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107 Stories To Learn About Search Engine

by Learn RepoJuly 18th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Search Engine via these 107 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Search Engine via these 107 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. What Is The Ultimate Search Engine For Developers - vs Google vs DDG

I wanted to compare to DuckDuckGo (a popular and also privacy-oriented search engine) and Google, probably the default for most developers.

2. The Best SEO is No SEO

Always take content as priority.

3. Is Google’s Hegemonic Long Years of Being a Search Engine Ending?

TikTok releases an ad on how to search on the app; hence, functioning seemingly to the Google search engine.

4. Ditching Google: the 3 Search Engines That Use AI to Give Results That are Meaningful

If you’re the type that wants straight answers to every query without going through several blog posts, then you should consider AI-chat search engines.

5. [Explained] How Does A Search Engine Work?

Have you ever wondered how a search engine works?  We use search engines as much as we call, text or drive. But how do they work? The purpose of this article is to try to explain the basic concepts of a search engine using simple and clear examples.

6. Instant Search and Related Stories: Algolia + HackerNoon

Instant search powered by Algolia cover to HackerNoon. Showing tags, companies and users as well.

7. Google Ads Update: What Crypto Marketers Need to Know

Google is changing the way it displays cryptocurrency-related ads on its search engine and various platforms. Starting August 3rd, crypto exchange and wallet...

8. Why Private Search Engines Are The Future...

Private search engines aren't just for people wearing tinfoil hats anymore. Over the years these search engines have improved their search results and added new features to make the experience better for their users.

9. Googling Is a Skill: 4 Advanced Search Tips to Ask Google the Right Way

Why don't you just ask Google?

10. WordPress SEO Isn’t Automatic: 4 Manual Strategies Required to Get Results

You’ve probably seen several ads promoting “set it and forget it” SEO strategies for WordPress. Unfortunately, these promises are too good to be true.

11. 8 Ways to Improve the CLS Score in Google’s Core Web Vitals

The Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) of a website is important to user experience, which is why it’s one of three metrics included in Google’s new Core Web Vitals.

12. An Intro to Keyword Gaps and How to Do a Keyword Gap Analysis

This article discusses what a keyword gap is along with how and why a person should bridge this gap

13. Real-time Machine Learning For Recommendations and Search Engines

Learn about the real-time machine learning for recommendation and search engines.

14. How Bing is Spying on Users Without their Consent Using Microsoft Clarity

If you’re using Bing Ads on your website then I have some bad news for you. Microsoft is spying on you without your consent.

15. First Impressions of YouCode: The Search Engine for Programmers

As a tech enthusiast and programmer, I love trying new platforms that attempt to reinvent the way we interact with computers, the internet, and each other. One of the most outdated yet crucial tools we interact with every day — the search engine — is due for disruption. Many companies recognize this and have tried to redesign and reinvent the search process. To stay at the forefront of this search engine revolution and take control over my search results, I experimented with several smaller search engines (most still in beta). One of the most innovative and curated alternative search engines is In my opinion, their recent release of YouCode has the potential to reshape how programmers interact with the internet, expedite problem solving, and enhance software design. Today I will be reviewing this novel search engine and discussing how I use it to improve my coding.

16. Startup Interview with James Taylor, Founder of Particular Audience (aka Similar Inc)

Particular Audience and Similar Inc founder James Taylor is interviewed by Hackernoon following nomination for Startup of the Year!

17. Google, the Rise of Junk Articles and Why it has Become Harder to Find Info on the Web

You’re googling something. The first result seems promising. You open it. It’s a really long, messy article, and you can’t find your needle in this haystack.

18. SEO vs SMM: It’s Time We Settle The Dispute

The very essence of debate lies in the fact that when the dispute is over the supremacy of one rival over the other, there can’t be a clear winner. At least there would be a single facet of the debate, which will differ from the zeitgeist.

19. Are Private Search Engines Truly Private?

As of January 2020, 59% of the global population is connected to the internet.

20. An Introduction to the Power of Vector Search for Beginners

An introduction to neural vector search, in comparison to keyword-based search.

