to cause trouble - then suddenly an otherwise peaceful protest is considered "violent".

But protests are a very passive and ineffective way to fix problems if the government is particularly oppressive. For example, consider the protests in Hong Kong. The politicians wont back down, so the police wont back down, and the citizens wont back down. It's a recipe for disaster. Now imagine if these same citizens, instead of taking to the streets, they all collectively stopped supporting, and started "starving" the system with their decisions.

Protests have their place. They at least draw media attention to a cause. But to most uninformed people watching TV, protests look like a rabble of loud people, complaining again about "something or other". Most people are too preoccupied with their own lives to care.

Again there are much better ways to create change than occupying streets and holding signs. Instead of making noise and asking others to do something, focus on taking action yourself. There is never nothing you can do yourself. If you believe otherwise, you need think outside the box. Be creative.

I'm not saying protests don't have a place, because they certainly do. I'm saying they should not be heavily relied on to create change.

Respect Law Enforcement. They are People, Just Like You.

Yes, the police force of any corrupt government is the right arm of corruption. And if it's the reality of your country, fight against oppression. But again not with violence. If your reactions are violent, it's another step towards martial law and absolute control. There are ways to "starve" corrupt establishments; forcing them to comply with the will of citizens. This is with your actions and decisions. And with educating others to do the same.

In my view, the only time violence is justified is if you are in immediate or imminent physical danger. Hence why killing someone in "self-defense" isn't a criminal act.

There's a great deal of anger directed at police, as if they are to blame for everything. Indeed history has proven there are often corrupt police officers. But the majority of them are ordinary people, just like you. They joined the police force to protect people. Yes you'll get the occasional officer who joined to be a bully. But don't put them in the same boat as the typical police officer.

The thing that's particularly frustrating is police officers are often uneducated on the laws they are enforcing. This makes them a major part of the problem. One example is they may help evict an honest and struggling family for failing to pay their mortgage (kids and all), but do nothing to arrest bankers for the "fraudulent but legal" bank loan in the first place.

Police may argue it's not their job to decide the laws. They are just enforcing laws and following orders. Does it mean they're mindless drones, enforcing the will of the few, against the will of the many?

"Just following orders" is an argument that doesn't work for war criminals. So it shouldn't work for the police under corrupt governments.

Even if police failed to ever see the tyrannically laws they enforce, corrupt governments would still be starved once enough of the population stopped supporting the system. How many police officers would work for free, with an unsustainable wage, or to enforce laws that a good portion of the population don't support? It may not be the complete solution, but certainly education is a big part of it.

If you're a police officer of a tyrannical government, start by not being a police officer. How do you know if the government is tyrannical? Well a good clue is when the streets are flooded with protesting citizens, and the government who is supposed to serve those citizens don't comply with the will of those citizens. Remember who you are supposed to protect and serve. If the law doesn't reflect the will of the people, don't be a police officer anymore. What will you do for employment? Figure it out. Just don't be the right hand of tyrants.

Understand Government Is Overall a GOOD Thing.

Governments manage and provide services. For example, roads. It's basically "outsourcing". Or would you prefer to build roads yourself?

The majority of government staff just do their job, and try to do the right thing. Only the minority focuses on self-interests - although many of them are in powerful places to pass laws for the rest of the government to follow. But don't blindly blame corruption on the "entire government".

I don't believe we should abolish government. But clearly the government needs overhauling in many areas so that their actions accurately reflect the will of the people they are supposedly serving - as it is supposed to be. Furthermore, there needs to be complete transparency and better measures to prevent corruption, and passing laws that lead back to tyranny.

Even just a few changes can make an incredibly positive difference. For example, abolishment of the Federal Reserve and "quantitative easing" (how banks make money from nothing, which essentially secretly steals from us).

