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Quick start your next presentation with templates.

UPDATE September 2018: The templates described in this blog post are now deprecated. See the new blog post, GitPitch The Template.

As part of the recent redesign of the GitPitch website a new GitPitch Templates Gallery has been added.

Templates have been carefully crafted, using markdown, custom css, and optimized images to deliver the perfect springboard for presentation authors. Using templates you can create and deliver beautiful presentations. Effortlessly. Just download a template, then customize the markdown content to reflect the things you care about.

Newsflash! GitPitch Pro is coming soon . Learn more here.

Get Started with Templates

The Templates Gallery offers a wide range of quick-start templates. Start by browsing the gallery to find a presentation template that you like. Click on any template within the gallery to view it live.

For example, here is the Timber template viewed live:

[ GitPitch Presentation Template — Press F to go Fullscreen]

One-Click Downloads

The Template Gallery provides a one-click download feature for every template. To get started with your chosen template, simply add the files within the download bundle to any public [and soon private] repo on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

The fastest way to download the entire Template Gallery is to fork the template repo on Github, see here.

Learn by Example: The Anatomy of a Template

Each template lives in it’s own branch in the GitPitch templates repo on GitHub.

Templates are an excellent way to learn about some of the great features offered by GitPitch. Within each download bundle you will find the following files:

├── PITCHME.md
├── PITCHME.yaml
├── assets
│ ├── css
│ │ ├── PITCHME.codemax.css
│ │ └── PITCHME.css
│ └── image
│ ├── gitpitch-audience.jpg
│ └── logo.png
└── sample
└── go
└── server.go

The presentation markdown and custom configuration for each template is found in the PITCHME.md and PITCHME.yaml files respectively. The theme-override property specified in the PITCHME.yaml file indicates the path to the custom-CSS file being applied on the template.

The default custom CSS file for the template is found at assets/css/PITCHME.css. Update the theme-override property to point at the PITCHME.codemax.css file to see how small changes to custom CSS can result in big changes on your slides.

Download or Fork a Presentation Template Now!

Over time the template gallery will be updated and new templates will be added. So remember to check back from time to time or simply watch this repo on GitHub and get automatically notified of updates.

With the introduction of templates, GitPitch is making it easier than ever to craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

I look forward to seeing what the GitPitch community creates next.

And remember, GitPitch is about to unlock great new features using Git private repos. Coming soon! See the following blog post for details:

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