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Grant for the Web Opens Public Proposals for People Who Build Cool Internet Things

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Hey somehow someway, are you making a better internet? The Grant for the Web has opened public proposals for individual grants ranging from $5k to $100k. They are looking for creative content, software projects, and a commitment to Web Monetization standards. If interested, here's where to apply for your grant.

Here's the cataclysmic change they see ahead:

"It's time for the business models on the web to evolve. For that to happen in a global way with real, lasting impact, we need organizations, companies, and people ready to experiment and build using open standards โ€“ technology designed to promote consensus, fairness, public accountability, and quality. We also need creators and publishers ready to connect with fans and audiences in brand new ways. No longer can earning revenue online be tied to proprietary platforms, companies that abuse our privacy, and 20th century revenue models. We're ready to start building what's next."

And here's how they've looking to improve the web:

"With $100 million to distribute globally over five years, Grant for the Web will seed an online monetization and payment ecosystem to challenge the webโ€™s most urgent issues: loss of privacy, centralization of power, and inequalities in online participation."

In total, this Grant for the Web by Mozilla, Creative Commons, and Coil is $100M over 5 years. As a part of their public call for proposals, they have a community forum. Here are some of the top threads:


Young businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of where to invest revenue. Everything is a tradeoff. Pay yourself more? Re-invest in business growth? And a grant certainly comes with less strings attached than an equity investment. Hopefully, this Grant will help some young creators and businesses increase their runway and longterm viability.

Somehow someway, are you making a better internet? grantfortheweb.org/apply


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