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53 Stories To Learn About Cli

by Learn RepoApril 12th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Cli via these 53 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Cli via these 53 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How To Use wget in Linux

10 wget command

2. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Command Line Interfaces in Python

This article is based on my PyCon 2020 talk of the same title. Originally published at on May 4, 2020.

3. Build a CLI App with Oclif and Node.js Using Test-Driven Development: Part 2

TDD for building a CLI application using the oclif framework.

4. Creating a Terminal Emulator in React

How to create a terminal emulator in React and Typescript

5. How to Script the CF API With CF OAUTH-TOKEN and Python

A bit of Python, a dancing gopher, and proper course etiquette are all you need to know how to log in and loop through the results.

6. How to Сompress a mysqldump Backup Using Gzip

What is mysqldump?

7. 9 Useful Interactive CLI Tools for Linux

9 text-based interactive CLI tools for Linux that you must know.

8. Github Actions and Go: AreYouOk My URL?

Check and audit link/URL health using Github actions. Test dead links in a fast and efficient manner

9. Install Deb-Multimedia Repositories on Debian and Kali Linux

Install Deb-Multimedia Repositories on Debian and Kali Linux. In this tutorial I will share a little bit about how to install and use Deb-Multimedia repos in Debian distributions and their derivatives.

10. How to Run Multiple Terminal Commands in ONE, Like a Boss

Buck is a free, open-source and lightweight CLI tool used by developers to group multiple terminal commands into one.

11. Creating Command-line Based Chat Room using Python

Simple Chat Room using Python

12. How To Create a Simple Application Using Golangspell

For a couple of years I've been working with Golang, is such a great experience, Golang is a great language, in my opinion, simple, fast, and focused on high performance. But, not only it can help us to create a microservice that is fast, but we can also code quite quickly.

13. Publishing a Node.js CLI tool to npm in less than 15 minutes

Have your Node.js CLI tool up and running, accessible from everywhere in less than 15 minutes.

14. Automatic Window Resizing in Vim

A common workflow in vim is to use multiple windows to view and edit various files at the same time. Once opened though, the size of each window often remains unchanged unless explicitly resized.

15. Creating API with Bash Code in AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Amazon web services (AWS) is a powerful platform for almost every webservice you can imagine. With AWS API Gateway and Lambda you are able to create REST API’s with ease! API gateway is enables you to create the API. Lambda lets you execute code when the API is invoked. This code can be in many programming languages like Python or Node.JS.

16. How to Have Multiple Versions of PHP on Ubuntu

Learn how to install multiple versions of PHP on Ubuntu the native way (without using Docker, Vagrant, etc.).

17. Making Command-Line Interface (CLI) for Fun and Profit

Next time you have an idea 💡 "I know... Why don't I write a script to automate this thing?" Actually, you should not, you should write a CLI instead.

18. Building a Simple CLI with oclif

Instead of using shell scripting languages, software developers looking to build their own CLI tools can use the oclif framework to build with Node.js.

19. You Can Track Stock Market Data From Your Terminal

As a developer, I love working with the terminal. The plain, simple, and in my opinion the best way to interact with the computer (also it makes you look geeky)

20. 16 Commands For Every Use Case to Set Up React Apps in Seconds ⚡🚀

In this article, I have handpicked 16 commands to set up your React apps in seconds.

21. You Can Do More With Rails Console by Configuring ~/.irbrc 🎉

It´s better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive. — Steve McConnell

22. Cz-git Recipes - Easy to Commit

🔨 A more engineered, highly customizable, standard output format commitizen adapter.

23. Using External Debugging Tools dtrace and strace

Track bugs within an application and its external dependencies without the source code or deep knowledge of the environment using these amazing tools!

24. Installation of OCI CLI on WSL [Windows Subsystem for Linux] in Windows 10 or above

A Step by Step Guide to understand how to configure and install the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Command Line Interface on Windows Subsystem For Linux 2

25. How To Create CLI Apps

Being a programmer, my interaction with the terminal is more than any non-programmer. So, I was thinking why not make CLI apps and decorate them. They should have a nice interface, not like the GUI apps. But a little bit nice, than usual.

26. How To Create Reusable Bash Scripts

Bash is a language that is quite useful for automation no matter what language you write in. Bash can do so many powerful system level tasks. Even if you are on windows these days you are likely to come accross bash inside a cloud VM, Continuous Integration, or even inside of docker.

27. How To Create Aliases In Vagrant

A few years ago, I checked off an item on my Open Source Bucket List when I pitched—and ultimately contributed—a brand new feature to HashiCorp’s Vagrant: comma

28. Portal: The Easy Way to Transfer Large Files Between Computers 🌌✨

Portal is a platform-agnostic command-line file transfer utility for sending files from any computer to another.

29. How to Build a User-Friendly CLI from Pure Python Functions

Build a User-Friendly CLI from Pure Python Functions

30. Ship With the Docker Hub CLI Tool

The Docker Hub CLI Tool is a helpful containerization tool that can be used with Command Line. It is slightly experimental but still incredibly helpful.

