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Coronavirus COVID-19 666 Mark of The Beast Bible Prophecy, Vaccinations & Cryptocurrency

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The COVID 666 "mark of the beast" prophecy is either real, or powerful people are playing a very sick joke. Read this carefully. You probably wont believe some of it, until you verify it yourself.

Firstly, I'm not religious. I'm not a conspiracy "theorist" either. I believe in reason and verifiable fact. And previously when I read references to religion, I closed the page. Because I'm only interested in what I can see and prove for myself. I'm explaining this so you understand I'm unbiased. And I don't wear tin-foil hats. I'm just someone with a brain, sharing part of what I've found.

Carefully consider everything here. I know it's lots to read, but take your time. Then even if you're a hardcore atheist, you'll probably want another look at the bible.

COVID-19 in numerology = 36, or three 6's (666). We'll come back to that later (see more detail on how COVID-19 Numerology is calculated)

But first, let's start with some basic information you can verify for yourself on websites from the US Government, the CDC, and World Health Organization:

The COVID-19 Mortality Rates Appear Greatly Exaggerated

Consider this:

1. 80% of people with COVID-19 have few or no symptoms. You could be infected, and not even know.

The World Health Organisation claims 80% of with COVID-19 are asymptomatic. Strange, for a super-deadly virus, right?

2. The CDC instructed hospitals to list COVID-19 as the "cause of death", even if they assume it merely "contributed" to death.

The same instructions have been given to hospitals throughout the world. It's a serious problem, because even death from "old age" would be blamed on COVID-19. Don't they know lots of people die every day regardless?

3. The COVID-19 tests may have around 80% false positives. The National Institutes of Health ( reported this.

So from 1,000,000 tested people, about 800,000 may not be infected. Then of the 200,000 people who are infected, 80% of them probably wouldn't even know because they'd have no symptoms.

4. Hospitals are paid $13,000 for each Covid-19 patient they treat, and $39,000 if the patient is on a ventilator.

Firstly, hospitals are businesses too. Secondly, now we know ventilators may actually contribute to deaths. So not only do hospitals have financial incentive to diagnose COVID-19 (even after death), but also they have financial incentive to put patients at increased risk of death. Is this wise?

On top of all that, do some research and you'll find many other cases showing seriously questionable reporting of COVID cases and deaths.

Do the math. Can you see a problem with the above points, and the likelihood the Coronavirus mortality rates may be appalling inaccurate?

Seriously, stop and think about the implications of such potentially bad statistical analysis. I mean we have closed the planet because of this data.

News Reporters Recorded Discussing Government Studies That Indicate Coronavirus is No Deadlier Than The Flu

They didn't know the mic was on. They didn't know they were being recorded. Listen to the recorded conversation where they reveal they've been reporting "fake news" (backup link with additional comments).

According to Snopes (a self-professed fact-checking organization), the reporters were "probably just joking between friends". But that's with reference to the use of the word "hoax". Well, I'd say Snopes were themselves being MISLEADING. Watch the video for yourself. Make up your own mind. Listen to their voices and reactions. Clearly they were serious about the data and real mortality rates. Snopes focused on discrediting the use of the word "hoax".

Snopes' conclusion: "In sum, the viral video truly shows an informal exchange between Roberts and Mills in which Mills joked that COVID-19 was a hoax. While this video was shared as if it featured a “bombshell” revelation, it really just showed an off-the-cuff exchange between two friends."

Umm, the "bombshell" is the INFORMATION itself, not some "informal exchange" between colleagues. Shouldn't the focus be the mortality rate, instead of the reporter's use of the word "hoax"? Shouldn't the focus also be the difference between what these reporters now know, and what they are still reporting? I'd love to pull apart Snopes further, but time is limited.

The flu kills people every day. Smoking and heart disease kills far more, but where are the TRILLIONS spent on fighting these? The global response to COVID-19 never quite seemed to be about "saving lives". Much like "Operation Iraqi Freedom" never seemed to be about Iraqi freedom.

Since the beginning, I've believed the mainstream news have irresponsibly hyped up the threat of COVID-19. Isn't the definition of terrorism "creating fear to push an agenda"?

