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Every DC Movie That Got Canceled in 2022

by JoseJanuary 28th, 2023
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Batgirl was canceled while it was still being worked on. Henry Cavill’s Superman returned to the big screen in Black Adam. James Gunn and Peter Safran were now in charge of the DC Universe. Wonder Woman 3 was simply a casualty of management change.
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If you’re a DC fan, I feel for you because you’re probably in constant agony. Half of the movies in that universe are considered less than stellar, and their cinematic universe itself is constantly changing.

And 2022 was the year that it changed the most. Projects got canceled, actors were told they were no longer actively reprising their roles, and the entire universe switched hands. Here’s every DC movie that got canceled in 2022.

Canceled DC Movies

  1. Batgirl
  2. Man of Steel 2
  3. Wonder Woman 3
  4. Black Adam

1. Batgirl

When Batgirl got canceled, no one could believe it. Movies get canceled all the time; that’s not the weird part. What was very strange was that the movie was canceled while it was still being worked on.

According to Variety, filming had finished on Batgirl, and it was currently in post-production. But that’s not at all. Instead of trying to sell the half-finished movie to another studio, Warner Bros. completely threw this movie into the vault and locked it. Meaning that it will never see the light of day.

Variety stated that Warner Bros chalked it up as a tax write-off, and that bars it from ever premiering. So, unfortunately, for the cast and crew of Batgirl, all of their hard work amounted to a tax form.

2. Man of Steel Sequel

Out of all the things wrong with the DC Universe, the one thing that everyone could agree with is the fact that Henry Cavill made a great Superman. Unfortunately, the actor only starred in one full-fledged Superman movie.

However, he did have a starring role in a Batman v Superman movie and The Justice League. But fans wanted more, and it seemed that after waiting for so long, they would finally get it.

Cavill’s Superman returned to the big screen in DC’s Black Adam. Although it was only for a few seconds, it seemed like a sign that he would be back in action. Then, Cavill outright stated he would fully return as Superman in the future.

But, things weren’t meant to be.

Only a short while after his triumphant return, it was reported that James Gunn and Peter Safran were now in charge of the DC Universe. This meant things were going to change.

One of the biggest changes was announced two months later when Henry Cavill posted on his Instagram stating that he would not return as Superman after all. Gunn and Safran were taking Superman in a different direction, and this required a younger actor to portray the superhero.

Cavill was simply a casualty of management change.

3. Wonder Woman 3

Besides Superman, another staple of the previous DC Universe was Wonder Woman. But she would befall the same fate. After two movies, it was reported that Wonder Woman 3 was no longer in development.

While this may be disappointing for Wonder Woman fans, it doesn’t come as a complete shock. The first movie was praised by critics, but the same can’t be said for the sequel. With management changing, they may have just found it easier to move in a new direction.

It’s not all doom and gloom however, there still may be hope that actress Gal Gadot will portray the superheroine in the future. It was officially confirmed that Cavill’s time as Superman was over, but there has been no official statement regarding Gadot’s future.

The only thing that we have is James Gunn disputing the fact that Gadot was fired. So, it could be possible to see her in the future as Wonder Woman.

4. Black Adam Sequel

Remember how Black Adam marked the last time Cavill would wear the red cape? Well, interestingly enough, Black Adam may also mark the last time that Dwayne Johnson will star as the titular character.

The movie only came out in October, so it’s not fair to say that a sequel was actively canceled since it was too early to even be in development.

However, it still deserves to be talked about here because Johnson put out a statement that this iteration of Black Adam would not be moving forward.

The movie didn’t do so great at the box office, narrowly missing the $400 million mark against an undisclosed budget (although estimates put the total budget around the $250-300 million mark).

Although this is not good news for fans of these actors and movies, DC fans can take solace in the fact that James Gunn and Peter Safran are trying to create a cohesive universe; something that fans have been wanting for a while.

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