31. How WP-CLI Works: The Command Line Interface For WordPress

In this article, I'll introduce WordPress CLI and show how it helps in making management as well as the development of WordPress sites super easier.

32. Writing Good Commit Messages: A Practical Guide

To create a useful revision history, teams should first agree on a commit message convention to use, and this also applies to personal projects.

33. How To Install Bash On Windows 10

Microsoft recently joined hands with Canonical (the parent company of Ubuntu) to bring the entire userland into Windows, minus the Linux Kernel. So as a result, you, as a developer, get access to the whole range of Ubuntu command-line tools and utilities with bash shell integrated with Windows. Let’s look at how we can install Bash on Windows 10 and take full advantage of the new feature.

34. Git Commands That Every Developer Must Know

Git, an open source distributed version control system has been helping developers over a decade now. It is a great tool for tracking source code changes during software development. However, there are a lot of git commands, and this article lists the most important ones that will help your team get work done efficiently.

35. How To Use Command Line

💻 Command Line:

36. Cross Compiling Rust on MacOS to Run as a Unikernel

Most programs on Linux are dynamically linked. So when you are creating a unikernel with OPS out of a linux application OPS goes out and finds all the libraries it's dynamically linked to and throws it onto the disk image. This works well if you are on linux - 99% of everything on linux is dynamically linked.

37. Developing Ballerina project with Ballerina CLI tool

Ballerina is the latest programming language release of the 1.0 version in September of this year. Ballerina is a general purpose programming language particularly intended for the implementation of distributed network applications. Ballerina has built-in modules to build a distributed web application with only a few lines of code. Ballerina provides a CLI tool for the maintenance of the Ballerina project. This article is a brief introduction to the Ballerina CLI tool and how it was used.

38. Load Test Your Mobile Application API using Rungutan

Load Testing a Mobile Platform

39. How to Download a File Using cURL With Examples

If you have ever used cURL to retrieve the output of a file, believe me, saving that output to a file only takes a few more characters.

40. Let's Build a Linux Shell [Part I]

Since the early days of Unix, the shell has been part of the user's interface with the operating system. The first Unix shell (the Thompson shell) had very limited features, mainly I/O redirection and command pipelines. Later shells expanded on that early shell and added more and more capabilities, which gave us powerful features that include word expansion, history substitution, loops and conditional expressions, among many others.

41. The Command Line: A Comprehensive Guide

There are many good arguments for getting used to the command line interface (CLI).

42. An Introduction to Parameter Expansion in Bash

Linux shell scripting has a little-seen parameter expansion operator that tests if a variable exists or is null.

43. Configure Your Linux With Passwordless Sudo For A Specific User

Linux follows tough rules when it comes to permission. Being a root user or sudo user gives you permission to do almost anything which normal user don’t have. Several commands need sudo keyword to run and each time you try to run sudo, Linux asks for a password, today we will configure a passwordless sudo.

44. Command-Line Arguments In Java For Beginners

?A Java command line program accepts values from the command line during execution. With command line programs, you do not need a graphical user interface (GUI)

45. Build a CLI App with Oclif and Node.js Using Test-Driven Development

While writing a CLI tool can be a lot of fun, the initial setup and boilerplate—parsing arguments and flags, validation, subcommands—is generally the same.

46. A Closer Look At Brute Hacking Framework With A Source Code Example

hacking framework complete source-code for web, wifi, url, sql-injection and doing a complete web scan for starters.

47. Building a Linux Shell [Part III]

This is part III of a tutorial on how to build a Linux shell. You can read the first two parts of this tutorial from these links: part I, part II.

48. Exploring the New GitHub CLI

Github just released it’s own Command-Line Interface (CLI) so developers can now do everyday GitHub tasks from the terminal. Yay! This means no more squiggling around the UI. With this new CLI, you can now view, create, clone, or fork repositories, create, view, and edit gists, you can also work with pull requests and issues right from the terminal.

49. How to Build a Command-line Utility (CLI) with Node.js

CLIs built in Node.js are highly portable, meaning they are easy to install on a different OS. We’ll be building a simple CLI to translate between languages.

50. Building A Node.js Based CLI For Real-Time COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

Learn how to create Node.js based CLI’s Get real time info about vaccination slots for your area in current time of COVID19 and customize it.

51. Implementing CRUD Using Ruby On Rails CLI

Learning to be a Full-Stack web developer in Microverse – a remote software development school domiciled in California had so much taught me a lot like patience, resilience, tenacity and the curiosity to get things done the right way and at the right time. Ruby on rails web application is an application that is somewhat complicated for someone who is getting started in learning how this powerful web application works. But when you get to understand how it works and how to navigate round in building your application with it, you will be glad you did.

52. Building a Linux Shell [Part IV]

This is part IV of a tutorial on how to build a Linux shell. You can read the previous parts of this tutorial from the following links: part I, part II, part III.

53. Building a Linux Shell [Part V]

This is part V of a tutorial on how to build a Linux shell. You can read the previous parts of this tutorial from the following links: part I, part II, part III, part IV.

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