If Coronavirus is truly deadly, then we must take appropriate steps. But knowing the best action depends on ACCURATE data, which most people aren't hearing. Because it's being CENSORED by tech giants like Youtube, Google and Facebook. Isn't censorship of such vital information unethical and criminal?

Considering the wider range of data, Coronavirus appears about as dangerous as the typical flu. And besides, if it was about saving lives, why not isolate only the vulnerable, instead of destroying people's lives - and entire economies?

The whole lockdown may cause a higher death rate than Coronavirus. At the very least, it has probably caused long-term damage to the World, without justifiable cause. The apparent solution has become the real problem.

Some people dismiss the claims about the statistics as a "conspiracy theory". It's so easy to point a finger and say "it's another damn tin-foil hat conspiracy". It's just what anyone would say, if they wanted you to look away. My response to that is everyone should LOOK AT THE DATA themselves. Or should we be ignorant of it?

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." - Albert Einstein

When it comes to the data, I'm not talking about conspiracy theory. At this point, there is no talk of conspiracy. I'm talking about what the data actually says. Can anyone consider the above data, and methods of recording deaths, and truly believe there wouldn't be an inevitable problem with official mortality rates? Since when was raw data a conspiracy?

Even a Goat, Vehicle Oil and FRUIT Test Positive For Coronavirus

The Tanzanian government suspended its laboratory head after the president's secret actions proved Coronavirus tests were inaccurate.

"The president secretly had animals, fruits and vehicle oil tested at the laboratory. A papaya, a quail and a goat tested positive to Coronavirus."

This is just another example. The Coronavirus infection and mortality rates appear so inaccurate that it's either intentional, or so clumsily inaccurate that many people should go to jail. It could also be that COVID-19 tests detect something that's already very common (and safe) in living things.

Nevertheless, "official policies" and "clumsy death statistics" don't appear to be a mistake. And whistle-blowers are being censored.

The virus itself is real. The main difference between Coronavirus and a bad seasonal flu is COVID-19 spreads faster. But it nowhere near justifies lockdown, which causes far more damage. There is appalling misinformation from "authorities", and censorship of whistleblowers.

Doctors CENSORED By Youtube For Questioning The Statistics

Why wouldn't we want to hear what doctors have to say? These are doctors actually treating COVID-19 patients. See what Tucker Carlson has to say about the censorship. You can also see censored the video here.

See the whole video. Where's the harmful information? They are doctors questioning statistics, and revealing the latest statistics.

Even more doctors are speaking out (see another video). How many more think the same thing, but don't have the balls to speak out?

Nurses are also speaking out, despite the threat of criminal charges and losing their jobs. Since when was telling the truth illegal?

Does 5G Cause COVID-19?

When David Icke claimed Coronavirus may be caused by 5G, I thought his theories had just gone too far. That is until I read research published by, which states:

In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

NIH has now removed (censored) the article, but it's available for download here. A screenshot is below:

Do I think 5G has caused Coronavirus? Well, I didn't. Now I see it can be done. But I'm not sure if it actually has been done in this case. It would certainly explain the peculiar rush to roll out the 5G network.

For now at least, I believe it's more important to consider what's happening right now. That includes the clearly inaccurate reporting, which makes the virus seem worse than it is. And this leads to the unjustified response from our leaders.

The Incoming Immunity ID ("Certificate of Vaccination"), Digital Surveillance, and Cashless Society

I've known that particular organizations have long sought a cashless society, greater digital surveillance, and control over our lives. It is pushed under the guise of "helpful technology". It is being done SLOWLY, so we get accustomed to it.

COVID-19 is the perfect crisis (real or imagined) to push a variety of agendas - whether good or bad.

Technology like a "microchip implant" may solve various problems in our society. Like for example, the insurmountable problem of forgetting your wallet. So microchips may seem like a good idea. The problem is it puts us deeper into a system where we have less control over our own lives. When is that a good thing for us? And because the changes are gradual, we wont even notice.

For example, consider the monetary system. It puts us in debt to bankers. There's no mistake. There's irrefutable proof the monetary system is a "legal scam". But if you're looking for something simple, consider this:

USA Public Debt Increase

It's massive, and climbing. It's a complicated system, and the wealth is funneled to people who are already super-wealthy. Because the system is rigged to favor bankers. It looks to me our governments aren't doing a great job. Again it's either criminal incompetence, or deliberate. I don't believe it's mere incompetence.

