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For the <3 of the Internet

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Technical Product Manager at Pocket/Mozilla

tldr; Mozilla Builders is hosting the Love the Internet ❤️ Collegiate Hackathon to inspire the next generation of builders. RSVP to join them!

Just about a year ago, the Mozilla Builders community set out on a mission: to fix the internet. Along the way, we’ve invested in people in projects working to make a positive impact on society through technology. We also started our open lab initiative, an energetic, community based entrepreneurship program, with thousands of participants from all corners of the globe.

We were absolutely amazed by the determination and projects we saw coming from young people. There is so much potential, and we want to harness that to find solutions.

On Feb 27th - Feb 28th, Mozilla Builders Open Labs will be hosting our Pop-up Love the Internet ❤️ Collegiate Hackathon. RSVP to secure your spot here!

We’re hoping to inspire college students to solve the toughest challenges facing the internet, for the ❤️ of the Internet.

Here’s just a glimpse of what we’re offering:

💰$5,000+ in cash prizes, apple watches, swag boxes, and more!

🗣️ An amazing speaker line-up, including David Smooke (CEO of Hackernoon), Yusuf and Sumaiya Omar (Founders at Hashtagourstories), and other tech industry professionals, entrepreneurs and founders!

💻 Workshops, mentorship, and events! We will have an awesome schedule of technical and career development workshops, along with fun game night sessions (with prizes!). We’ll also have free resume review giveaways, c/o Fatima Ibrahim, SWE at Microsoft.

And that’s just a glimpse. Be sure to join us for the rest, and invite your friends! 

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