Book a Call: The First 60 Hacker Noon Experts  by@David

Book a Call: The First 60 Hacker Noon Experts

The First 60 Hacker Noon Experts released the first version of on demand video calls with tech experts. Anyone can learn something new today by booking a call with one of these smart people below. If you'd like to join the marketplace, invites are rolling, here is the form. The first wave of tech experts is David Smooke, founder and CEO of Hacker Noon. Book a call: The First 600 Hacker Noon experts. For more information, visit
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David Smooke

Founder & CEO of HackerNoon. Grew up on the east coast. Grew old on the west coast. Now, cooking in Colorado.

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At Hacker Noon, we released the first version of on demand video calls with tech experts. A big thank you to this first wave of tech experts!

Anyone can learn something new today by booking a call with one of these smart people below!

Also, if you'd like to join the marketplace, invites are rolling, here is the form.

Here is the first group of Hacker Noon Experts:

Aazar Ali Shad

Growth Marketing. I help startups with their growth marketing with all channels.

Adrian Goins

I connect dots. I comprehend data quickly and can explain complex subjects in common language.

Adrian Raudaschl

Product Manager, Physician, Academia, Healthcare, and Medicine.

Alex Berke

MIT Media Lab PhD student. Work experience: Google Search software engineer on news credibility projects, maker of election tech; and publisher of "Beautiful Symmetry: A Coloring Book About Math."

Afroz Chakure

Final year B.Tech - Computer Science and Engineering @ MIT-WPU, Pune

Akash Joshi

Building, Writing, Programming. React, JS and Python expertise along with early-stage startup experience.

Al Chen

Taught Excel to 30,000+ people. I blog and podcast about spreadsheets and data analysis. Have been teaching Excel for 8+ years.

Amanda McGlothlin

User Experience Expert. 15 years+ experience working with startups and brands including Nike, Belkin, Audi, Google, Pearson, Allstate, and Cisco.

Anthony Watson

Dinosaurs Can Code! I have been a brain for hire for over three decades mostly without any degree, so I must be able to code to get paid!

Ax Sharma

Security Researcher. Open source software, vulnerability assessment and disclosure, reverse engineering, threat hunting.

Branislav Đalić

Philosopher of code. CTO of ML startup, open-source contributor, threat analyst, educator.

Bernard Moon

Global VC Investor. Experienced startup entrepreneur and tech trend writer.

Carlo Occhiena

Product Manager, Founder. Former Digital Ops Manager in a corporation, Founder of Martech startup.

Christopher Luc

Software Engineer. Full-time at WhatsApp; internships at Uber, Snap and Yelp.

Cynthia Huang

Female hackathon ninja. I can advise on personal branding, public speaking, content marketing, strategy, operations, startups, product, crypto, cannabis, short term rentals and insurance.

Daniel Chae

Business Analyst. I run Course to Hire, a place to help people learn how to code and land jobs in tech, and write for StackOverflow as well!

Daniel Wu

Housing Innovation & Data Strategy. I'm a Harvard JD/PhD and product manager, and advocate for inclusive smart cities and data ethics. Also published in Bloomberg, TechCrunch, etc.

Dave Mangot

Successful DevOps Transformation. We coach web operations and adjacent teams at mid-sized companies to service delivery maturity through the broad application of DevOps principles and decades of experience leading change.

David Smooke

Yours truly. Founder and CEO of Hacker Noon.

Doc Norton

Agile/Leadership Coach. 35+ years continually learning in the software field as a consultant, Director, VP, and CTO.

Emil Koutanov

Winner of 2020 Microservices Thinker of the Year. Software architecture and engineering.

Eugenia Kuzmenko

Internet? What is Internet? Google certificated marketer, Facebook certificated adman, Hubspot certificated SEO-specialist.

Fabio Manganiello

Software engineer. Automation, IoT, machine learning and programming geek.

Geshan Manandhar

Lead Software EngineerIn addition to my full time tech work, I have been blogging for 14 years and mentoring people in the past years

Jackson Kelley

Software Engineer at Amazon. I also worked as a consultant for during the launch of EOSIO.

Jai Paul

Blockchain DeveloperAn experienced programmer with a computer science background, I have been involved in cryptocurrency since the very beginning, in the early 2010s, and would call myself an expert.

Jonathan Harel

Funny techie! Data Science, Building websites, getting your idea out there - quick!

Kahlil Crawford

Content Strategist | Theorist. Content professional in the hi-tech sector using design, creativity, and collaboration to innovate.

Kevin Davey

Champion Algo Trader. Proven futures trader and 4 time best selling trading book author.

