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GroestlCoin (GRS) — The People’s Coin

I know the name sounds terrible, but don’t let that mislead you. Groestlcoin is the best kept secret of the cryptocurrency market. Why? Their development and technology is second to none, but the team has not spent any marketing dollars and has a small yet tight knit community. As a result, not too many people are aware of this coin even though it has been around for more than 3 years. To start, I’ll give you one example of their superior development. Groestlcoin was the VERY first cryptocurrency to have SegWit activated on its protocol AND to have it Lightning Network ready!! I’m not exaggerating when I say that this coin has everything necessary to one day leap frog Litecoin in market capitalization. Today, Groestlcoin trades at $.55, but because of the drivers of growth that I will discuss, this coin could easily be a top performer in 2018.


  1. Launched in March 2014, Groestlcoin is a digital peer to peer currency based in different parts of the world
  2. Groestlcoin focuses on the decentralization of mining through ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) AND multi-pool resistance
  3. No expensive hardware or extreme use of energy is needed to mine this coin, AND their algorithm allows users with CPU hashing rates to turn a decent profit (This is one reason why its called the People’s coin)
  4. Ticker: GRS
    Price: $.55
    Ranking by Market Cap: 70
    Market Capitalization: $38,552,946
    Circulating Supply: 68,909,519 GRS
    Max Supply: 105,000,000 GRS
    Average Trading Volume: $1,340,677
    Block time: One Minute
    Consensus: PoW


  1. Leading the Groestlcoin team is Gruve_P — Igor from Holland. Since this coin is privacy oriented, that means the identity of the team is also concealed. Taking a play out of Satoshi Nakamoto’s playbook
  2. The Groestlcoin team currently has 10 additional developers working on the project full time
  3. The team also has 10 additional social media managers and administrators
  4. The team is also VERY transparent. They consistently hold development updates every 3 months, and provide a real time roadmap update of their plans to the community

Drivers of Growth:

  1. Groestlcoin is one of the most decentralized coins in the market place because it is ASIC and multi-pool resistant, meaning the mining of this coin cannot be done with expensive hardware, plus this limits the amount of forks that can occur on their blockchain. As a point of reference, Bitcoin can be mined with ASIC hardware, allowing people to centralize the hashing power, and multiple forks have occurred on the Bitcoin Blockchain
  2. The Groestlcoin team has wallets on literally every single platform imaginable. This makes it absolutely accessible to any type of person around the world
  3. Groestlcoin is the first cryptocurrency to be SegWit activated, so users can benefit from faster transaction times, AND to have their protocol Lightning Network ready, eventually giving users the ability to have instant payments, scalability, and Atomic Swaps
  4. Groestlcoin’s algorithm also has accidental cross chain transactions. Meaning, if you were to accidentally send Bitcoins to a Groestlcoin address, the algorithm would immediately deny the transaction. This is HUGE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people accidentally send the wrong cryptocurrency to an address
  5. This is the People’s Coin because the algorithm allows miners with even CPU hashing power to turn a decent profit. This luxury simply does not exist in the cryptocurrency market any longer
  6. Groestlcoin’s mining difficulty gets increased 6% each week. This makes the coin perfect for long term appreciation and discourages pump and dump schemes
  7. Groestlcoin gives users the ability to make private and anonymous transactions through their Samourai wallet
  8. The team has made Groestlcoin compatible with TOR and VPN support, giving users the ability to mask their IP addresses
  9. Groestlcoin has one of the lowest transaction fees in the cryptocurrency market. As a point of reference, the fee for transferring 10,000 GRS will be 0.000045 GRS.
  10. Groestlcoin gives you the ability to send payments through SMS


  1. The Groestlcoin team’s identity is largely hidden, which can cause uneasiness, but they are extremely transparent and active
  2. There is a lot of competition in the market surrounding privacy/anonymous coins, but Groestlcoin’s team offers the best in the development front
  3. Since regulation will always trail innovation, the digital currency space can be subject to new regulations in the future
  4. As of now, Groestlcoin’s growth has happened purely through word of mouth. There has currently been no marketing dollars spent on this project


Based on the current valuations of projects similar to GRS:


Price: $5.20
 Market Cap: $216,553,459
 Rank: 30
 Circulating Supply: 41,674,950 VTC


Price: $84.39
 Market Cap: $4,563,130,579
 Rank: 7
 Circulating Supply: 54,071,358 LTC

Without incorporating a growth rate my 12 month price target for GRS is:


Price: $.55
Ranking by Market Cap: 70
Market Capitalization: $38,462,237 
Circulating Supply: 68,909,849 GRS

12 Month Price Target:

Price: $2

Taking into account a compound average growth rate of 20% my 12 month price target would be closer to $2.4 a coin.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s write up because this coin truly has it all. Groestlcoin team… market the hell out of this in 2018!!

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