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From Big Data to Personal Lives: This Is How AI-Powered Tools Will Help Today’s Professionals by@kyrylo-lyzanets

From Big Data to Personal Lives: This Is How AI-Powered Tools Will Help Today’s Professionals

Kyrylo Lyzanets Hacker Noon profile picture

Kyrylo Lyzanets

CEO & Founder at AIBRO

“AI is everywhere around us. We are living with it every day, and we are loving it.”

Did we make that up? No. It’s the reality of today’s life. 

Stanford University’s 2016 report on Artificial Intelligence, aptly titled “One Hundred Years Study on Artificial Intelligence” sums it apt in the best way possible.

At this year’s edition of The Tech Summit in Barcelona, one of the most interesting pieces of news was based on the number of revolutionary AI and Machine Learning innovations that have reinvented what everyone thought of artificial intelligence.

Let’s cut the ideological bubble short, shall we?

Every day, we wake up with a different approach to life. Given that today’s world doesn’t move at the even keel we were used to, we often struggle to maintain the tempo of our productivity. More often, we fall short of our own expectations, because we couldn’t keep up to speed, or we got distracted along the way. But AI can change that.

How Is AI Changing Our Daily Professional Lives?

How much AI is already in our lives?

64% of all smartphone users have used AI in their lives. Think about all the personal assistant apps you have used along the way, from Apple’s SIRI, MyKai’s chatbot, and now AIBro’s automated messenger chatbot.

If not for some of them, our lives would be a cluttered mess of appointments, confusion, and guesswork. If that’s not traumatizing enough, some of us would be at the mercy of tonnes of unreplied messages, and angry associates.

1. AI Increases Productivity

The backbone of any modern business is in achieving the highest level of productivity. Given the cutting-edge competition in most of the fields, any lesser achievements would spell doom to the existence of the business, and all its employees by extension.

On average, research shows that 30% of the workforce in the business environment are disengaged from the essential productive duties. 

What’s the solution to all these human failures? It all rests on finding innovative ways to maintain focus.

2. It Assures Business Security

The survival of any business is pegged on multiple factors. In retrospect, all these factors arise from how efficiently the business runs, and how well it can sell.

AI can be engaged in all the steps of running a business.

Just think of this. In case you have a lot of data to analyze, you can always engage predictive AI to help lift some of the load. In case you receive a lot of emails, Chatbots that use language recognition to categorize your emails, spam filters, and predictive customer service will be of great help to you.

You can always trust communication to take a hit when things in the business get a little murky. By ensuring that all your data is correctly categorized, and some replied, using AI ensures that your business does not lose clients because of poor communication. 

3. Eases the Management of Your Workforce

How often do businesses undergo strenuous workforce relationships? 

Truth told, one of the most stressful things in running any business is managing the workers.

A good example of how AI can be used to manage a workforce is in using security surveillance. Besides that, we can also use AI to monitor worker productivity at the workplace and keeping time logs for payments.

What Problems Does the Use of AI Aim to Solve?

The workplace environment comes with a lot of challenges, and an ever-changing face of problems.

While AI cannot be used to solve all the problems, 70% of businesses which rely on AI have recorded 30% increases in productivity. In fact, the main reason why AI and ML are considered revolutionary is the fact that they solve issues, sometimes as well as human beings, or even better.

What can AI solve?

1. Task Management

How many tasks do you handle in a day? Are you focused enough?

You can always monitor all this through AI-powered tools

Let’s take the example of Talla, and Focuster, two AI-powered software, all with the sole intention of helping you manage your time better.

Focuster is one of the most popular time management software.  Not only does it streamline the schedule of a busy professional, but it also helps them focus on the important issues.

Talla powers automation of service delivery and customer support. Apart from increasing the productivity of customer representatives by up to 20%, it also helps in directly answering some of the customer queries.

2.  Team Management

The important tenets of running a business rest in one or the other on how effectively one can manage their teams.

Here are two AI-enabled apps that should be crucial in doing just that.

Otter, a web-based AI personal assistant, provides speech transcription and generates notes for all your important meetings.

Aloe does pretty much the same as Otter. However, Aloe can make calls on your behalf, send notes to sale websites and share the notes with others on the same platform.


3.  Personal Assistants

Increasingly, AI-enabled personal assistants are becoming the face of AI in the lives of professionals. In fact,70% of smartphone users can attest to using one app-based personal assistant or the other.

Siri is perhaps the most famous of these tools. It applies voice recognition technology which lets you use your device without touch. Apart from calling and sending text, Siri can also schedule alarms, departure time and meetings.

Alexa is a darling of marketing directors and SEO experts. Apart from automating data analysis, it also ranks websites and does a competitive analysis of their SEO.

4.Time Management

Time and procrastination are adverse relatives. We all fall into the pitfalls of time wastage, and “putting things off.”

How can we minimize all this? Here are a few great AI-powered apps that you can use.

Time is simply great at managing time. Given that some apps on your phone are distractions it organizes their use and shows you how much you have spent on them. Besides that, it also helps you to cut down on procrastination.

Trevor, an app cleverly named after a guy, is essentially an AI-based calendar app. It helps you to maintain a schedule and to organize your priorities.

AIBro is the new face on the block. It is a chatbot that will save you time by replying to messages on your Facebook messenger. Not only does it analyze, and “own” your texting voice, it also helps you stay in touch with your friends, without wasting time on all this social hobnobbing.


Wrap Up

AI can wipe away some of our daily hurdles. While it doesn’t happen at the swish of a Harry Potter Wand, AI simply enables us to focus on the important things, while it focuses on us.

For instance, we all are conversant with the decreasing productivity levels in our workspaces. There’s a struggle. But that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. In retrospect, the assertion here should be that AI is more interested in increasing productivity in our lives by simply making some things easier to do, like automating a chat and giving it your tone and voice with AIBRO.

In the future, we shouldn’t be surprised if we increasingly let such apps do most of our work, while we focus on the more important aspects of our jobs.

From family connections to managing our teams, the whole point of involving AI in our lives is to increase our productivity and make some decisions easier, and better. I can hardly content with the fact that all this actually works!