21. A Guide to Google Multisearch

Google Multisearch has the potential to radically alter how online searches are conducted, which will certainly have ramifications for website owners everywhere

22. How we Helped America to Vote Better with a Powerful AI Solution

It all started when my friend and I were chatting over about political situations in different countries and their impact globally. Being politically informed (or that’s what I thought at that time), I was making a pretty bold claim on various issues which was receiving an equally bold reply from my friend and 1 hour later we were having a fierce argument on who is right and wrong. Alas, we hung up.

23. Simple Steps to Follow in Order to Ensure Greater Personal Internet Privacy

An easy guide to getting started with online privacy.

24. How to Increase Your People Also Search For (PASF) SERP Visibility

People Also Search for (or PASF) is an immediate organic search feature based on Google's understanding of how people search for a topic.

25. The Science Behind Full-Text Search Engines

Information retrieval science is the basis of full-text search engines. Its core concepts are the boolean model, the vector space model and the inverted index.

26. 4 Easy Ways to Get Your Blog Post in the Top Search Results of Google

Use these tips to get your blog post in the top search results of Google.

27. How LinkedIn Uses NLP to Design their Help Search System

This is the summary and my key takeaways from the original post by LinkedIn on how NLP is being used (as of 2019) in designing its Help Search System.

28. How To Make Sure Your eStore Is Visual Search Friendly

Visual search is changing the face of eCommerce. An average human brain processes images more easily than descriptive information. Recent research by HubSpot shows that 32% of sellers believe product photographs are the most crucial content for their eCommerce store. Also, social media posts that include multiple images have a 150% chance of increasing their CTR.

29. An Intro to Local Keyword Research in 2022 to Improve Local Visibility

It's important to do local keyword research if you want your business to grow. So, you need to know your target audience so you can choose the right keywords.

30. Google Algorithms vs Google Penalties: Your Detailed SEO Guide

Most of the discussion around SEO lies in Google's algorithms but writers should also be aware of Google's penalties which are punishments for bad websites.

31. Spyse Introduction: Cybersecurity Search Engine for Data Gathering  

Data gathering has always been a long process which required multiple services running simultaneously and spending hours scanning alone. With new services like the Spyse search engine, these processes have been simplified drastically.

32. An Overview of SEO and its Six Basic Strategies

Without Google, your business will have to face digital conflict. Hence, build your strong online presence with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

33. Scrape Google Images with Node JS

This tutorial will teach us to scrape Google Images with Node JS.

34. How Certificate Chains Works

Certificate chains are used to be able to verify an end user certificate against a list of intermediaries and a root authority. We are going to explain this in a bit more detail.

35. How Weaviate's GraphQL API was designed

Any kind of data storage architecture needs an API. You want your users, and their applications, to access and interact with their data. And no matter how complicated the database architecture itself is, you want this interaction to happen as intuitively as possible.

36. Infographics for SEO: Most Underrated Google Ranking Factor

Infographics have been a popular online marketing tool for several years. Not only do they create a visually appealing, consumable piece of content, they can also boost engagement on social media and help improve your website’s search engine optimization.

37. Fundamentals of Full-Text Operators and Basic Search

In this tutorial, we will explore full-text search operators available in Manticore Search.

38. How To Scrape Google With Python

Ever since Google Web Search API deprecation in 2011, I've been searching for an alternative. I need a way to get links from Google search into my Python script. So I made my own, and here is a quick guide on scraping Google searches with requests and Beautiful Soup.

39. is the Latest Privacy-Preserving Search Engine Built for You is a new search engine that lets you search less and find more online. Personalize your search sources, get snippet previews of the results privately.

40. Web3: World Wide Blockchain

The internet carries an extensive range of informational resources and services, most visibly the inter-linked hypertext documents and applications that make up the World Wide Web, the infrastructure to support email, and peer-to-peer networks for file sharing, phone services and – as of the recent  – value exchange, albeit still mostly limited to ‘money’ and digitally native assets (coins, tokens).

41. As AI Gets Better at Writing, There's Some Trouble on the Horizon

In the realm of AI development, there's perhaps no more important goal than to create systems that can truly master natural language processing (NLP). That's the key to making AI broadly useful, as it will need to interact with humans (who lack the programming skills to speak machine languages). On the path to NLP, it's fair to say that getting an AI to speak human languages is a prerequisite to getting them to understand what people are saying.