The main things the system needs are:

1. Complete transparency and accountability. At the moment, governments can get away with "misplacing" trillions, whereas ordinary citizens would be jailed for fraud. There must be publicly available details of every cent spent, and exactly which individuals authorized it. An "authority" that oversees cases of corruption isn't good enough, because that too can become corrupt. The oversight needs to be "open source".

Every discussion must be open, and not behind closed doors. As the surveillance state says to us: "If they're not doing anything wrong, they have nothing to hide". The difference here is what we do in our private homes is only our business, provided we aren't harming others. In government, every decision affects others. So we have every right to know exactly what is going on. There are some exceptions though, but there must be careful oversight of what's being hidden in the name of "national security".

“People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” ― Alan Moore, V For Vendetta

2. Policies that accurately reflect the will of the people. Currently, politicians can deviously pass laws without the public's knowledge. And even if laws are extremely unpopular, they can still pass them.

Mostly, we the people are not being represented as we should. Take for example the Hong Kong protests. It has become civil war, because the government is ignoring the will of the people they're supposed to represent.

The Hong Kong protests became civil war because enough people finally saw they had been lied to. They saw they never had the control they were told they had.
The same thing is happening throughout the World. But not enough people have seen, or are prepared to stand their ground. Yet.

Put Things Into Perspective!

One of the hot topics right now is equal rights for homosexuals. My view on this is certainly they deserve equal rights. I couldn't care less what people do behind closed doors or who people love, providing it doesn't infringe of my free will, or that of others. So why should it bother me? And yes, issues like this deserve attention. There are lots of worthwhile causes, and problems in our society. But you know, there are much, much bigger and more important things going on. And they rightfully should be priority topics. It doesn't mean we neglect other issues.

If you're a minority such as a homosexual, yes I sympathize with your situation. But should you really care who does or doesn't recognize your marriage? I understand that's not the only issue. But if I were personally in your position, I wouldn't care at all. If I couldn't legally marry my girlfriend but wanted to get married, I would still marry her - with or without the bit of paperwork. Since when was love and living together about a piece of paper?

My point is there are many worthwhile causes. But put them into perspective.

Follow Your Gut. It's Never, Never Wrong.

Any normal adult instinctively knows when something isn't quite right. But we are often so conditioned into accepting the reality we're shown since birth. So we easily dismiss our feelings.

Feelings are never right or wrong. They are whatever they are.

At our core we are social beings. By nature, humans are good. Most of us try to do the right thing, with sincere compassion. Even trained soldiers feel remorse for killing an "enemy". They understand the logic of war. But still in their hearts they feel it was wrong.

But we all have a darker side. We all have capacity for hate. It mostly comes from fear. Like fear of harm. Or scarcity, like lack of food and resources - real or imagined.

In the case of tyrannical governments, most of us feel something isn't right.

"What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." - Morpheus, The Matrix

Support and Demand Technology Development.

Technology makes us more self-sufficient, so we don't need to work as hard. It makes us less-reliant on money. Keep in mind that money is how populations are controlled. Fooling us into believing we need more than we do, is another way.

Ask yourself, what do you really "need"? Food grows from the ground. Water falls from the sky. The sun gives all the energy we need. Relatively simple technology provides the rest. We don't "need" all that much. Sure we can have our toys and creature comforts too, but should that really require a life of debt and slavery?

We went to the moon, in 1969. Do you really think we don't have the technology to make something like housing affordable, so we don't have a lifetime of debt?

Already we have technology for almost "free energy" and electricity generation. Consider solar panels and wind turbines. The problem isn't electricity generation. The problem is mostly the storage of the energy, so you can use it on-demand. There are many viable solutions though, like Hydrogen gas storage (from electrolysis and solar electricity).

Considering the technology we have on this planet, why are we all still driving around with combustion engines that were developed around 100 years ago? Why does it cost about $500,000 and a lifetime of debt, just to put a roof over our heads? It isn't primarily that certain technologies are suppressed. It is that if technologies aren't profitable, they aren't supported by industries. Why would an energy company be interested in developing technology that would put them out of business?

