Artificial Intelligence beyond by the buzzword, #RealTalk with Agent Q by@beehyve

Artificial Intelligence beyond by the buzzword, #RealTalk with Agent Q

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TL;DR: Interview with Agent Q founder Remi Cossart about AI, Startups, and scaling impactful teams. Interview here.

Would you be able to tell if you were chatting with a human or computer on the other end? More and more people are failing the famous Turing test, and I’m convinced the next billion dollar business is being built because of it.

Maybe Agent Q will be one of them. Agent Q is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence technology — building applications to help businesses connect with their customers.

We had an awesome time chatting with the founder of Agent Q, Remi Cossart about all things AI, how his startup got started, and what they are working on. Beyond the sci-fi possibilities, Agent Q is focused on using AI in practical applications today.


Turing Test

One of the most fascinating things about Agent Q is that it’s a small team! Not only do they have a sophisticated AI powered chat bot, but they also have applications for iOS, Android, Web, and widgets that go on to commerce websites. Find out how they have such incredible impact with a small team.


#RealTalk with Remi Cossart

Agent Q is actively hiring through BeeHyve Careers! Apply to today through the BeeHyve Career Prep Community.


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