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10 Facebook Groups you can join for free to find your next remote job or project

Did you know that there are Facebook Groups dedicated to helping you find remote work?

Man-in-the-middle marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer, aren’t the only places available to find a remote freelance job.

Clients post their remote jobs and projects in places like Facebook Groups, Twitter, Reddit, community sites, forums, and many more places.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 10 Facebook Groups that you can join today for free to start looking for your next remote freelance project.

1) Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads

This is one of the more popular remote work groups on Facebook with over 50,000 members and growing.

This group is more focused on general remote work and less on remote development work. But, there are so many members they get a lot of remote job posts.

The types of posts here include clients posting remote jobs, people posting that they’re looking for jobs, and remote-work related articles.


2) Remote Tech Jobs

This one is much smaller and focused on developers looking for remote development jobs. It has approximately 2,500 members.

The focus of the posts on this group is almost 100% on remote full-time and freelance development positions. I don’t see too many articles and content posted on this group.



Remote & Travel Jobs is another big group with 36,000 members focused on general remote work.

Once again, the variety of posts you get is correlated with the number of members in the group. You get clients posting jobs, digital nomads asking for advice, and links to blog posts from what I’ve seen.

Everything posted here is related to remote-work in some way and if you’re looking for a remote position this group will be very useful because they get so many posts.


4) Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere — Inventive Hub

Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere by Inventive Hub has over 22,000 members.

From my experience in this group, you’ll see agencies and companies posting that they’re looking for an employee or freelancer. You’ll also get other posts like freelancers posting their portfolios, and remote work-related blog posts.


5) Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities

Digital Nomad Jobs has over 26,000 members participating.

I mostly see remote job opportunities posted exclusively in this group.

A lot of other groups will have a variety of content that is posted. This is a great group to join if you’re trying to avoid seeing non work-related content.


6) letsworkremotely — Remote Jobs & Digital Nomad Jobs

LetsWorkRemotely has approximately 19,000 members. It’s also a group focused on any general remote work.

In this group you will get a variety of posts. You’ll see posts asking for advice, clients looking for an employee or freelancer, and blog posts about remote work.


7) Remote Job Leads

This group has about 5,300 members and they get approximately 6 new posts per day.

The focus of the posts is on articles that can help you land a job and posts looking for someone. The types of jobs range from development, business, copywriting, and social media management.


8) Remote Jobs & Projects for Developers

This is a newer Facebook Group focused on remote jobs and freelance projects for developers.

This group is only concerned with posting 100% remote jobs and projects for developers. It also posts information that can benefit developers in learning how to land a job.


9) Remote Work & Travel | Digital Nomad Community

This is a smaller group with approximately 4,600 members. It’s a general group more focused on helping digital nomads and aspiring digital nomads getting started with the remote lifestyle.

There are jobs and projects and projects posted here too and it’ll definitely be helpful to check here if you’re looking for a project.


10) Jobs for Front-End Developers

The focus of this group is purely on Front-End Developers looking for jobs. It has just reached 10,000 members.

You’ll see recruiters posting in here looking for a candidate, clients looking for a freelancer, links to other remote job boards, and helpful information for developers.

It’s useful if you’re a web developer looking for a remote position.


Conclusion: Join a Facebook Group and find your next remote job

There are many more groups that you can join that I didn’t list here. Just do a search for ‘remote’ on Facebook for groups and you’ll find a lot.

Good luck on your search for remote work!

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