This leaves "backyard inventors" to do the important work and developing. But they lack funding. More about their work, and how you can help, is something for another article.

Move Past "Anger". It Isn't Constructive.

It's very easy and natural to be angry. Let yourself be angry, but don't hold this emotion. It will burn your energy. And it will distract you from doing what you need.

Remember, don't hate the lion for eating the zebra. Just do what you need to protect yourself from the lion.

If all you ever do is think about what they are doing, and how evil they are, you're wasting your time and energy. The reality is when controversial issues are in our faces, they prefer you to focus on anger because it distracts you from actions that make a difference. Distraction is one of their primary weapons.

Probably the biggest mistake made by "conspiracy websites" is they focus primarily on anger and what they (the tyrants) are doing - instead of how everyone can fix the problem.

Don't Let FEAR Control You.

This is a big one. If you impulsively react from fear, you'll give up liberties for protection. Fear is a tyrant's primary weapon.

One example is if there was a pandemic, the mortality rates could be artificially inflated to make the disease seem deadly. For example, disease test kits could be inaccurate, making it seem like many people are infected. Deaths could be wrongfully blamed on disease, and so on. It would be easy for a tyrant, who need only create a few "official policies".

Instinctively, many people will then give up liberties for "perceived protection", without thinking of long-term implications.

"It's basic dog psychology, if you scare them and get them peeing down their leg, they submit." - Bodhi, Point Break, 1991

Another great quote from Bodhi:

“It was never about money for us it was about us against the system. That system that kills the human spirit. We stand for something to those dead souls inching along the freeways in their metal coffins. We show them that the human spirit is still alive”

Fight For Freedom With Land You Own.

Websites like and are examples.

You can work your entire life just to "own" a small part of land. But even then, you can't do whatever you want with it. You can't even build an eco-friendly off-the-grid home, and live in peace with a vegetable garden, without paying another bill. It would literally be illegal. And making it legal is not realistically viable for any normal family.

So we become trapped in a system, where harmful choices are easier. This isn't necessarily a conspiracy though. Mostly we've just let bureaucracy take control.

Everything we need starts from land. Our food, water, and space to exist. Land has been the subject of countless wars. But the modern fight for land rights involves bureaucratic red-tape, land-tax and nonsense.

There's no shortage of land. Earth is not over-populated. Take a good look at all the vacant green land on Google maps.

If everyone could do whatever they want with their land, too many people would be irresponsible. So reasonable regulations should exist. But the government has excessive control over land you own.

The solution? Let the directly affected community itself decide what developments on land are reasonable. We are capable of regulating ourselves. Law enforcement need only enforce the will of the community, not the will of bureaucrats.

It's easier to get a job and life-long mortgage, than to live peacefully in an off-the-grid eco-friendly house. This is a sign of a backwards society.

Existing house designs have an enormous carbon footprint. They are expensive and keep us in debt. And they are crammed into compact cities called "surburbs". This increases the cost of land, requiring us to needlessly work harder. Suddenly, even ancient mud-brick homes seem like a better option. But with our modern technology, of course we can do better.

Before changing global finances, our rights with our own land needs addressing. Because then we wouldn't have such a need for money.

Become As Self-Sufficient As Possible

Start small. You don't need to go "off the grid". Start with a small vegetable patch, like a "survival garden". You can even "survive" off a small block of land.

Share food you grow with your neighbors. Work with them to share resources.

Protect The Rights Of Others

Support others to protect their rights, even if they don't directly affect you.

Everyone has issues that are important to them. But most of us only care about our rights. We are all weaker with this attitude.

Imagine if you actively supported people with issues important to them. And they did the same for you. Together you would be much harder to ignore, and would achieve more.

An example is signing a petition to support a justified cause, even if it doesn't affect you. There's plenty you can do to help others. But help them because you recognize they need help - not because you want something in return.

