Should Consumers Have the Option to Tip Creatives?

Recently, a former executive of Blizzard Entertainment suggested that gamers should have the ability to tip developers if a game leaves them with a truly special experience. That got us thinking; should consumers have the ability to pay beyond what they've already spent on a product or a piece of media if they feel really strong about it?

39% Absolutely! I think some products are truly special and I would want to continue supporting it any way I can.

39% I like the idea of having that option, but that does not mean I'll want to use it regularly or all the time

13% Nope! Paying beyond what I have already spent sounds excessive. I can support developers by purchasing their next product

8% Sure, if a developer and/or publisher decides to pay ME back if I don't like their product/media/game :')

230 Voters

This poll gathered 230 Votes from 20/5/2024 to 27/5/2024.

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