See how money is created - you wont believe it. Basically banks make money from nothing. You may think they loan you money they or their customers own. No. The vast majority of money they loan didn't exist, until you applied for the loan.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Imagine if YOU loaned people money you just "made up". Then if people lost their job and couldn't pay you, you could just steal their house. Kick the family out, who cares. And that's just what banks do. It's lose-lose for us, and win-win for them.

It takes time to understand how it really works, because it's hard to understand how something comes from nothing, and where the "wealth" goes (to bankers). Especially as you've been led to believe money is real value.

How is money related to Coronavirus? The lockdowns have caused financial hardships. Actually it's only the start. And I believe we'll be presented with "solutions" that seem to solve the financial problems (and issues related to health), but are in-fact a trojan horse.

The Dragon In the Bible (The "serpent")

Again I'm not religious at all. But here are some eerie coincidences . . .

"Revelation" is the end of the Bible, supposedly explaining the part when Satan is defeated. But before he's defeated, the Bible explains what he does, in attempt to control the world.

Basically the Bible explains Satan will deceive the world into accepting a tyranny, with him at the head.

First, here's the Bible's introduction of the "beast":

"Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads."

Ok, so there's something to do with a "red dragon", and "crowns". Sounds like blah-blah talk, right?

FYI, the red dragon has strong symbology in China. But it's a "positive" symbol in the Chinese culture. And "corona" means "crown".

The "dragon" appears to be "Satan" in the bible, because the Bible says this:

"The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him."

So far, it isn't much to go on. The meanings are too vague. And I'm not at all suggesting China is Satan. The Bible often uses extremely vague symbology, which isn't particularly scientific. But let's dig deeper. Stay with me . . .

The 666 Prophecy in the Bible, and Mark Of The Beast

Here's where it gets rather specific. The Bible states that the dragon (aka "Satan") created a mark in his name. Here's what it says about the mark:

"It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name."
"Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666."

Ok so now we have a reference to the mark of 666, and not being able to buy or sell without it. But the number of a man being 666? Now that's odd. Anyway, let's continue . . .

For years, "conspiracy theorists" have speculated that "secret societies" are pushing for cashless society, and microchipping people to secure their control over us. Already they control the global financial system. Money makes the World go around, right? We are all ruled by money. Try living without it.

"Conspiracy theorists" claimed the "mark of the beast" would be like a barcode, or a digital identification. Did you know barcodes have 6 at the beginning, middle and end?

Ok, so it could all be coincidence. So far. Even the roulette wheel is called the devil's wheel because all numbers add to 666. So there are lots of potential coincidences.

But here's something that might be a little too eerie . . .

Bill Gate's Biologically-integrated Cryptocurrency Patent, With 666

Have a look at Microsoft's US Patent # WO 2020 060606: CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. It's the framework of a global financial system - for buying and selling - using technology integrated with the human body. Read the patent carefully.

What are the chances of ANY patent having THREE PROMINENT SIXES? Slim, but it happens.

What are the chances of a patent with THREE PROMINENT SIXES having to do with "buying and selling" AND being biologically embedded? Very, very unlikely - because we have three variables (the 6's, the technology being patented relating to trade, and being biologically embedded).

Now what are the chances that this patent is being released right when Coronavirus is happening, and there's a strong push towards cashless society, and contact tracing apps for Apple's iphones and Google's Android?

Now what are the chances that the man in charge of this patent and technology is ALSO a primary financial contributor to the World Health Organization (which has questionable data and behavior in this apparent pandemic)? Really, really slim.

What are the chances the prominent 666 in the patent number is mere coincidence from the US Patent Office? Or is it more likely someone in the patent office deliberately used this number? And what would that say about the patent office? The "coincidences" go on, and on, and on.

Put it all together. Do the math. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Its hard to argue these aren't at least "eerie coincidences".

"Bill Gates" the name does form 666 with some numerology techniques (not all), but I find the dictionary meanings of his names more peculiar:

Bill: "Money owed for goods or services"

Gates: "a barrier"

Bill Gates can't even keep viruses out of Windows. I don't expect he'll succeed at keeping viruses out of people. But I don't think health is his goal.