Demand Independent Studies of 5G and Wireless Radiation

5G is being rolled out very quickly, as if were a matter of urgency. And it's being done without proper independent testing. The frequencies used by 5G are also used in weaponry. Do we really want it permeating our bodies 24/7?

I'm not saying 5G is intended to be a "radiation weapon". But considering that energetic vibrations even from music can change moods and influence emotion, it's possible. I don't expect the public knows about all available technology (not even close). But I think it's more likely the 5G network is about "The Internet Of Things", to expand global surveillance and "big data collection". Why? For totalitarian control.

Improving how we share information between each other is a good thing, IF:

1. It is physically safe. But without proper independent studies, we don't know. Maybe it's safe, maybe not. We need proper independent testing.

2. Proper privacy measures are taken to prevent a monopoly and abuse of private data. As it is now, the footprints you leave across Google, Twitter and Facebook can tell others a lot about you - including your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, what's happening in your life, your political views, your associates, and where you go. Anyone merely having this information about us is too risky. If it's not regulated, abuse is inevitable.

You can't even use some radio devices at home. It's illegal. But we're supposed to accept being blasted with potentially harmful radiation 24/7? I don't think so.

Educate Others. Share This Information.

Truth is a weapon. The Internet is a medium. Your mouse is a trigger.

There's no bigger threat to tyrants than a well-informed citizen, who understands their own power, and freely communicates with others like them.

If you agree with my views, don't just nod your head, close the browser and move on. Share the story with others. Don't just share it. Start making changes in how you live and think. Encourage others to do the same. Realize you aren't helpless. Tyrants rely on you thinking you are small, insignificant, and can't do much.

Even if you don't know anyone or have friends, you as one person can make a significant difference with everyday decisions you make.


The problem isn't the wealthy elite. It isn't corrupt governments or bankers. It isn't the shape of the Earth. The problem is you, and me.

We are supporting a "system", without knowing we're supporting it. Most of us are aware of the problems, but have no idea what to do. Now perhaps you'll know a little better, and start making changes to become part of the solution. Start by making a list of things YOU can do. Ask yourself, are you doing enough? Are you part of the problem, or the solution?

The "system" isn't as powerful as we've been led to believe. It is a house of cards. It relies on the illusion of power. The real power is with us. And once enough of us see it, the change is inevitable. It relies on us giving our power over, but not understanding it.

Now that you understand YOU are the problem, stop blaming the tyrants. Stop blaming the Illuminati or whoever. Stop blaming inter-dimensional moon reptilian aliens. Blame yourself. Then you can start changing what you need. If you don't know where to start, share what you know - any way you can. Remember a well-informed population that thinks for themselves is a tyrant's worst nightmare.

An Example of What ONE Person Can Do

One person is all it takes to create an entire forest. Imagine what ten people could do. Imagine what a few thousand, or hundreds of thousands of people could do - if they just woke up, and understood what they're capable of. Then instead of complaining about things, or blaming others, they took action themselves.

You could be one of these "awakened" people. It doesn't take everyone to stand together. It only takes enough of us. And instead of focusing on what separates us, focus on what we have in common.

"Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal." - John F. Kennedy

So What About Aliens, UFOs, Reptilians and All That Stuff?

I've never seen them, so I don't know for sure. I can only speculate. Considering the expanse of the universe, we are unlikely to be the only intelligent beings around.

With that being the case, it is entirely possible that particular species have sought to exploit us. We do it ourselves with animals. But believing and knowing are quite different.

Although you might find the topic interesting, it's not as relevant as you'd think. If they and secret societies were real, they aren't responsible. You are. We all are.

Here I'll stick to what I know, for a fact. And that is who I am, and the World I see around me. That is all each of us need to know, for now. Because when you know who you are, you become yourself. You see the World for what it is. You lose your fear, and live with passion. You know the truth inside you, and aren't so easily misled. You know right from wrong, to stand for what you know.

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