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GitPitch Private Git Repo Support — Part 2

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Share GitPitch private URLs using private Git repos.

The first article in this three-part series introduced GitPitch Pro support for sharing presentations with public audiences using private Git repositories.

This article is going to explain how you can create and manage private presentation URLs using private Git repositories. These URLS can then be shared with private audiences.

You can get started with private repo support right now, login here.

Granting Access To A Private Audience

For all of the reasons outlined in the introductory article, presentation authors must explicitly grant access to any GitPitch presentation delivered using a private Git repository.

When a presentation author has not explicitly granted access to a presentation within a private Git repo, any attempt to view the presentation content will be denied.

So how can you create and share a private link to a slideshow presentation using a private Git repository?

Simple. Activate GitPitch Pro Stealth Mode.

Activating Stealth Mode

Activation is as simple as adding a stealth property to the PITCHME.yaml for any slideshow presentation within a private Git repository.

The stealth property accepts a comma-separated list of one or more stealth-tokens. A token can be any arbitrary string value, for example:

stealth : 01234, AcmeCorp, sneakpeek

Once Stealth mode is activated, a valid token combined with the original presentation URL is required in order to gain access to the slideshow content.

The token is specified on a presentation URL using the ?s= query param. The combination of presentation URL plus a valid token query param is a private URL.

For example, any attempt to open the following sample presentation URL will be denied as the presentation has not been published for public access:


However, if you attempt to open that same sample presentation using the following private URL, you will be able to view the slideshow:


The following short presentation is an example of a GitPitch presentation delivered from a private GitHub repository using a GitPitch private URL:

Stealth token management is as simple as adding and removing tokens on the stealth property in your PITCHME.yaml file. Managing tokens in this way gives you a quick and easy way to manage your audience over time.

1. Stealth Mode for Presentation Authors

One important use-case for Stealth mode is to allow presentation authors to preview their own work without risking exposure of presentation content to the outside world.

As presentation author, you can simply register your own stealth token in the PITCHME.yaml for your presentation. Then use that token on a private URL to preview your own slide content rendered as a GitPitch presentation.

2. Stealth Mode for Presentation Feedback

Another important use case for Stealth mode is to give presentation authors the ability to quickly share previews of their presentation content with other people, such as content collaborators, colleagues, clients, etc.

By sharing a valid private URL with collaborators, you can manage temporary audiences. At any time, you can simply revoke the stealth token used on the private URL to once again restrict access to your content.

3. Stealth Mode for Private Audiences

If you are sharing private URLs with trusted audiences you can even use Stealth mode as your final presentation delivery mechanism.

A trusted audience in this case is any audience that you can rely on not to share the private URL for your presentation with third parties.

However, if the private URL for you presentation might be shared to a wider-than-intended audience, such as on social media or by corporate e-mail, then you might want to consider using GitPitch Pro Confidential Mode.

Confidential mode will be the topic for the next article in this series.

The Fastest Way from Idea to Presentation

With the arrival of private Git repository support in GitPitch Pro you can now easily secure your presentation content and manage your audience. This is a big win for anyone delivering private, confidential, and even paid-for content.

You can get started with private repo support right now, login here.

Remember, GitPitch lets you craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

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