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How to Connect Airpods to Android

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You still got your android phone, but been eyeing Airpods for a while?

Here's the good news: although these wireless earbuds are made for iOS devices, they can be paired with android phones and PCs as well.

Using normal Bluetooth pairing, Apple Airpods can work well with any device.

The pitfalls: you might not be able to gain access to all the amazing features meant for the ios-Airpods pairing. No Siri at your beck and call to respond to any of your requests. No display of battery usage except through the usage of some android apps. If these are things that mean little to you, read on to know how you can avail of these awesome apple wireless earbuds.

How to connect Airpods to Android devices

1. Open up the lid of the Airpods case
2. Press and hold the pairing button at the back
3. The LED light will come up to show it is ready for pairing. 
4. Go to the phone settings and open the Bluetooth
5. The Airpods will appear on the pairing list
6. Simply press pair
7. Voila, it’s as simple as that.

Apple Airpods features that works on Android

Thanks to Apple, there are great benefits that this Airpods offers that even android users can avail of. Here are some of the things you get to enjoy:

The double-tap features work perfectly. You can play and pause the music simply by double-tapping the Airpods. If you are a music lover, you get to blast those songs with the amazing sound. Better than most of the android unique Bluetooth- enabled earphones, Airpods has a wide Bluetooth range. There is audio for a call, music and even film.

The advantages are quite limited unlike when it is paired with iOS devices.
However, there are different apps such as Air battery that allows you to see the battery level of the Airpods. Not only that, there is also, Assistant Trigger, it allows you to summon Google assistant by a double-tap. Besides, it also displays the battery level of the Airpods. 

Apple Airpods features that do not work on Android


With just a simple tap of ‘hey Siri’, Siri can be activated. Siri performs various functions like changing songs, adjust volumes, initiate and make calls, set alarm and so much more. However, when Airpods is paired with Android, there is no Siri.

Automatic pause when Airpods is removed

When used with the iPhone, Airpods can quickly detect the ear and know when it is removed. This is not the case when it is used with Android devices.

Auto switch with other apples’ devices 

Airpods can be switch with ipad, mac, apple watch, iPhone or any other iOS device due to its connectivity with iCloud account. This isn’t the case however when it is being used with an Android.

Usage of single Airpods.

One thing is, you can simply make use of only one Airpods while you get to listen to other things with the other ear. Android users might be able to make use of this feature.

Customizable double- tap 

The double-tap can be customized to suit your needs. Changing of songs, access to Siri, play and pause option. All these can be assessed on iOS device settings. Luckily, Airbattery and Assistant Trigger mentioned earlier, battery life can be shown, access to Google assistant, play/pause option might still work for Android.


Despite the shortcomings, Airpods offers a lot of advantages for Android users as well. It’s classic, fit the ear perfectly without constant fall off, good battery life. One more thing, it has no wires!