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31 Stories To Learn About Command Line

by Learn RepoApril 17th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Command Line via these 31 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Command Line via these 31 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How To Create CLI Apps

Being a programmer, my interaction with the terminal is more than any non-programmer. So, I was thinking why not make CLI apps and decorate them. They should have a nice interface, not like the GUI apps. But a little bit nice, than usual.

2. Developers Like to Use Shell - Here's Why

When getting into programming, you may be surprised by how many people use command-line tools.

3. Why People Use Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Even though graphical user interfaces have been around since the early 90s and are easier to use, many programmers still use the command line interface

4. Using SPyQL and Python to Run Command Line Analytics

SPyQL combines Python and SQL to make querying of CSV and JSON data easy. In this tutorial we analyse the geographical distribution of cell towers.

5. Poor Command-Line Hygiene? Consider Load-bearing the Shell History

Can you use your command-line shell history as a second brain? Should you? Here are some ideas to help leverage the humble Ctrl-r key to supercharge your work.

6. How I Inspect & Manipulate Files from the Command Line

7. Configure Your Linux With Passwordless Sudo For A Specific User

Linux follows tough rules when it comes to permission. Being a root user or sudo user gives you permission to do almost anything which normal user don’t have. Several commands need sudo keyword to run and each time you try to run sudo, Linux asks for a password, today we will configure a passwordless sudo.

8. Introducing Linux Command Line to Beginners

I am learning Linux Command Line, and for this learning-in-public journey, I have chosen to share my notes.

9. 9 Fun Command-Line Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Command-Line Tools to Make Your Life Easier and More Fun

10. Shortcuts for Quick Key Command Formatting with ksc and Siri

Using a command line utility on iOS/iPadOS to translate natural language keyboard commands into symbolized format.

11. Setting up a Development Workflow in the Windows Terminal

For decades, Windows users have been made fun of by the Linux community for the lack of a cool terminal (among other things). Well, it's about time we fight!

12. Extending Laravel Artisan Commands

13. Using Command Line for Squeezing Out Information from Your Repository

The Git standard interface offers plenty of options to access information from your repository

14. Can Windows Subsystem for Linux Be a Replacement for Dual-Boot

Are you one of that guy who just loves the three finger swipe in Windows and almost always ends up using windows for basic web surfing and media consumption? You have tried so hard to install touchegg which promised you the three finger gesture but still failed up anyway. These and many other small reasons have been one of the many reasons that I have been using a dual booted system (Windows & Ubuntu) for the past few years.

15. Bash Aliases to Make Your Life Easier

I spend a lot of time working on the bash command line, and I've come to highly value the availability of my custom set of shortcuts, preferences, and tricks, r

16. The Command Line: A Comprehensive Guide

There are many good arguments for getting used to the command line interface (CLI).

17. How to Download a File Using cURL With Examples

If you have ever used cURL to retrieve the output of a file, believe me, saving that output to a file only takes a few more characters.

18. How To Create Aliases In Vagrant

A few years ago, I checked off an item on my Open Source Bucket List when I pitched—and ultimately contributed—a brand new feature to HashiCorp’s Vagrant: comma

19. How To Use Command Line

💻 Command Line:

20. I Built a VSCode Extension: ngrok for VSCode

Over the Easter weekend, a four day weekend characterised by lockdowns all over the world, I decided to use the extra time I had at home to start a new project and learn a new skill. By the end of the weekend I was proud to release my first VSCode extension: ngrok for VSCode.

21. NPX Introduction: Fast Work With NPM Package Binaries

With Node.js, building CLI utilities and development tools have gotten so much easier.

22. An Introduction to Parameter Expansion in Bash

Linux shell scripting has a little-seen parameter expansion operator that tests if a variable exists or is null.

23. How To Create Reusable Bash Scripts

Bash is a language that is quite useful for automation no matter what language you write in. Bash can do so many powerful system level tasks. Even if you are on windows these days you are likely to come accross bash inside a cloud VM, Continuous Integration, or even inside of docker.

24. Learn Linux Command by Playing Bandit Wargame [Level 12 → Level 13]

25. How To Create a Foolproof Shell Script

I am a lazy DevOps Engineer. So whenever I came across the same task more than 2 times I automate that. Although now we have many automation tools, still the first thing that hit into our mind for automation is bash or shell script.

26. Building A Node.js Based CLI For Real-Time COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

Learn how to create Node.js based CLI’s Get real time info about vaccination slots for your area in current time of COVID19 and customize it.

27. Git Tutorial: How To See Your Most Used Git Commands Using a Script

Git has many commands but you can be productive with just a few. I used a script to fetch my most git commands sorted by the number of their occurrences.

28. Command-Line Arguments In Java For Beginners

?A Java command line program accepts values from the command line during execution. With command line programs, you do not need a graphical user interface (GUI)

29. How to Build a Command-line Utility (CLI) with Node.js

CLIs built in Node.js are highly portable, meaning they are easy to install on a different OS. We’ll be building a simple CLI to translate between languages.

30. How to write Bash one-liners for cloning and managing GitHub and GitLab repositories

Few things are more satisfying to me than one elegant line of Bash that automates hours of tedious work. As part of some recent explorations into automatically re-creating my laptop with Bash scripts (post to come!), I wanted to find a way to easily clone my GitHub-hosted repositories to a new machine. After a bit of digging around, I wrote a one-liner that did just that. Then, in the spirit of not putting all our eggs in the same basket, I wrote another one-liner to automatically create and push to GitLab-hosted backups as well. Here they are.

31. Let's Automate Version Number Updates - NOT!

Say you need to update (bump) your software. It’s currently at version 1.2, all the required changes have been merged, and it’s time to publish version 1.3. That’s really easy, right? Change the version in one file, commit, tag, and push. Done!

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