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GitPitch Private Git Repo Support — Part 1

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Publish public presentations using private Git repos.

When GitPitch launched it introduced a simple new convention for everyone on GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. If you add a PITCHME.md markdown file to any public Git repository, GitPitch will automatically transform the contents of that markdown file into a fully responsive slideshow presentation.

Just likeREADME.md, the PITCHME.md convention is fast becoming very sticky.

This transformation from markdown to online, offline, and PDF slideshow presentation requires no sign-up. And no configuration. It just works :-)

Private Git Repository Support

GitPitch Pro extends this new convention by supporting the transformation of PITCHME.mdmarkdown files found within private Git repositories.

You can get started with GitPitch private repo support right now, login here.

However, by design PITCHME.md found within private repositories are not automatically transformed by GitPitch.

As a presentation author using private Git repos, you must explicitly grant access to your audience. This step is an important protection as it helps you to:

  1. Clearly define the intended audience for your presentations.
  2. Prevent the unintended disclosure of your presentation content.

Granting Access To A Public Audience

So how can you share slideshow presentations with a public audience from within your private repos? While maintaining 100% privacy for all other repo content?

Simple. Activate GitPitch Pro Published Mode.

Activation is as simple as adding a published property to the PITCHME.yaml for any slideshow presentation within a private Git repository:

published : true

Published mode is ideal for publicly promoting, pitching, or presenting news, technology, products, services, or even training for any project without revealing code, config, or data within your private repository.

As a presentation author you can manage access to your presentation by enabling or disabling published mode at any time.

The following short presentation is an example of a public presentation published using a private GitHub repository:

[ Sample GitPitch public presentation published using a private GitHub repo ]

The corresponding Github repository for this presentation is here. As you will see if you follow the link, it is a private Github repository so you do not have permissions to view it.

Public presentations using private Git repos is a great new feature for GitPitch users. But sometimes making your presentation content public may simply not fit your needs. In those cases, you might want to consider using GitPitch Pro Stealth Mode.

Stealth mode will be the topic for the next article in this series.

The Fastest Way from Idea to Presentation

With support for private Git repositories you can now secure your presentation content and manage your audience. Effortlessly. An approach in keeping with GitPitch’s core design philosophy — keep it simple.

You can get started with private repo support right now, login here.

Remember, GitPitch lets you craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

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