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Flog: A fake log generator for common log formats

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I made an another command line tool, the flog. flog is a fake log generator for common log formats such as apache-common, apache error and RFC3164 syslog: flog

It is useful for testing some tasks which require log data like amazon kinesis log stream test.

Flog currently supports following features:

  • Completely random log generator
  • Support apache common, apache combined, apache error and rfc3164 log format
  • Support stdout, file and gzip type of logging

And I have a plan for support below additional features for next versions.

  • Contextual random log generator
  • Statistical random log generator
  • Support some other syslog formats
  • Support custom log format (Most important feature, it will be added to flog version 1.0.0)

I hope this could help someone who want to test something which require log data.



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