Entrepreneurship is an Act of Generosityby@jackstrategist
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Entrepreneurship is an Act of Generosity

by Jack StrategistMay 31st, 2022
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Entrepreneurship is an act of generosity, and why not say, love. For the world to exist as we know it, it was necessary for many people to have dedicated lives to something greater. This was not the work of a single person. Several people every day, wake up early and leave their homes, to work all day, to make this possible.

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Entrepreneurship is an act of generosity, and why not say, love.

Imagine for a moment the origin of any object that is close to you, a water bottle, for example. Now think about all the phases of the process until it arrived at your desk.

First, someone found a source, maybe a company that already works with it. That water had to be transported. Someone who probably only works in water transport has done this. The bottle had to be made. And another company needed to print the label. Probably more transport was needed. A company that decided to work only with water, thinks about the entire distribution of this product. And it makes it possible for other companies, such as supermarkets or gas stations, to purchase several units of this product. Finally, you or someone else bought this water, and it ended up on your table.

Now imagine your computer. Just kidding. :)

What I want to illustrate with this example is that if you stop for a second and think about how things came to you, and how they were created, packaged and distributed, you will notice that many people have dedicated their lives to one thing.

Someone has dedicated his life just to water.

There seems to be something missing in this sentence, right?

Someone dedicated their life to bringing water to others.

Now it got much better.

And then you start to realize that for the world to exist as we know it, it was necessary for many people to have dedicated their lives to something greater.

Also, this was not the work of a single person. Several people every day, wake up early and leave their homes, to work all day, to make this possible.

Other people dedicate their whole lives to bread and butter, and others to inventions, like a toaster. The hen lays the egg, but it doesn’t appear in your fridge until a complex chain of distribution, packaging, and transport is activated, so that these eggs appear beautifully in the supermarket, and can be chosen. All this so that someone can have breakfast. And look, I didn’t mention the coffee. One of the plants that take the longest to bear fruit.

If you think about it, you will realize that all these chains are permeated with feelings such as generosity, altruism, love and why not say faith.

This is probably what drives an entrepreneur to achieve his expected result, faith. He believes that something he is not seeing is going to happen. Even in the face of the biggest obstacles and the disbelief and indifference of the rest of the people, faith is what moves the entrepreneur to move forward with his idea, until one day, he can reap the fruits of success. We live in a highly complex world, where all these networks of people are articulated so that we can have what we have today.

For a company to open today, remember that several people woke up early to work in that specific company, in that specific place. Some have to take transport to get there. People have to clean the floors and bathrooms, others need to receive people, and others do the security of the place. Anyway, a huge chain of disciplined people had to be activated so that this company could work, for a single day. And tomorrow all this will happen again.

Phones will ring and someone will have to answer them. People will wake up with problems they want to solve that day, and other people will do their best to solve that problem that day. All this, so that we can live in a world, structured and functional, where you can have a wish in mind, and in a matter of seconds, fulfill it.

All this happens because of Entrepreneurship.

All these people, who work in companies, in capitalist countries, where I live and where maybe you live. They can come home tired after a day at work and know that they can eat something, that they can have fun or rest, and that they have a home to go back to.

This person knows that at the end of the month, week, or day, he will receive a cash value and that this is practically a law. That no one will come and say you will work until you die, and you will not receive anything, and if you complain you will be beaten. I sincerely hope that this is not the reality you live in. Because in much of the world there is a (more or less) capitalist model of government, where people work and are paid for their work.

This happens because it generated value for society.

Look, what a beautiful thing. I find that quite exciting. If you generate value for society, almost as a universal law, that value needs to come back to you. The simplest example that comes to mind is the following.

I live on a farm, and here, due to the presence of cattle, cow manure accumulates along the pasture. This material is of great value to people who plant. If someone takes a bag, and fills that bag with manure, right here in the neighborhood, the person can sell that bag of manure for a value, equivalent to a day’s work in this region.

This person generated a value that did not exist before.

Before, there was no fertilizer bag. But this person saw the opportunity, (the manure in the pasture) looked for the necessary means like the empty sack, (and perhaps ask permission from the owner of the property), worked for some time, getting down and getting up and carrying the weight of the sack. But in the end, it can enjoy the “equivalent” of the value generated by it, in cash. This is amazing and we live in that world.

The internet is a huge space, full of people and needs, and if you are a decisive person who knows how to see opportunities and who is willing to work, you can undertake. If your enterprise generates value for society, almost magically, this value will be returned to you as a monetary value.

What a beautiful moment in the history of humanity we live. Some people are distracted by something new that has happened on social media.

But brilliant people already understand that it’s the perfect time for them to conquer the world, without leaving home.

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