Matt Klein

Cyberpsychology Strategy Director. Cultural Strategy Consultant for Fortune 50 Brands, Acclaimed Writer & Startup Advisor.

Monica Hernandez

Moni Mission Control. I have the uncanny ability to be a human router and rally the troops for increased impact. My areas of expertise include the space industry and high tech sectors.

Limarc Ambalina

Hacker Noon Editor. I am well-versed in SEO, backlink strategy, and writing content that ranks on Google.

Linh Dao Smooke

Hacker Noon COO. Helped raise millions, and 2x sales for Hacker Noon 3 years in a row. Founded a nonprofit. Mother of Norah.

Liyas Thomas

Author of Hoppscotch. Helped build Buy Me a Coffee (YC W19), currently building one-stop solution for open source monetization.

Madalin Valceleanu

Mobile Software Developer. Enthusiast on clean, modular and components architecture, focused on make software design more understandable, maintainable, scalable, robust, and last and not least testable. Applying design patterns, SOLID principles and good practices, making the code not only to compile.

Mahbod Moghadam

Founder of Genius. I started two major companies and I am currently writing a book about how startups work, in addition to being a top angel investor with an excellent portfolio.

Mark Meyerson

Director of Agency. Marketing strategy and execution.

Maxim Salnikov

PWA Expert. Developer Relations.

Michiel Mulders

Allround Growth Consultant. I help (tech) startups with all aspects of growth: UX, marketing, content, startup processes, and tech.

Miroslav Nikolov

Remain human. Process management and app architecture.

Nebojsa Todorovic

Freelancing Uncensored & Uncut. 10+ years pro remote work on all major freelance platforms.

Nicholas Resendez

Let's Grow Together. I focus on relationships and communication to understand the needs of those looking to build for the future.

Oloo Moses

Full Stack Developer. Bsc Information Technology.

Paul Bailey

Systems Architect. 20 years of experience in full stack development and engineering.

Pavel Pekanov

I Imagine Things. Full-stack dev, product research, creative direction and all things design.

Peter Thomas

Creator: Karate Framework. Open Source and Java veteran, has been invited to speak at the Ministry of Testing Dallas, DevConf.IN, GIDS, Test Talks, Test Automation Guild, GraphQL Asia and Selenium Conf Tokyo. Also appears in the TechBeacon list of Test Automation Leaders to follow in 2019.

Jean Machuca

Creator of QCObjects. Software Developer with more than 20 years now experience working for large-scale projects in private and public sector.

Ricardo Lopes

Front End Engineer. Amusing article writer who also makes VR stuff.

Rekt Capital

Cryptocurrency Analyst. Four years full-time in the crypto markets.

Sergey Golubev

Project management, marketing & business consulting. ICO/STO/IEO projects (white papers, applications for grants, business plans, compliance documents drafts, tokenomica).

Sergi Garcia

Tech Product Marketer. I help tech startups find product-market fit. I have helped 100+ entrepreneurs with their Go-to-market strategy, Website UX and copy, Pricing & Packaging, and Customer acquisition.

Sandesh Suvarna

$1.4M App in 4 Minutes. Masters in Engineering Management.

Sergey Baloyan

Make crypto-projects popular. I can support projects with building overall concept, tokenomics, marketing and PR strategy and implementation

Stanley Nguyen

Software Principles Commentary. Computer Science Degree.

Tanay Pant

Author, Speaker, Evangelist. I have experience in leading Developer Advocacy teams in scaling startups, and creating developer marketing strategy for sustained growth of developer communities.

Tian-Yuan Zhao

Digital product designer focused on Web3.0 work through my boutique design firm called Round Sky Studios. I've been doing this type of work ever since 2015 when I first met Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the Ethereum blockchain and have worked with companies such as ConsenSys, Kleros, Raise, Filecoin, Celo, and much more. 2nd Place Noonie Awardee in the Product Design Category for having written only 1 article on the intersection of digital product strategy/design + distributed computing + systems-level change.

Usama Ashraf

Software engineer, writer. Designing application architecture, Postgres, Node.

Utsav Jaiswal

Retired Dentist. Blockchain underworld expert who leads BD at Hacker Noon.

Vaibhav Saini

Physicist turned Entrepreneur. Springer Nature Book Author, IIT Delhi Undergrad.

Yoram Kornatzky

20 years industry experience. Ph.D. Computer Science

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David Smooke HackerNoon profile picture
by David Smooke @David.Founder & CEO of HackerNoon. Grew up on the east coast. Grew old on the west coast. Now, cooking in Colorado.
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