COVID-19 Alert: Your Freedom is Being Threatened With Digital ID & Immunity Cards by@Atkins

COVID-19 Alert: Your Freedom is Being Threatened With Digital ID & Immunity Cards

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Soon you may need a digital ID to prove immunity to COVID-19, from vaccination or previous infection. And if you don't have your ID, you may not be allowed anywhere in public. This includes the supermarket, your workplace, pharmacies, restaurants, public parks and more.

"Papers, please" . . . It sounds a bit like permanent martial law, right? That's because it would be, except it's not being called that. You might consider this nightmare to be unrealistic. But WHO would have thought the World would be in lock-down? Yet here we are.

What may be next is more concerning. It appears we're heading for permanent restrictions. Yes, permanent.

Many people following the developments of the New World Order would say they knew it was coming. Whistleblowers warned us. Skeptics might argue it's coincidental.


Whether or not COVID-19 is from bat soup, or is a biological weapon, is something we may never know. Let's hold back on theories, until we know. More importantly, this crisis is being used to push agendas leading to a tyrannical global government. No, it's not far-fetched. Since when haven't kings or wealthy people sought to expand their power? The only thing different today is it's more covert. More people are aware of it than ever before.

At the very least, there are big holes in the official narratives that need questioning.

Never before have I seen such clumsy data. And never before has accurate data been so important.

How The Story Is Unfolding

Let's look at some of the recent developments:

1. 80% of people with COVID-19 have little or no symptoms. You could be infected, and not even know.

The World Health Organisation claims 80% of with COVID-19 are asymptomatic. According to them, you might be a walking, talking, deadly, infectious killer - without any idea you're silently killing people. You ought to be locked up. Or would you rather take innocent lives?

2. The Coronavirus Death Rates are likely greatly exaggerated.

The CDC instructed hospitals to list COVID-19 as the "cause of death", even if they assume it contributed to death. That's a serious problem, because people could already be dying of anything, and still COVID-19 would be blamed. Is this the time for clumsy reporting? Forgive me for asking, but aren't the statistics likely harmful "fake news"?

3. The COVID-19 tests have seriously questionable accuracy, with potentially 80% false positives.

Previous reports indicate the false-positive rate was 80%. This means from 1,000,000 positive test results, 800,000 aren't actually infected. Of the remaining 200,000 who are infected, most wouldn't even know. Think about that.

4. Claims are surfacing that some people may become RE-INFECTED, even after recovery.

We're only seeing initial reports of this. I expect it will be a more prominent issue soon. So this may not be something that will merely pass, like a seasonal flu. Coronavirus may be here to stay.

Basically we're being told:

"Don't go anywhere or you'll kill people. Even if you feel fine, you may be an infected time-bomb."
"Nevermind the 80% false-positive test results. Anyone who dies from anything, even after a false positive result, will be added to the scary death toll."
"Even if you were infected and recovered, you might become re-infected."

Wait, it gets better. We've already been told by the banks:

"Let's get rid of cash, or you might get infected. All money should be digital in banks. So forget stashing your hard-earned cash under your bed."
"We're also printing trillions of dollars (digital, of course). To help you. So any wealth you have now will be worth even less. It's inflation, not us."
"Nevermind us making money from thin-air, via fractional reserve banking. We'll just purchase the debt bonds with your money, and money we created from thin air. It only means we'll own the debt, the World, and you. At no risk to us. We may as well charge you transaction fees too."
"While we're at it, if we somehow lose money from investing your money (and the money we created), we'll cover the losses by stealing directly from your accounts with new bail-in laws. We know you didn't like "bail-out" laws, so we'll call them "bail-in" laws instead. Lolz."

My question is "ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?"

The banks use fancy yet vague terms ("politician words"), so the real intentions aren't clear. It makes their policies seem more legit. But when you interpret their language, you understand it's legal theft. If you want to know how laws like "bail-in" really work, ask the people of Greece. They had funds stolen from their accounts. And despite their protests, nothing changed.

The Greeks didn't see it coming. And neither do most of us, but it's law now, in many nations. It's probably coming our way, and it just might be blamed on things like a pandemic. Keep in mind they want us to believe institutions that make billions from thin air go broke.

Either there are some serious conspiracies going on here, or the people we've let run this world are incompetent morons. I don't think they're morons. We're the ones who let it get this far.

And I don't think these are just "bad policies". It's deliberate.

The policies are so insanely bad for us, that most people reading them for the first time would think I'm insane. Research, thoroughly.

I'm guessing here's what we'll be told soon:

"Get vaccinated, and get your digital ID to prove immunity. Without it, you're on permanent lock-down. You wont be allowed anywhere in public - or to do anything outside your house - until you comply. You are being tracked. It's for everyone's safety. You don't want to kill innocent people, do you?
And eventually, you can use your digital ID to make payments. It's super-convenient and secure."

Is this really about saving lives, or something else?

Is COVID-19 as Serious as We're Told?