42. How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword research is one of the important strategies that every digital marketer should consider before optimizing the website or blog content. It not only helps in developing a good keyword list but also helps in finding the topics that users are searching for.

43. Are You Sick of Big Brother's Search Engine Results?

Get an expletive move on and create a search engine that gives us some sought-after results, instead of paid-for ads from nincompoops.

44. What Does Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ Update Mean for Content?

Google’s Helpful Content is an algorithmic update from that will analyze content and shadow-ban the ones riddled with SEO-influenced text and not relevant info.

45. How We're Integrating Web Monetization into The Search Engine Experience

Infinity Search is promoting a new way of web monetization with their web monetized index

46. We Raised $450k For Omnisearch’s Pre-Seed Round: Here's What We Learned

Eight key takeaways from raising Omnisearch's pre-seed round.

47. A Game-Changing Platform to Discover NFTs tries to solve the fragmentation and the market flooding in the NFT space, offering a powerful non-fungible-tokens metasearch.

48. An Introduction to Local SEO and How it Can Add Profitability to Your Business

Local business owners like a bakery, cake shop, food vendors, etc. need to optimize your website for local SEO. Read to know more about these effective tactics

49. 8 Reasons Why Inventors Should Try This Free and Open-Source Patent Search Engine

PQAI is a free and open-source patent search engine that uses artificial intelligence to search for patents using queries in natural language.

50. SEO Woes: Don't Make these 3 Common SEO Mistakes

In this post, we'll discuss the three most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid them.

51. How To Search Reddit Like A Detective🕵️ is a new search engine that instantly searches Reddit for you. Learn more in this article about its features and how it's making users happy.

52. 10 Reasons Why Long-tail Keywords Drive Traffic

Here are ten reasons you should focus on long-tail keywords in your digital marketing strategy.

53. Thriving Amidst Giants: A Guide for Small Players Entering the LLM Search Engine Market

This article briefly explains what language models are and how small players in this exciting space can build sustainable products.

54. Create a Search Engine and Other Startup Ideas Using Data-Ferret

Data-ferret is a tiny, yet powerful util library to scan or transform deeply nested and complex object-like data with ease.

55. Understanding Search Engine Filtering of Customer Reviews

In the digital era, you see people dropping reviews online as customers. We can even see companies seeking a platform to provide them with online reviews to boost their business. You might have heard or read about online review filters and how it might have caused frustrations or confusion. Understanding search engine filtering of customer reviews can help you minimize this vagueness.

56. Tips on Recovering From a Google Penalty

Getting the “Google Slapdown” has become every webmaster’s greatest fear. If you feel like you’re on uncertain ground with Google, you’re not alone. Most webmasters expect their sites to eventually be hit by a Google penalty whether that penalty is official or just a consequence of changes to the algorithm.

57. 3 Biggest Barriers to Efficient, Relevant AI Powered Search

Consumers expect always-on, frictionless, dynamic and personalized digital experiences. 99 percent of companies have struggled to deliver world-class search.

58. Content Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business - Here’s Why

Today people are looking for content that helps them make smart choices, they don't want to be sold. That's the reason why content marketing strategy is crucial

59. How to Write Good Meta Descriptions to Boost SEO and Increase Traffic

Elements of effective meta descriptions to boost SEO: target keyword, correct length, and a direct answer to the user's search query.

60. How To Turn Off Chrome Search Suggestions

Simple methods to disable Google chrome Search history suggestions on the URL bar.

61. The Markup Investigation: Congressman Says that Google engineered a “Walled Garden”

Comment comes as part of big tech CEO grilling by antitrust committee

62. Google Custom Search Engine and More: Search Engines, Made By Google

Google has a web index. We’re all acquainted with it. It’s at

63. How Infographics Can Positively Impact your SEO Rankings[Case-Study]

This content was originally published at

You might have heard this several times before — Content is King! Yes, it is. But today visuals materials like infographics are outperforming.

