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How Often Do You Order Items From Amazon?

The e-commerce giant only seems to be getting bigger and bigger, but does everyone use Amazon? And how often do they use it?

This poll is active and accepting votes!

With New Disney Partnership, Will Fortnite Win the Metaverse Race?

Epic Games and Disney announced a groundbreaking partnership to create an "entertainment universe" within Fortnite. With Disney investing $1.5 billion in Epic, this collaboration aims to integrate characters from its extensive Intellectual Property portfolio into Fortnite's social gaming ecosystem.

27% Yes, with Disney's backing

10% No, Meta is still the strongest contender.

7% Yes, even without Disney's backing.

12% Other contenders not named Meta or Fornite will challenge for top spot.

18% Maybe, depending on how integration is handled.

24% Unsure, it's too early to tell.

140 Voters

How Do You Feel About The Apple Vision Pro?

Apple's flagship spatial computing platform is here. Reviews are out; it's in the wild, and we would like to know your thoughts.

56% It looks interesting but it's too expensive to justify a purchase.

6% I think it's a great product and I plan to buy one

33% Seems like an unnecessary product that is far too expensive.

3% I own an Apple Vision Pro and have been using it.

171 Voters

Where do YOU think bitcoin's price is heading by the end of the year?

Bitcoin is off to a bleak start in 2024 despite the historic approval of spot exchange traded funds by the US Securities & Exchange Commission. Having already dipped below $40,000 at least once this year, where do YOU think the price of the world's most popular cryptocurrency going to head next?

12% All the way to Andromeda!! {$100K+}

12% To the moooooooon! {$70K+}

23% Up, up and away! {$50k+}

28% Bitcoin will remain where it always has been {$30k to $40k}

18% Down and under {$20k and below}

3% Screw bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies is where it's at! {Let us know in the comments!}

259 Voters

Do You Think the "Metaverse" Will Ever Truly Take Off?

For the past however many years, we've heard talk about various companies (including Meta) developing their own metaverse, but they never seem to take off. Will they ever?

26% Yes, many years from now

56% No, I don't think it ever will.

6% Yes, very soon.

9% VRChat, Roblox, etc., already prove its here and successful

253 Voters

Will You Get Apple’s Vision Pro Headset When It Drops Next Month?

Apple plans to start sales of its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in the United States on Feb 2. Starting at $3,499, the Vision Pro is the iPhone maker's bold entry into a Meta-dominated market and is thrice as expensive as Facebook’s top-of-the-line Quest Pro.

6% Yes, I can’t wait.

42% No, it’s too expensive.

40% Hell, No. It’s a waste of money.

2% No, I fear harmful side effects.

7% Yes, but after a few months.

318 Voters

How likely do you think is the US SEC to approve a spot Bitcoin ETF?

Word on the street is that the SEC will make a decision on a spot Bitcoin ETF later this month. What do you think will happen?

46% I think the SEC will approve the spot Bitcoin ETF

31% The SEC will not approve the ETF but may do so in the future

8% It's unlikely the US SEC will ever approve the Bitcoin ETF

13% Too early to tell

67 Voters

Have you watched HackerNoon's 'Web 2.5' Documentary yet?

Is Web3 really the future, or just a passing trend for people looking to make a quick buck? At HackerNoon, we have our answer. Now, let us help you find yours!

13% Hell yea, it was great!

62% HackerNoon has a documentary!?

18% Not yet, but I want to!

4% I plan to watch it during the holidays

122 Voters

Are You Ready to Embrace Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Vision by Getting Your Iris Scanned?

OpenAI's CEO is doubling down on the crypto project, worldcoin, seeking $50 million in funding. Altman emphasized the importance of human identification in a world soon to be dominated by AI. So far, 2.6 million people have signed up for iris scans in exchange for a digital ID and Crypto. Will you be joining the train?

12% Yes, I'm excited about the global identity and financial network.

35% No, I have concerns about privacy and security with iris scanning.

14% Undecided, I need more information about Worldcoin and its implications.

37% No, this all sounds bogus.

185 Voters

What is your relationship with physical media in 2023?

Movies, music, games, and even books all have a digital component now. But do we really own anything when it’s all digital?

22% I don’t own physical media anymore, only streaming and digital downloads. Not looking back.

49% I own some physical media, but most of my media consumption is digital.

19% I try to buy physical media whenever I can or for whatever interests me. It’s the better option.

8% I’m thinking about going back to physical media.

156 Voters

What Website Do You Visit the Most?

We want to know in which corner of the internet you spend most of your time.

18% HackerNoon

54% YouTube

8% Twitter

8% Reddit

11% Other

209 Voters