Google + Machine Learning + Getting Started = Awesomeness, and Good Cucumbers

TL;DR: Chat with Amit Pande, Product Manager for Google Cloud and Machine Learning about getting started with Machine Learning.

The Cloud and Machine Learning tools now let anyone use advanced Machine Learning tools that were once reserved only for companies with many resources.

One of the most powerful things about the “Cloud”, is the fact that a person with a laptop, an idea, and some hustle can use the exact same tools as big companies — personalized recommendations, image recognition, and even cucumber sorting are now available to everyone! You don’t need a huge server farm and a PhD in Matter-Anti-Matter reactions to make something awesome!

Checkout tips on getting started and breaking into Machine Learning with Google’s Product Lead for Google Cloud and Machine Learning — Amit Pande

Here are links to everything we talked about and more!

Machine Learning Community on BeeHyve —

And more importantly Cucumber sorting ;) —

Happy Building!

Team at BeeHyve

PS : There are tons of companies looking for folks with Machine Learning interests and backgrounds. Check them out in our Career Prep community.

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