HN Editor Picks: Top Tech Stories of March 2023by@editingprotocol
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HN Editor Picks: Top Tech Stories of March 2023

by Editing ProtocolMarch 18th, 2023
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Take a look at all the best HackerNoon stories, handpicked for your reading pleasure and education on trending tech topics. Dive into our latest product updates, writing contests and writing promps to take your story to the next level.
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The Editors’ Reading Recommendations (March 2023)

Take a look at all the best HackerNoon stories, handpicked for your reading pleasure and education on trending tech topics.

The Lazy Programmer's Guide to Maintaining a Personal Website

@judicodes uses her software development wizardry to give us her take on the best way to build a website from scratch, maintain it, and improve it.

“While there are many great options out there to build a beautiful website without any coding skills, we are software developers, so we want to showcase our skills and build something from scratch.”

US Only vs. Work From Anywhere

Eight-Time Noonies award winner @nebojsa.todorovic vents about the current plague of “remote job” postings that only hire in one location.

“You’ve stumbled upon a great job opportunity that happens to be REMOTE. You feel so good about it. You’re going through the job description and you’re hitting the wall because it’s US-ONLY. What do you do next?”

How I Launched a Running App for Gamers and Got a Top Ranking in the App Store

@trueslash, the Founder of Victa, tells the amazing tale of how he built a running app and made it climb to the top 16 position in the App Store.

“A human and Avatar become connected. The training process is a way to help your Avatar. Episodes are released for reaching the next level and are the main endorphin-dopamine engine in a run.”

The Hunt for Data: Creating a Computer Vision Dataset for Road Safety

@valdger starts his HackerNoon journey off with a BANG, as his 1st-ever HackerNoon story was selected as a top story. Most importantly, it’s a story that could very well save your life one day.

“When I started the project there were no proactive solutions for preventing dangerous situations on roads.The mission of the project was to decrease death and injuries among cyclists.”

What’s New at HackerNoon?

The latest product updates, contests, and writing opportunities.

See Something, Say Something

We’ve added a simplified flagging system that allows you (or any reader) to select text on a story and report it for: plagiarism, misinformation, incorrect translation, or any other issue.

Everyone makes mistakes and if you can help your fellow writers improve their content, the HackerNoon domain is strengthened, your own stories can get a further reach, and everybody wins!

All you need to do is highlight the text you want to report and hit the flag icon. Thanks in advance for your help!

Turn Your Words Into Gold

We are adding new writing contests every month where you can’t win gold, but you can win cash for your amazing stories! (and then buy gold if you really wanted it for some reason)

Web Dev and Ecommerce Writing Contest: Write anything about web development or ecommerce for your chance to win from $12,000 in total prizes. Enter now.

Mobile Debugging Writing Contest: Write about mobile app development, testing, debugging, and more for your chance to win from $6000 in total prizes. Enter now.

Food (stats) for Thought

Who needs Statista when you have the HackerNoon community? If you haven’t already noticed, every week we update the homepage with a new poll.

All the poll results are made public here: These stats can make for some juicy headlines, and can help you frame your next top story on HackerNoon.

We’ve entered some of our poll results into a blank draft for you to write about/use as you wish.

Check them out:

64% of Writers Already Use AI in Their Writing Workflow

Start a Draft About These Poll Results

31% Believe Bengaluru, India Will Be the Highest-Growth Startup Hub in 2023
Start a Draft About These Poll Results

Open AI is Voted Most Likely to Become Skynet by a Landslide 38%

Start Draft About These Poll Results

And that’s it! We hope you have a good week and that your next story is a viral one.

Keep writing. Keep reading.


The HackerNoon Editorial Team

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