You only need half a brain to understand the ramifications of false positive test results, and how deaths are attributed to COVID-19. Still though, considering everything combined, I believe COVID-19 is a real threat. But I don't believe it is a significantly bigger threat than a common flu. It is too early to say for sure, and we're not being given accurate information.

Based on the data publicly available, and the hospital reporting policies explained above, we can see that something isn't right.

Now we're being pushed into a corner, where centralized organizations are given power to control every part of our lives.

Centralized power is never, never a good thing. Because it gives a few people the power to affect many people. Do you want others making decisions for you? I sure don't.

We've taken a good step forward by developing decentralized applications and currencies, like Bitcoin. Because many of us now understand why power must be decentralized, and back in the hands of "we the people". Is it really a good idea to head back towards centralization?

Already half of the World's wealth is controlled by 1% of the population. And with the Coronavirus restrictions bankrupting many small and medium sized business, the gap between rich and poor is expanding. Making super-wealthy people even wealthier is not a good thing. Coronavirus is better than 10 Christmases for the 1%.

We must be very careful about laws and regulations forced upon us, in the name of health and safety. We must be very careful about who "profiteers" from this.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. - Benjamin Franklin

Google and Apple's Phone Updates Will Track Everywhere You Go, and Who You Associate With

Consistent with with digital surveillance network, Google and Apple are collaborating to track where you go, who you associate with, and when. Initially it will be a voluntary app, and later part of the iPhone and Android operating systems. The idea is supposedly to track who we've been in contact with, to track the spread of infections.

And that's all it might be, for now. It might actually be quite useful. The problem is what it may develop into, and how it might be abused, later.

The "abuses" are limitless. "Big data" is a lot of knowledge. And knowledge is power. It can be used in ways most people can't fathom.

After 911, "emergency laws" eroded national freedoms. It was supposed to be temporary, but they're still here. Laws in many nations were also changed, to allow greater digital surveillance, in the name of national security - at the expense of risking tyranny.

Whether or not tyranny already exists is one matter. Another matter is the potential for tyranny. It's a bit like putting a loaded gun to your head, and saying "I'm safe because my finger is not on the trigger."

What Happens Next?

If COVID-19 is everything the World Health Organisation says, and hundreds of millions could die, how could we argue? Maybe that's the point.

Let's assume they're being honest about everything. Considering we've maimed the entire world based on their questionable statistics and advice, there are some major questions they need to answer. Perhaps we should be asking more questions. Considering their recent questionable behavior and competence, its no surprise why Trump wants to de-fund them, and focus on alternate sources.

Now let's assume it's possible they're part of a tyrannical plan for a New World Order. It may seem implausible to some. But any reasonable mind would concede it's at least possible. So shouldn't we have thorough and independent studies, before handing over the keys to to the World?

Remember, I'm not specifically talking about whether or not these additional powers will be abused. I'm saying should we really hold a loaded gun to our heads, and claim we're safe because our finger isn't on the trigger? Do we really need to put ourselves in this position?

The few already control the entire monetary system. They get to make money from thin air. We need to work hard for it, then lose half of it to taxes. See the Federal Reserve's own explanation, but carefully consider the absurd implications and power it gives them.

If my predictions are right, and we have digital IDs and surveillance forced upon us in the name of "safety and security", I have little doubt it will be abused - as it has before. If we don't learn from history, we'll repeat history.

What Should We Do?

For now we don't have enough data to properly assess the threat of COVID-19. So far, the accuracy of the data is seriously questionable. But I believe these are our best options:

1. Demand a broader range of independent studies.

Put pressure on media, senators and elected officials to demand attention to independent studies, instead of focusing on advice from any central authority.

We must not rely on any central authority, like the World Health Organisation. It's not just about whether or not they can be trusted, although that's one point considering their obvious mistakes like supporting China's re-opening of wet markets after blaming COVID-19 and previous diseases on it.

It's more about never putting all our eggs in one basket, especially with matters that affect the whole planet.

And if after conclusive studies are completed, and consensus is achieved, each individual territory should decide (based on the will of the people) their next steps.

2. Refuse proposals that give us temporary safety, at the cost of liberty.

The exception is if there is a very clear consensus that it is absolutely necessary. But even if it were, there needs to be a very clear "exit strategy", outlining plans A, B, C, D, and so on.

Ultimately we just don't know enough about COVID-19 to make any decision like permanent restrictions, or immunity IDs. We must very carefully scrutinize all data we're fed, rather than presume it to be accurate. Rushing into decisions, especially those that relinquish liberties, will likely be more costly than the disease itself.

Most of all, we must become independent. This means stop relying on governments or any central power to provide for us. I'm talking about decentralized money, food security, community-focused supply chains etc. These matters go way beyond a virus. If you'd like to know more about what you can do, see my article about how to defeat the new world order.

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by Little White Horse @Atkins.Life-loving tech geek, wide-eyed and electrified. And suitably qualified.
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