It's not that I think Windows is a messy and clumsy piece of crap, although IMO it is. But I have a few problems with Bill Gate's philosophy, on a few issues. All this might also explain why he wanted to skip Windows "9". Who knows. It's all a bit "strange" to me.

Do I think Bill Gates or any human is the "beast"? No, I think the beast is more likely Artificial Intelligence, tied to the trojan horse of trans-humanism. But I'll leave details for another article.

All a new global currency and financial system needs is the right financial crisis. It must be big enough for most people to accept it in desperation.

Did Bill Gates LIE About Wanting To Microchip Us?

Bill Gates denies conspiracy theories that say he wants to use coronavirus vaccines to implant tracking devices. He acts like the theory is outrageous nonsense from "conspiracy nutcases".

Here's the problem with his claim: He's funding development of a digital tattoo that is a digital vaccination certificate. And I'm betting you won't be able to buy, sell or travel without it.

Sound familiar? We are already seeing this with mandatory masks.

"The work was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and came about because of a direct request from Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates himself"

Whether you distinguish between a microchip and digital tattoo, it has much the same effect: control over you. Learn more about the digital ink technology funded by Bill Gates.

Will they stop at digital tattoos, or is it a stepping stone? I personally believe it's a stepping stone, just like mandatory masks.

They Want Everyone Microchipped - Even Babies At Birth

It sounds ridiculous. But it's frighteningly real. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants all children to be microchipped, in the name of protecting public health. He's one of many who want the same thing.

See details of his announcement. But the plan is not new. It's been around for decades, except it's now in the mainstream media:

Attempts To Discredit Microchip "Conspiracy Theories"

Some groups attempt to discredit microchip "conspiracy theories" by claiming things like "Bill Gates' patent doesn't mention microchips". For example, again Snopes steps in and says:

"To sum up: Microsoft has applied for a patent that deals with the development of a cryptocurrency system based on tracking body-activity data. However, this patent focuses on wearable technology, such as a smart watch, not implanted microchips, and while patent number “WO2020060606A1” contains three “6’s,” this appears to be little more than a coincidence."

Hey Snopes: Do the math on all the coincidences, combined. And if you want to fact-check something, focus on parts that actually matter. You guys either aren't too bright, or are part of the deception. And BTW, the document ID is WO / 2020 / 060606.

Sure, it may all start with a "bracelet" - something "wearable". It's a stepping stone. They already tried to directly introduce implantable microchips, and it was clearly rejected. So they're making smaller moves.

40 years ago, people thought "microchipping" was a crazy "conspiracy theory". Then the globalists tried to microchip us. We rejected it, so now we're seeing a push towards some kind of bio-sensor. Does this make microchips a crazy "conspiracy theory", or is a bio-sensor probably just a stepping stone?

Whether it's a microchip or a sensor we wear doesn't really matter, at least initially. What's important is that it is integrated with our bodies. A device inside our bodies is the best way to do this, so it will always be the end-goal.

We are being slowly pushed into accepting technology that erodes our freedom and power. It's done slowly, so we accept it - most of us don't even see it. Even though it was predicted long ago. The predictions are pretty darn accurate so far, so maybe we should start paying attention.

The World Health Organization Logo

Doesn't the logo somewhat resemble the "snake in the tree" from the Bible?

No, it's not the caduceus worn by doctors, which has two snakes and represent the double-helix of human DNA (life, the toroid, the holy grail). The Rod of Asclepius has one snake. Asclepius was the mythical son of Apollyon. The Bible identifies Apollyon as "the angel of the abyss".

So by definition, the "Rod of Asclepius" in the logo represents Satan's son or servant. Why on Earth are they using an undeniably Satanic symbol?

Do I actually believe mythical stories about Greek gods? I have no proof. It could be just myth. Or part of it may resemble history. I really don't know. What matters is someone responsible for the various logos and symbology understands the meanings. And if the bible is correct, they represent "evil".

If you think it's just a wiggly snake up a pole - and that's the end of it - you've got a lot to learn.

While we're on the topic of Satan, I'll mention this:

The leading contender for the COVID vaccination includes an ingredient called Luciferase. Yeah, that's right, "LUCIFER-ase" (Learn about it on What does "Luciferase" do? Well, it's basically used to track if you've been vaccinated. So it's like a "mark". A mark with "Lucifer" in the same. That's strange, right?