64. Guide to Keyword Research: Best Tools for 2020

The world of keywords is always competitive, it never sleeps, something that’s unstoppable and the cycle never ends as long as there’s a lot of hard work being done on the digital frontier. To develop a robust keyword strategy is extremely important if you want to make the website visible, crawlable, user-friendly and profitable in the market that’s hungry for your services.

65. Why Startups Should Focus on Revenue And Innovation, Not at SEO

The success-killer for most startups is not running out of cash. It’s running out of time.

66. Weaviate Is A Search Engine For Vector Embeddings

A vector search for the masses needs an intuitive interface

67. What it's really like to try the new AI (read: chatGPT) powered Bing Search?

And not, it does not involve Sidney going sentient iykyk

68. How to Build Your Own SEO Dashboard

How to build an auto-updating SEO dashboard with no code using free tools

69. Search Engine Optimization: Link Building Myths and Reality

What is Link Building?

70. 10 Alternative Search Engines to Use in 2020

We know all the names of the big guys who can give us instant access to information, but with far-reaching data leaks and continued concerns about how our data is shared online, many people are looking for alternative search engines. Here is a primer on search engines and some alternatives you can use in 2020.

71. The History of the Weaviate Vector Search Engine

Weaviate is an open-source search engine with a build-in NLP model called the Contextionary. What makes Weaviate unique, is that it stores data in a vector space rather than a traditional row-column or graph structure, allowing you to search through data based on its meaning rather than keywords alone.

72. To Google or Not to Google: What the Future Has In Store for Search

In the future, "to Google" may become outdated in light of breakthrough changes anticipating search engines in the months to come.

73. Link Building 3.0: How Smart Links Will Change How We Transact Online

Cryptocurrencies are a democratization of typical currencies. They’re not regulated by any single governing body. They’re accessible to anyone with technological access and understanding. And hypothetically, they could be universally accessible. Even more importantly, their existence is maintained, tracked, and governed by the people using them.

74. 8 SEO Mistakes (Almost) Everybody Makes... And How to Fix Them

As you take steps to grow search engine traffic to your website, there are dumb SEO mistakes you need to avoid.

75. How to Use Fuzzy Query Matches in Elasticsearch

Typo is something that often happens and can reduce user’s experience, fortunately, Elasticsearch can handle it easily with Fuzzy Query.

76. How To Create a Simple Autocomplete Field And Connect it With Elasticsearch

Autocomplete is a feature to predict the rest of a word a user is typing. It is an important feature to implement that can improve the user’s experience of your product.

77. What it Takes to Build a Really Great Search Engine

Building a successful search takes more than technical smarts, but if done right is one of the most rewarding products you could work on.

78. Tips for Optimizing your Infographics for the Best SEO Results

Infographics are pretty astonishing.

79. Privacy is a human right: An Interview with Startpage founder, Robert E.G. Beens

Startpage Founder and CEO Robert E.G. Beens explains what inspired him to start the world's first private search engine.

80. 5 Essential SEO Tips You Need to Follow in 2023

SEO is just as viable as ever in 2023. Today, will discuss a few tips you can improve your search visibility and connect with your target audience.

81. Here’s Why I’m Gambling It All Away On My Open Source Startup

By Han Xiao, Founder and CEO of Jina AI. Edited by Bing He and Alex C-G

82. 3 Underused Structured Data Schema Markups

Schema markup using structured data is a wonderful thing. Not only does it help Google Search better understand the content of a page, it can also display relevant snippets of information in search results.

83. Top 7 SEO Trends in 2021 Every Marketer Should Follow

SEO is arguably the fastest-changing industry of all, and it only seems to be growing.

84. Getting Started with the Weaviate Vector Search Engine

Everybody who works with data in any way shape or form knows that one of the most important challenges is searching for the correct answers to your questions. There is a whole set of excellent (open source) search engines available but there is one thing that they can’t do, search and related data based on context.

85. What Is Keyword Foraging and How Can You Use It For Better Search Results?

How this new term can help us understand the way people discover things online.

86. 4 Privacy Tips for Distance Learning Students

If you’re like millions around the world getting ready to head back to school this fall, you’re figuring our first, if your campus will even be open, and second, how to adjust to the idea of distance learning.

