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Hacker Noon Experts: Brief Video Calls with Tech Experts

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Introducing: Experts.HackerNoon.com

Hello, would you like to book a call with technology experts? We started a marketplace for on demand video calls with experts in programming, cryptocurrency, ux remote work, outer space, startups, and futurism.

The functions of the app are search, filter by expertise, sort by price, profile page, write a review, and a big call to action that clicks through to the Superpeer booking and scheduling experience. Writers set their own rate and availability for all video calls. This program is a revenue share with 80% of the earnings going to the writer and 20% going to Hacker Noon, and an additional 3% transaction fee via Superpeer.

I built Hacker Noon Experts with a no code tool, Glide, using Google Sheets as the database.ย Was fun to learn this no code platform. Then Dane integrated "Book a Call With @Username" into the Hacker Noon content management system, surfacing the button on the story and profile page. We'll continue to iterate on the design and flow.

Here are the first 60 tech experts in the marketplace. You can also just read Hacker Noon, and when you find a story where you may want to talk with the writer, consider booking a call.

If interested in becoming a Hacker Noon Expert and receiving leads for paid video calls, please fill out this form. A human is reviewing each form submission and we'll be rolling out invites to expert technologists.

I hope you enjoy meeting the person on the other side of the story!


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