Also see

You'd think it couldn't get more blatant, but it does. But I'm trying to keep this article small.

I could write a book about strange logos in Government Organizations and powerful private institutions. It's everywhere, once you know what to look for. But here's another:

If you honestly believe it's all a coincidence, YOU HAVEN'T DONE ENOUGH RESEARCH, or you don't understand the math.
Realistically, you'll need years of solid and unbiased research to properly understand everything. Don't expect to be an expert after reading a few moderated Wikipedia pages.

House Resolution 6666: Forced Door-To-Door Testing

HR-6666 is a proposed new law to force everyone (the "authorities" deem necessary) to be tested for Coronavirus. Being able to forcefully test anyone they want is only a stepping stone. In combination with other laws that I expect will soon exist, anyone may be forcefully detained. So it's not a complete law yet. I believe it is a prelude to other things.

I seriously doubt these are "coincidences". I believe either the 666 prophecy is real, OR it's a very sick and elaborate joke by key people within the US government, Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and US patent office (to name a few big names involved).

Conspiracies don't normally involve EVERYONE within an organization or government. Instead, it's more about key decision-makers. Is it really so hard to believe corrupt people exist in high places? Ordinary people who work in organizations would likely themselves be misled. And if they become whistleblowers, they'll be targeted and censored, like what happened to Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Initially these laws, technologies and changes may seem harmless and for "our good". But they are leading to much bigger things. I believe it's moving towards a global tyranny. Remember, we are talking about a virus that is no more deadly than the flu.

Young Mother Arrested For Warning People, and Has Screaming Child Torn From Her

Here's what it already looks like, if you see what's happening and try to warn people in the streets. This one is from Australia. See the video. I'm guessing we'll see a lot more of this real soon.

The world has been moving towards tyranny for some time. The potential for the abuse of these new powers is limitless. Among other things, it would allow corrupt "authorities" to do anything they wanted to anyone who threatens the "system". Fight against tyranny, and your ability to buy or sell could be revoked, at the press of a button. Or even worse, you could be forcefully detained, because of inaccurate Coronavirus testing - where in detention, anything could happen to you.

I'm not talking about whether or not the powers would be abused. They may, or may not. I'm talking about the mere possibility of abuse of power being immensely expanded.
Do we really want to give super-powerful people even more power over us, in the hopes they will . . . finally do the right thing for us?
Don't tell me there will be proper government oversight. The US government has misplaced trillions of dollars. That's only a fraction of their "peculiar incompetence".

Put it all together: the deliberate manipulation of mortality rates, the false-positive tests, the patents, the CENSORSHIP, the technology, the bible's prophecy and much more. Something nefarious is happening.

It's Time To Wake Up.

Don't think this is only about US law and policy. It is happening all over the world.

And I'm not just talking about Coronavirus, which is actually only part of the bigger picture.

For decades I've followed the activities of particular "special interests groups". Much of the published material is speculative and harmful nonsense. I've been an advocate of clearly distinguishing between "crackpot conspiracy theories", and "real conspiracies" that are clear as day (once you do the research).

Particular groups have clearly sought to push agendas leading towards eroding our liberties - for their benefit.

It's not mere "theory". Policy is not just theory. It is fact everyone can verify. When have super-wealthy people not sought to expand their power? It's really nothing new.

As always, do your own research. Make up your own mind. But don't rely on Google, Facebook and Youtube. They are heavily censoring information. Don't rely on what anyone says. Find out for yourself.

If you have something to share, use a free speech platform. But be aware tech giants like Google are already censoring some in search engine listings. Google, Youtube and Facebook has even admitted to pushing the "official narrative" ahead in search rankings, which stifles "different opinions".

If There's a Real Conspiracy Happening, What Can We Do?

False information seems believable, when we hear it from friendly faces on TV - who themselves probably don't know better. This is how so many people are deceived.

False information is even more believable when doctors and whistleblowers with "opposing viewpoints" are censored, so most people see only one side.

It's difficult to fathom how such a massive conspiracy could happen. But keep in mind it would only take a small band of influential people. For example, we have closed the world largely due to questionable advice from the World Health Organization. And mainstream media just recite the World Health Organization. But what if key people in the W.H.O. weren't totally honest?