87. How Does Google Calculate the SERP?

Business visionaries and sponsors the world over are endeavouring to understand how to get their pages to rank better in Google. Nevertheless, it's basic to consider why and how Google ranks locales. Those locales that appear on the essential page for a search question are those that Google considers being the most critical, relevant and finally significant to the searcher, for a specific request.

88. How To Develop Your Custom Autocorrect Implementation with Manticore [A Step by Step Guide]

In this text I will explain what is spell correction in the area of search functionality, how it works in Google, Amazon and Pinterest and will demonstrate how to make your own implementation from the ground up using custom search engine Manticore Search.

89. Jina, a Deep Learning-Powered Search Framework, Can Help You Build Your Neural Search

Use Jina to search text or images with the power of deep learning.

90. To be Relevant or not to be: a Search Story about Precision and Recall

With the amount of data created growing exponentially each year and forecasted to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020 and more than 175 zettabytes by 2025, the importance of discovering and understanding this data will continue to be, even more than before, a decisive and competitive differentiator for many companies.

91. A Step-by-Step Guide to Growth-Minded Keyword Research

Keyword research is a big step towards developing a solid wider keyword strategy. But even during this process, you can, and have to, keep in mind the end goal of your entire SEO efforts - top rankings, performance, and eventually growth.

92. What are the Best Google Searching Tips and Tricks?

Google has many hacks that most of us are not aware. In this slogging thread, the tech channel covered tips that can be useful for searching a specific topic.

93. 5 Real Ways to Start Implementing AI in your Ecommerce Stores

The implementation of AI in ecommerce should come as no surprise. Online businesses have always been quick to adopt new technologies, and this is how the industry thrives; enhancing the customer experience, discovering new markets, and driving further sales. And with the continued development of AI technology like chatbots, visual search, and personalized recommendations, the world of ecommerce is transforming again.

94. How To Create a Search Engine for Any Table Using a Custom React Hook

I am going to show you guys how to make a basic search engine that would enable anyone to search for specific data in your table that you’ve built using any package or library in React.

95. How to Write Meta Descriptions to Optimize Your Search Engine Results

In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of meta description writing, as well as tips for making it stand out from the crowd!

96. Can You Speak The Google Language, Please?

The Markup obtained internal documents that coach new employees to avoid creating “very real legal risks” in using words like “market” and “networkeffects”

97. Bite-Sized Tips To Make Chinese Full-Text Search

Today I'd like to highlight the challenge of search functionality in Chinese. In this article, we will go through the main difficulties of full-text search implementation for CJK languages and how to overcome them with the help of Manticore Search.

98. How to Rank for Multiple Keywords

When you rank for multiple keywords, it becomes easier for you to show up in the top search results of Google.

99. 10 Tips to Use If You Received a Google Penalty

Have you recently received a Google penalty?

100. Awesome Free Tools Made By Google That Can Improve your SEO

In this article, I have prepared a list of free SEO tools developed by Google that everyone must use. I have also provided links to every tool.

101. 4 Strategies to Skyrocket Your Startups Online Visibility

Have you ever observed how a spaceship propels itself into the orbit?

102. How To Master Elasticsearch Query DSL

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

103. We Built A Search Engine With MeiliSearch and JavaScript: Here's How You Can Too

Struggle to find the chemistry Nobel prize winner for 1979? Try out MeiliSearch's super-fast-search JavaScript tutorial to find Nobel prize winners in a matter of milliseconds. 🌬️

104. Does Amazon Promote Their Brands Ahead of the Competition?

About 40 percent of online purchases in the United States take place on

105. To be Relevant or not to be: a Search Story about Precision and Recall

With the amount of data created growing exponentially each year and forecasted to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020 and more than 175 zettabytes by 2025, the importance of discovering and understanding this data will continue to be, even more than before, a decisive and competitive differentiator for many companies.

106. Remarkable Marketing Strategies to Survive COVID-19

With these uncertain circumstances, companies need to adapt their next marketing campaigns to alleviate risk strategically.

107. What Analyzing Google Search Results Revealed About Google

We designed an experiment to measure the quantity and placement of these Google-created and self-referential search results and how they compare to others.

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