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GitPitch Desktop — Sneak Peek!

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Presentation builder coming soon to desktops everywhere.
NOTE: After two months and a tremendous response from the GitPitch community, the beta program has officially ended on April 5, 2018. GitPitch Pro is now live. Details here.

GitPitch Desktop is something I have wanted to build for a very long time. And now it’s here. For all GitPitch Pro users.

What is GitPitch Desktop?

Think It — Type It — See It Live.

It is a dedicated markdown presentation builder for your desktop. That delivers live, instant previews of GitPitch presentations in your browser.

It allows you to work online or offline. And there are no more Git commit-push-preview cycles 😄 🍾

Seamless Desktop + Cloud Experience

GitPitch Desktop also provides a seamless bridge between desktop development and publishing your presentations to the cloud on https://gitpitch.com.

Coming Soon

I’m excited! How about you?

Let me know by registering claps for this blog post or leave me your comments or questions below.

I’ll have more news about GitPitch Desktop for everyone very soon.

You still have time to take GitPitch Pro Beta for a test drive, start here.

You can follow me right here on Medium or on Twitter for more news, tips and unique creations from the GitPitch community.


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