I mean the World Health Organization was created and funded by the Rockefeller's (bankers) and Bill Gates. Since when did billionaires, bankers and Wall Street care about our health? It's as suspicious as the president of the USA (George W Bush) being in business with brother of the world's most wanted terrorist. Yeah that's right, the Bin Laden family was in business with the Bush family.

Bill Gates is a huge proponent of vaccinations. The World Health Organization is largely funded by Bill Gates, who wants every man, woman and child vaccinated. He also largely funds the W.H.O.
Bill Gates has history of Eugenics and population control that goes back even to his father.

Again I'm not a conspiracy "theorist". I'm someone with a brain, who believes there's ample substantiated information to indicate something nefarious really is happening. But it does no good to complain, without a plan for action. My article about defeating the New World Order has important tips.

READ THE ARTICLE AND SHARE IT: - also share this article.

The issue of Coronavirus is tricky, because the situation is changing rapidly. Clearly the data doesn't justify closing the world. More people may die from suicide, depression, alcohol abuse, poverty and possibly even starvation than Coronavirus itself. By the time most people realize this, it will already be too late to go back.

But there's hope.

We all love our tech gadgets - our Playstations and whatever. But we don't "need" them.

Everything we "need" already exists in abundance. Water falls from the sky. Food grows from the ground. For everything else, simple innovative solutions already exist.
With better understanding and focused effort, everyone can easily have everything they need - with complete comfort.

Take a look at Google maps. Zoom to anywhere that's even partially green. And you'll see vast amounts of land that's doing nothing.

Even look on the side of roads. In people's front yards. Lots of un-used land. It's everywhere. So food and water should never be a problem.

But instead of properly using land, we've let bureaucrats dictate what we can or can't do. And we've centralized the source of food. So when the shit hits the fan, we're in trouble. Think of it like blockchain - we need to decentralize power. And food is one source of power.

What about shelter? If we have the technology to fly to the moon, why can't we have affordable and comfortable housing?

My point is we can easily have everything we need. The vast majority of jobs are not essential. They are not particularly "useful" or productive.

Coronavirus isn't a tragedy. It's an opportunity to make changes that improve the quality of life. A crisis can be used to push both bad and good agendas - it's our choice.
We can't wait for politicians to "save" us. Real change will only happen from the bottom up. It starts with the people around you: family, friends, neighbors and your community.

So if things start to really fall apart and you're worried about making money to survive, keep in mind real abundance is everywhere. All you need to do is see it, and work with your community - your neighbors, family and friends - to become free and independent.

But it is not a complete solution to beat tyranny. We can only beat tyranny if enough of us are AWARE of it. It does no good for just the minority to know. So start educating others. And grow some balls to stand up for what you know is right. When enough of us do this, tyrants have no chance.

Positive change is unstoppable, when enough of us see the benefits. We are close to critical mass, which is the point where enough of us see. Educating each other is the fastest way to critical mass.

You aren't going to live forever. So don't let fear control you. When I'm finally on my death bed, at whatever age, I sure as hell don't want regrets. I am nobody's puppet. I wont be bending over. Will you be?

A Word About Police and Law Enforcement

Most police are good people, just trying to do the right thing. So respect them as fellow human beings. It is critical that we don't "hate" them, although it's very easy considering they often forget who they're supposed to serve. And often they're clueless about who they really serve.

Most police are smart enough to run the machine. But not smart enough to see what the machine does.

You will rightfully be furious to see them do what you know is wrong - because they don't know what you know. But keep in mind for now, they are doing what many people support. Their supporters are terrified of becoming infected. Why? Because of news reports and statistics we now know are appallingly inaccurate.

So most police truly believe they're doing the right thing. They believe they are protecting people. Don't hate them for that.

Be patient. Hold your ground. But do your best to avoid violence. Focus on educating others, including police. Because when enough of us see, police wont have support to infringe upon our rights.

But not all police are the same. Some of them see. Some of them think. Here's a police officer who deserves respect (see his video):

And now he's being FIRED from the police force - for defending the people and constitution he swore to protect. What ever happened to free speech? And well done to him for standing his ground.

