How Does AirPods Wireless Charging Work

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For those that don’t know, Apple’s new generation AirPods features many upgrades, including a wireless charging case.  Place the AirPod on the case, set it on Qi charging (i.e. charging made simple). However, as simple as it is, if done incorrectly, it might just be like pouring water in a basket. This article will guide you on how to get it right. 
Does it work with first-generation AirPods? Good news! This works well with first-generation wireless earphones as well. You don’t need to get the new version, you simply have to purchase the wireless charging case and use it with your AirPod. If you own a wireless charging case or you are just considering getting one,  you might as well get informed on how the charging works. 
Reasons for a wireless charging case: 
  • Good battery life. 
  • Charging made easy simply because it is wireless.
  • Rushing and need a quick charge? A few minutes of charging gives you
    hours of listening time.
  • Support multiple charges without multiple wires. 

How AirPods wireless charging works?

This new update works with Qi-compatible standard, therefore, it works only with Q1 charger. Still confused? Don’t be. Qi is simply a technology that allows charging without wires. 

Tip# 1
One thing is the AirPods come fully charged and when used, it will produce a sound to signal that the power is drained. Simply, place your AirPod on a
Qi-compatible mat for charging. The orange LED light will indicate that the
charging is on. The green one will indicate that the AirPod is fully charged
while the amber light shows there is only one light left. 
Tip# 2
Ensure the LED light is facing up or towards your direction (in case you are using a stand) the right side of the AirPod should also be up. Otherwise, it will be like a wasted time.
Tip# 3
The Led light will turn on and off continuously as it keeps charging.
Tip# 4
You can still charge the case without the AirPods. In other words, you can still continue to use the AirPods while you leave the case to charge. It will charge as much as if the earbuds are put in it. Let it alone on the mat to charge.
Tip# 5
Tried all these and still not charging? Try to pitch the wireless case in another direction. Also, ensure the cable is firmly plugged into the mat.
Checking the AirPods battery
You can check out the charging status by opening the case and put it close to the Apple device. The status will be displayed on the device’s screen. The 2 earbuds will also display their power percentage level in case the Airpod is absent in the charging case.
Besides, you can make use of Batteries widget. Simply swipe to the left of your home screen, tap the battery widget to display the battery level.
Major Giveaway
Yes! The wireless charging case work also with Lightning. It is, even more, faster than using a Qi-supported pad. All you need to do is to insert the cable into the lightning and the other one into the USB port. You can charge just like the way you do with the normal AirPod case.
Interestingly, a fully charged wireless case will provide 24hrs listening time and 18 hours of talk time. While a 15 mins charge will provide 3 hours to enjoy listening time and 2 hours of Talktime.
Keep in mind
The wireless case charging does not come with other benefits of AirPods new version. This includes Hey Siri, speedy switching between devices and more battery life. It is what it is- wireless case charging that does not require AirPods to be charged. It, however, presented a lot of benefits more than the wired case. The convenience of charging at home on Qi, and the option of using any ios device charger while on the move. Get your standalone wireless case or the one that comes with AirPod and enjoy a nightlong listening time!
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