Fire Tonight Review: Spend the Night in a City on Fire by@lorf

Fire Tonight Review: Spend the Night in a City on Fire

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“Suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

Fire Tonight is a short but sweet puzzle game centered around the main character, Maya, and her journey through a burning city. After losing connection on the phone with her significant other, Devin, she sets out on a stealthy mission to get to his apartment.

Hiding from the police, finding keys, and navigating around burning areas prove to be an enjoyable experience that isn’t too easy or too hard— as Goldilocks would say, just right.

Igniting Points to Take Away from Fire Tonight


In my opinion, the most captivating part of this game is its beautiful after dusk aesthetic and pink fires.

Locked in with an electric-style soundtrack, I had fun just taking in the scenery of the town and feeling comforted by the color scheme as well as good tunes.

My favorite part of Fire Tonight had to have been the roller skating minigame, where we take a breather from the puzzles and dodge cars as we fly through traffic and begin to exit the fire-ridden areas of the city. 

The character art is very well done, as well as the personalities that they took on. My favorite being Maya’s coworker, Tammi, who gives us our cassette player.

I understand that the game is very short, but overall, at its price point of $5.99, I thought it was just right. Fire Tonight could easily fill your evening with entertainment instead of watching a movie (which would cost you roughly the same amount at a theater).

I would also love to see more media surrounding these characters and the tale of their relationship, it could be very expandable.

Extinguishing the Flames: The Downside


Although there is some sweetness to the short gameplay found within Fire Tonight, the game also leaves you wanting more.

My one wish for the game developers is to either add more levels, or even give us more of a storyline for Maya and Devin, who are two very likeable characters.

Another aspect to the game that was less than favorable was the limited time we spend with Devin. Our experience with Devin in the game is hindered a lot by the point-and-click play style that we have with him. If they added a few puzzle levels into the game that were centered around Devin, the game may feel more full.

They could explore how he navigates his apartment building, or even do something with Devin and the boat towards the end of the game. It would be a win-win situation, as we would get more gameplay as well as depth for Devin as a character.


Final Thoughts

For its aesthetic, low price point, and enjoyable short but fun journey, I think Fire Tonight is worth the buy.

In doing so, you are supporting the creators who made the game and in return getting an experience that is both beautiful and charming, but also, substantially fun.

For an underwhelming, chill night, this is the perfect piece of media to wind down with (sitting at around 45 minutes to 2 hours in terms of gameplay).

I would give this game a solid 7/10 rating.
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by Lorf @lorf.“Suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”
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