Nevertheless, I suspect things will get worse. If there's a real conspiracy happening, I expect there will be a "second wave" of infections. Or a more deadly strain - or virus mutation. Anything to perpetuate fear. Whether it is real or exaggerated. I don't believe this virus will just go away. Because the people behind the false information know if they don't succeed with their agenda soon, too many people will become aware for them to succeed later.

Sooner or later, this will come to a head. And I believe we'll all be forced to make hard decisions. And though it all, police should never forget who they are supposed to serve.

If you're a police officer, and indeed a real conspiracy is unfolding, you have a choice. So when you tear a child from his mother's arms screaming, because it's what you've been ordered to do, remember:

"Just following orders" is an argument that doesn't work for war criminals. So it shouldn't work for the police under corrupt governments.

Don't be on the wrong side of history. This includes you reporters - you should and probably will eventually be held accountable for your part.

Here's one few would understand, and is difficult to target, because we're all on different levels: Truth always, always wins. Eventually. As sure as explosive forces (hate) fade, as entropy. And implosive forces (love) grow, and perpetuate. It's the math. It's how things are. You owe your existence to it. If you're on the wrong team, you haven't understood it. You've been seduced by some knowledge, and blinded by pride. Without true understanding, you don't recognize the key lies that made you a tool. You don't know how far down the chain you really are. And you don't even recognize your actions as hate. You wont win. You can't. It's not about faith. It's just the math. I hope for your sake and ours, you wake the f*ck up soon. You're wasting both our time. But the void of entropy should be more your concern.

Really, everything here is barely a fraction of the story. It needs a huge book, but hopefully this page will get you started.

So What Is The "Beast"?

Based on information published by these "global elite", and a lifetime of my research, the Beast appears to be a form of Artificial Intelligence. It's unfathomable to most people.

The "mark of the Beast" is ultimately your complicit connection to the Beast - your connection to the AI. It's your connection to a global digital currency, to information, to everything. And it gives whoever controls it the ultimate centralized control over you. The "number of a man (including woman)", isn't the number of Satan or some evil person. It's YOUR number.

COVID-19 isn't going away anytime soon, just like the flu goes around every year. We've lived with viruses our entire history. It's normal. In fact, viruses provide us with critical protection from inter-planetary invasion. But through manipulative media, most people are easily fooled, and kept ignorant of our symbiotic relationship with viruses.

So what do the globalists ultimately want? It's difficult to answer, because there are many different levels. You could say the people "at the top", but which "top"? It goes quite a far way. And many of the people who think they're at the top, really aren't.

Explaining this is a whole different article. So I'll stick to what it means for "us": we'll be pushed more into a digital world; into trans-humanism. But it's a trojan horse, and even the "elite" don't know yet. They don't know how far down the chain they really are. Because they lack the consciousness to understand what they are, and that trans-humanism is devolution, not evolution.

What Happened To Sweden with NO LOCKDOWN (Note the death rate)

Why isn't this being reported by mainstream media? Why does Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook systematically censor this information?

The proof goes on, and on. Thousands of doctors around the world are being censored. Many are speaking out, like this group of doctors announcing the cure, and denouncing the lockdowns. These doctors have already been censored, but they keep speaking out.

Your Next Steps:

1. Read this:

2. Share this page (and the above link) any way you can.

3. Research Dr Rashid Buttar and his claims. See this video. Youtube keeps censoring videos about him. According to him, the vaccinations are one of the ingredients that may kill hundreds of millions. I sure wont accept vaccinations, but it's not just because of what of what Rashid says. I've done my own research. I'd rather take my chances with Coronavirus, considering it appears no worse than the flu.

4. Keep researching, but don't expect rely on one source. The mainstream media, Google, Facebook and Youtube are heavily censoring material.

5. Work with your community to become self-sufficient. Websites like and are examples.

If COVID-19 doesn't usher in the New World Order, don't be surprised if something else happens, that's far scarier than a "terrestrial" virus.

To the "Elite" (really, you're not): Would you rather be masters of a computer game, or of infinite reality? You're choosing Mario Brothers on a Commodore 64, without understanding it - or that you're unwitting tools. At some point, when you wake up, you'll ask yourselves "what have we done?". I hope for all our sake you wake up sooner rather than later.

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